Advantages and Disadvantages of Pier and Beam Foundation

Choosing a foundation for your dream project is a big thing. One should go through all considerations as available. The market is filled with a range of products. While crawl space foundations, slab foundations, and basement foundations are popular, it totally depends upon the budget, requirement, and landscape.

Prior to slab technology, homeowners used elevated pier and beam structures. Interestingly, this technology is still available in areas that receive many showers of rain or are absolutely prone to flooding.

Introduction To The Foundation

The foundation includes pedestals or piers fixed in the ground. The average wooden beams range from 5-6 feet at the center. This further supports the floor joists. In addition, the foundation typically includes a slab on grade system for the garage. Also, the piers may support wood posts which generally extend up to the beams.

Here, the floor is laid some distance above the soil, also known as crawl space. Such a type of design allows easy access to utilities. The construction facilitates air insulation between the floor and the ground. It should be a significant area of concern if rodents and insects gain access to the crawl space.

Advantage of  the Foundation

  • You may have across various structural designs.
  • These pier and beam foundations are designed to elevate the structure of the building and protect it from flooding and moisture.
  • These foundations can be designed and developed in any place.
  • The cost is relatively low in comparison to other types of foundation.
  • The pier foundation comes with termite control, provided the construction is at a sufficient height above the ground.
  • Clients can avail high crawl space for easy plumbing and electrical works.

Disadvantages of the Foundation

While pier foundation comes with various advantages, there are a few disadvantages too.

  • Development of dampness may occur in case of insufficient ventilation.
  • The maintenance and repair can be worrying if the crawl space is too low.
  • In order to get perfect flooring, one should build a healthy and firm foundation.

Experts suggestion for a healthy foundation

The Pier-beam foundation needs to be developed in the right way. However, creating the structure doesn’t end. There are other considerations that experts recommend. A few of them includes

  • Maintain hygiene draining system
  • Apply moisture maintenance system
  • Regular inspection of foundation for damage prevention
  • Periodic review on crawl space
  • Examination of gutters and downspouts
  • Development and management of trench drains

Is it really Worth Investment?

Customers always come across such queries whether investing in the piers and beam foundation is a worthy investment. If you go for foundation either out of choice or essentiality, bear in mind that no structure is perfect.

Interestingly, most foundational issues in this type can be speedily remedied when spotted at the initial stage. Besides, having a professional onboard can guarantee you quality.

Final Wrap

While constructing a foundation, soil transfer is a significant concern. In general, pier and beam structures last longer than you expect. Also, the professionals you hire can estimate you on matters of longevity.