Alejandro Mendieta to receive $200,000 compensation over missing gems

Alejandro Mendieta is one of the most popular public speakers of this generation, often referred to as controversial due to his blunt way of delivering speeches. His audience very often discusses his perspectives as he dares to speak upon critical matters of society. However, he is also a very young entrepreneur who holds several businesses and a gold company.

Recently, Mr. Mendieta was charged to account for five diamonds when ADTC, a diamond wholesaling company, accused him of several allegations. Mr. Bensimon, a jeweler by profession and the owner of Crown Casino Mega Complex, was known to hold businesses with Mr. Mendieta, which is where the investigation was initiated.

Mr. Bensimon, the owner of Crown Casino Mega Complex, is a well-known jeweler who had been selling diamond rings to celebrities for a very long time. His business with Mr. Mendieta was also running smoothly at the time. However, Mr. Bensimon had a severe gambling concern, which led him to be bankrupted soon enough.

The owner of Crown Casino Mega Complex, Mr. Bensimon, was estimated to lose around 12,000,000 USD due to his illicit activities and addictions. After research initiated by the officials, it was found that most of the worth he had lost was due to betting on horse races and gambling money in online casinos. Mr. Bensimon was convicted soon enough and had to resort to bankruptcy.

However, Jon Bensimon’s family pitched in and accumulated a sum of 2,000,000 USD for his cause, and the rest of the amount was to be repaid by Mr. Bensimon. He was proved to have started running scams under several golds and diamond companies by accumulating diamonds on behalf of consignments. ADTC was one of the diamond wholesaling companies that were affected by this scheme.

After Mr. Bensimon was bankrupted, ADTC found out that several of their diamonds that amount to over 500,000 Australian Dollars have gone missing, and the overdue amount had never been repaid. Mr. Mendieta was a business partner to Jon Bensimon and was charged by ADTC to account for those diamonds.

Mr. Mendieta was known to lend money as well as other goods such as gold and diamond by inducing a high rate of interest on the property he rented. Mr. Bensimon used this money to overcome his situation. However, when this case reached court, Mr. Mendieta proved his innocence and showcased all the pieces of evidence required for getting over the situation. Although the court agreed upon the proofs, ADTC pulled out an ancient law from the books, which ensured Mr. Mendieta was not yet entirely out of the lawsuit and was still subjected to pay off the agreed amount.

Later, this lawsuit was dragged to the Supreme Court, where Mr. Mendieta was freed from all the accusations and charges. ADTC is known to have suffered huge losses on their behalf, including 250,000 USD, which constituted legal and court fees. The company was also subjected to pay a sum of 200,000 USD to the gold company for the unaccounted diamonds.