Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tankless Water Heater

When buying a property with a tankless water heater, you must get assurances from the seller or a plumber that it is performing well. Does he manage to deliver a hot shower in the coldest winter? What happens when hot water is called in two rooms at the same time?

If installing a tankless water heater is one of your plans, weigh the pros and cons.


  • Energy savings: it helps save energy, especially that of a typical house
  • Space-saving: the devices are much smaller than traditional water heaters
  • Durability: the duration is at least two times that of regular tank water heaters
  • Environmental footprint: it reduces the consumption of energy and decreases the number of materials to be thrown away or to be recycled in case of replacement
  • Endless hot water: the household members can all take their showers in turn without running out or complaining of hot water
  • Less waste: it reduces the waste of water because it is very close to the shower

The Disadvantages

  • Device cost: two to three times higher than that of a traditional water heater
  • Installation cost: it can be very costly
  • A tankless water heater is still a good idea in small new homes or wholly renovated buildings, recognizes Emmanuel Cosgrove. Space is saved, and the electrical or gas supplies are already adapted.
  • For the instantaneous water heater to provide a pleasant performance, it is preferable that all faucets have water savers, which reduce the flow.

Save Differently

Heating systems that circulate hot water through floors or radiators can also produce domestic hot water economically. Some companies offer the Optimizer, an “instantaneous indirect water heater” that lends itself well to multi-unit buildings with or without hot water central heating.

The cheapest and most efficient way to reduce the energy consumption linked to hot water production remains the gray water heat recuperator, such as the ThermoDrain. Rather than being lost in the sewer or repiping, some of the heat in the wastewater from the shower is used to heat the cold water before it enters the water heater.