Asset management and safety at amusement parks

Rides in amusement parks are designed to thrill. They can either be erratic and fast, to make your customers scream (happily), or they can be high and slow, carrying them several storeys into the air. But there are two things that are important that ensure the success of the ride, they need to be safe and well taken care of and make you money at the end of the day.

This translates to you having a comprehensive management solution to optimize and monitor your critical assets and keep them operational as intended.

A solid safety record can overcome customer caution

Many thoughts run on customers’ heads when they visit an amusement park. We weigh the risks of being strapped on equipment built to elicit a thrill, which is terrifying at the same time. This sense of caution is justified given the recent high profile amusement park failures where some were tragically fatal.

Ensuring the safety of your customers is essential to keep visitor numbers up and the money coming in. This is especially important in the social media era where your image can be permanently damaged within minutes of an incident on a global scale.

The only guarantee is to have an spotless safety record and ensure that your rides meet regulatory guidelines through scheduled theme park maintenance. Therefore, seriousness should be observed in the management of these assets. This should be demonstrated not only in physical upkeep, but on an efficient preventive maintenance strategy that aims to avoid and predict problems during a ride.

Prevention is better than cure in theme park maintenance and safety

The only approach to take to ensure customer safety is to prevent harmful incidents. However, it is better to prevent malfunctions or ride breakdowns as it is more cost-effective than fixing the problem after the occurrence of an unexpected incident.

Routine theme park maintenance is mandatory. But it should be part of a bigger preventive maintenance strategy to help identify problems that can lead to unexpected shutdowns. This will enable your team enough time to address the problem, allowing you to work at a suitable time to minimize loss of income.

There is specialist software that can help do this. It is integrated into rides to capture data that can later be analyzed for variations in ride operations, compressor controls, motor control functions, and many more. It contrasts the data with environmental conditions and historical figures. This will assist in optimizing the rides for peak performance.

However, it is also vital to also consider the basic. You can monitor ride history, efficiency, energy consumption, and optimal lifespan to establish when the effort and cost required for ride maintenance exceeds the revenue generated. This might be the time to replace the asset with a new one.

Visit here for expert guidance with your theme park maintenance and management. We will provide this through training on how to maintain and manage the assets.