Aculief for migraines

Pain relief medication typically costs a small fortune, not to mention that it’s not as healthy as it might appear .If throbbing headaches and chronic pain that follows shortly after are making your life miserable, you’ve come to the right spot. Today we’re here to talk to you about Aculief for migraines – a unique wearable accessory that was specifically designed to help you get rid of headache pain in the most natural way possible.

What is the Aculief?

Let’s open up our Aculief migraine relief review by explaining exactly what this is. Basically, this is a small wearable trinket that applies acupressure to the point L14, which is exactly where the nerve governing the ‘pain signals’ is located at. You’ve heard it right; Aculief is not a pill, it’s not a juice, it’s not an edible at all. It’s a wearable that is both extremely easy to use and exceptionally efficient at relieving pain caused by chronic headaches.

The origin of Aculief is a very interesting story. The inventor of this magnificent little pain-destroying tool wasn’t always aware that a simple pinch to the right spot could eliminate the cause of most of his problems.

Jon Doogan, the inventor of Aculief, was attending university when he started to develop chronic headache pains. His friend showed him a simple trick that involved pinching the nerve on his left hand. Since it proved to be effective, Jon devised a small wearable that would mimic the effects.

How does Aculief work?

Aculief is worn on the small area on the left hand between the index finger and the thumb on a point called ‘L14’ or ‘Hegu’. In Chinese language, Hegu literally translates to Joining Valley.

Scientifically speaking, there’s very little explanation regarding to what exactly happens when L14 point is pressured, but what we know for certain is that acupressure impacts the nerves and sends instantaneous signals to the brain, which in turns releases neural hormones that help augment the pain threshold.

Generally, the pinched nerve doesn’t get ‘damaged’ by this process. It would be safer to say that the nerve is ‘activated’ at the point of contact, unless of course you apply too much force to it.

Note that Aculief does not work autonomously. You’ll still need to do the ‘pinching’ part yourself; however, you’ll need to use drastically less force, and you won’t need to trouble yourself with finding the exact location of the L14 point.

Is Aculief good for everyone?

Generally speaking, Aculief’s functionality offers benefits to children, men, and women regardless of their age. Its universal design is meant to fit everyone and anyone, providing the same advantages to people with smaller, larger, and average-sized hands all the same.

However, Aculief is not recommended for pregnant women. Wearing it and pinching the L14 sport might cause a series of contractions, regardless of the month you’re in. Even though the chance of this happening is miniscule, you should best avoid using it altogether and start searching for alternatives.