All You Need To Know About The Teardrop Diamond Ring

To speak of gems that are historically used on teardrop diamond rings we start from diamond, the name derives from the Greek (αδαμας) which means invincible. It is the hardest and most resistant stone known so far, also it is a beautiful stone that makes her a symbol of unquenchable promise.

How to evaluate a diamond inside the teardrop diamond ring?

Whatever the budget for the purchase of the teardrop diamond ring, in choosing it you should look not on the low or high price but on what you actually go to buy because the risk of a rip-off (so let’s define the situation if we are going to pay our teardrop diamond ring of at least 30% more than normal market prices).

The price of the teardrop diamond ring will be influenced, in large part, by the type of diamond that has been mounted. It is very good to know how to identify the parameters of diamonds to know how to pay the right price for the teardrop diamond ring and decrease the chances of a rip off. In Alexander Sparks make your choice for the perfect teardrop diamond ring for you now.

Prices of the teardrop diamond rings

First of all the prices of the teardrop diamond rings indicated are examples, because the final price will depend on the vestments of each stone which we will see in the next section, but to give an idea we see the following numbers considering that the metal is 18k gold:

  • Teardrop diamond Ring with 0.25 Carat Diamond of excellent quality will be approximately 1700-2000 Euros
  • Teardrop diamond ring with 0.50 carat diamond of excellent quality will be approximately 4200-5000 Euro
  • Teardrop diamond Ring with 1.00 Carat Diamond of excellent quality will be approximately 13000-15000 Euro
  • Obviously if the diamond mounted on the teardrop diamond ring is of lower quality, its price may drop even over 70%.

The price of the diamond on the teardrop diamond ring

Before proceeding, we would like to specify that beyond the parameters of the stone, the price is variable because it is subject to market fluctuations, such as the price of gold, oil or other resources. So our hint will speak for more about how to evaluate the parameters to have an indicative of the diamond mounted on the teardrop diamond ring.

Furthermore, the following data are very important:

  • Type of diamond: natural (from extraction) or laboratory (created in specialized laboratories)
  • Which body has issued the certification relating to each criterion of the stone

Each one of the above parameters has a significant influence on the final price of the teardrop diamond ring, which we will now try to see with some more insights.

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Teardrop diamond ring: Carat weight

Carat weight of the diamond

The teardrop diamond ring mounts a single diamond whose value will be influenced by the weight of the gem. The weight of the diamond is measured in Carats, one carat is equal to 0.20 grams – so a two-gram diamond will weigh ten carats. The value of the diamond inside the teardrop diamond ring increases proportionally.

For example, a teardrop diamond ring that has a diamond weighing 0.50 carats may cost around € 5,000, but a teardrop diamond ring that mounts a 1 carat diamond with the same quality characteristics will not cost 10,000 euros, but over 15,000.

The value of the teardrop diamond ring will increase exponentially based on the carats of the mounted stone; the logic of value is exponential even when it is decreasing, for example a teardrop diamond ring with a 0.05 carat stone can be worth a few tens of euros.

Note: the carats referring to precious metals, therefore that we will find in our teardrop diamond ring, indicate another thing, namely their degree of purity of the noble metal of which it is made.

Teardrop diamond Ring: Cut

Diamond cut

In choosing the teardrop diamond ring, you will be interested in different shapes of the diamonds that fit on it.

Generally teardrop diamond rings have up to ten types of stone cutting. Diamonds mounted on teardrop diamond rings are more expensive if they have a “brilliant” cut that reaches a price of up to 30% more than other cuts (provided that other parameters of the stone are the same).

Teardrop diamond ring: Color

Color of the diamond

The color of the diamond mounted on the teardrop diamond ring, as well as the other aforementioned vestments, will change the price by about 30% if evaluating the best and the least valuable. A colorless diamond is valued very well on the market not because they are somehow better than those that have a yellowish reflection, but simply because there are far fewer completely colorless diamonds than colored ones. So if you like a teardrop diamond ring with a yellowish diamond it is right that you take it without losing quality.

Diamond color teardrop diamond ring

Teardrop diamond ring: Certified Diamonds

Teardrop diamond rings can cost several thousand but also millions of euros. To find out if the price is justified, the operators of the international jewelry market rely on gemological certificates. Well there are many gemological laboratories, those that are considered to be more reliable are only three:

  • GIA – The Gemological Institute of America – USA> Certified Example
  • IGI – International Gemological Institute – Belgium> Certified Example
  • HRD: “Hoge Raad voor Diamant” (English Translation – “Diamond High Council”) – Belgium

Each of these laboratories associates a unique identification number with each diamond, and this number can be verified through the related internet sites of the laboratories.

Obviously you have the absolute guarantee of being in possession of the diamond of which the certification, only if you have it in a certified envelope of the intact gemological laboratory. In any other case, go on trust, if the diamond mounted on the teardrop diamond ring is the same as the certification.

Last Words

The gemological certifications of the aforementioned institutes are not to be confused with the certifications issued by the sellers, as they represent the seller’s evaluation of the gem that mounts on the teardrop diamond ring, and in this case there is a risk that the seller would favor the evaluation of the quality of the stone in its own verse.