All aboard for Taxco, Mexico?

Have you made your bucket list for Taxco, Mexico? Well, if not then you must. Taxco is a city full of wonders. An old city rich in history, heritage and culture. Characterised with its many buildings of baroque architecture -Taxco is a living exhibition of medieval constructural brilliance. Apart from the historical sightseeing, there are quite a few other things to do in Taxco Mexico. And, these things are related to the natural beauty, culture, life and lifestyle of Taxco.

Flavours of Taxco

When we discuss the life and lifestyle of a culture, we cannot do so without its food and cuisine. Mexican food is a worldwide hit ( not all Mexican food are outrageously spicy,) and being a popular touristing city -you will get places to savour Taxco flavours almost everywhere in the city. However, if you are in Taxco, there are few places you must not miss. Taxco de Mil Sabores
is a joint that packs the best local punch at a budget. This place also comes with a brilliant view of the city. Chicken stew in a pepita sauce and cheese stuffed chilli are always recommended from this place.

Rosa Amaranto on the roof top of Pueblo Lindo hotel is one of the top favourites in the city. The panaromic view of this place is a much loved bonus to this place. If you visit this place do try their, baked fish in spicy mango and cucumber relish and chicken – cheese stuffed tortillas in hibiscus sauce. With its classical look, Sotavento is another favourite in the city. Its peaceful courtyard and warm ambience is the ideal setting to relish dishes like chicken mole and enchiladas. Sotavento does a decent job at European cuisines as well. La Hacienda and La Susheria are also worthy mentions. The former for its classical menu and the later for Japanese menu.

The natural beauty of Taxco

If you are running out of things to do in Taxco Mexico -you must give it’s natural beauty a shot. The plush South American Landscape and mountains are plenty to the eye. Bask in the nature for a day or two and let it revive you from all your strains. You can micro enjoy this beauty, by venturing into the nature. Or you can bask in the beauty on its entirety, from a distance. For the latter option, the two best ways are the cable car from Montetaxco hotel and Christ the Redeemer view point on Cerro del Atache hill.

Rich in History and art

The baroque styled buildings are The icons of this city. Of which the Grandest is the Templo De Santa Prisca. This church is a standing contrast in itself with its simultaneous extravagant decorations and simplistic constructions. The city’s rich history is preserved through many of its museums, including, Museo Guillermo Spratling, Museo de Arte Virreinal, Museo De la Plateria and Museo Casa Figueroa. Taxco is well versed in fields of arts as well, which are well documented and exhibitioned in Casa Borda and Nuestro Mexico Artesanias

Fiesta times in Taxco

There are certain times in Taxco, when you will not have to worry about things to do in Taxco Mexico. Semanta Santa is one such parade during the Easter week, which includes many processions and other visual treats. Taxco has a festival to celebrate the city’s silverware craft -Feria de la Plata. This Festival convenes either in November or December. During Las Posadas, mid December, the streets are filled with candle-lit processions and children singing. On January 18 Taxco’s patron Saint Santa Prisca is honoured. And then there is the summertime art festival -Jornadas Alarconianas