Are Uber Drivers Screened for COVID-19?

Everyone around the world is feeling the fear and uncertainty caused by the outbreak of coronavirus. The public transport system has been one of the hardest-hit sectors because a lot of people fear to contract the virus from other passengers on buses or trains.

This has left the entire public transport system grappling with reduced numbers.  Also, rideshare apps such as Uber have been hit hard by the pandemic. A significant number of people are now reluctant to call an Uber driver because they cannot be sure that the driver and the vehicle are safe.

In these difficult moments, protecting passengers and assuring them that they are safe hasn’t been easy. Perhaps, this explains why limousine Montreal companies have been offering affordable rates to help individuals travel safely and in style.

One of the most significant issues that have been troubling Uber clients is to know whether Uber drivers are screened for COVID-19  and whether the company has put in place any safety measures to help protect its customers.

We are here to enlighten you on everything that you need to know. 

Are Uber Drivers Screened for COVID-19?

As more Uber drivers contract coronavirus, the company has partnered with some of the leading health providers to provide free virtual screening.

For instance, in the United States, Uber is aiming to make it easy for its drivers to figure out if they have contracted the virus by partnering with telemedicine company Ro. 

This move is aimed at providing free COVID-19 assessments to all US-based Uber drivers and delivery personnel. Soon, the service may expand to Canada and Latin America countries.  RO’s partnership with Uber provides drivers with a dedicated portal that encourages them to take full advantage of the free COVID-19 virtual screening.

While this might not be as effective as regular testing that limousine Montreal companies subject their chauffeurs to, it can still help minimize the spread of the disease.

Uber Drivers and Delivery People Must Fulfill Mask Verification Before They Go Online

Another thing that the rideshare company is doing to protect their clients is ensuring all drivers and delivery guys are wearing face masks before they go online to receive trip requests. This is accomplished via the new Go Online checklist that requires the driver to take a photo of himself/herself wearing a mask and upload it to the system for verification.

In the US, Canada, India, and other countries in Latin America, Uber drivers who are not wearing face masks or face cover are not allowed to go online.

The rideshare company said that this requirement will remain in place through the end of June and will only be reassessed in July based on local public health needs.

Riders Required to Act Responsibly as Well

Before any trip, Uber riders are also required to confirm that they have taken necessary precautions such as wearing a face mask before they board the vehicle. They are also encouraged to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer before they board.

Riders must also agree to occupy the back seat of the vehicle and open windows during the trip for proper ventilation. The suggested maximum number of Uber riders for a standard UberX car has also been reduced from four to three.