Accumulation of belly fat- Everything that you must know

Belly fat is of two types- Visceral and subcutaneous. Visceral fat surrounds the organs of the stomach and can pose threat to your body! However, with the right diet and workout, you can reduce your belly fat! Subcutaneous fat is the one that accumulates under the skin. Visceral fat imposes higher health complications than subcutaneous fat. This is one of the reasons why losing belly fat is so important. With lifestyle changes, you can easily lose your unhealthy fats from the body. You can also find the best book on how to lose belly fat as it gives you a complete idea of which exercises and diet to follow! A poor diet and sedentary lifestyle increase the risk of developing major diseases like heart disease, asthma, breast cancer, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and others.

Reasons for accumulation of belly fat:

There are various reasons why you develop fat around your stomach region. Some of the causes have been discussed below.

  • Sugary drinks– There’s a direct link between sugar intake and weight gain. Sugar is a refined carbohydrate and studies have found that it causes a significant gain of belly fat. Similarly, any drink or beverages containing a high amount of sugar can be a cause of belly fat gain.
  • Alcoholic beverages-Another common and the main cause of belly fat gain is alcohol. It has been observed in studies that men who take 3 shots of drink are likely to gain more body fat than ones who don’t.
  • Sedentary lifestyle– How active you are is something that plays an important role in amassing belly fat. This is one of the reasons why you should work out daily. People who live an active lifestyle – ones who perform aerobic exercises or resistance training can easily stop the gain of abdominal fat. While those who live a sedentary lifestyle have the tendency to gain at least 38% of the weight.
  • Depression and stress– Many of you don’t know that stress levels and depression can produce stress hormones- known as ‘cortisol’ which causes accumulation of weight. Stress causes overeating which leads to the intake of extra calories, giving way to fat accumulation.
  • Genetic problems– To some extent, genetics might play a role in weight gain. If your family already has a history of obesity and weight gain, then you might also inherit the same! This problem is quite similar to diabetic issues where genes play a role!

These are some of the reasons why fat gets accumulated in the abdomen region. Therefore, you should maintain an active lifestyle and must follow a healthy belly fat diet.

Meal suggestions for reducing belly fat:

Here is a sample meal plan that’ll help in maintaining your body weight and reducing your belly fat.

  • Start your day with warm water and lemon and drink it on your empty stomach.
  • For breakfast, you can have a vegetable sandwich along with a glass of hot skimmed milk.
  • If you wish to snack, have fruits or almonds in between. Avoid having chips or chocolates.
  • For lunch, you can either for chapattis or brown bread. Add lots of high-quality protein like lean meat, fish, or Soyabean. Have a bowl of low-fat curd. Do not add sugar to it.
  • If you are a tea or coffee lover, drink black tea/coffee only!
  • In the evening, you can again have boiled chana or dry nuts like almonds or flaxseeds.
  • For dinner, you can have light soup, salad, and meat/fish/paneer. Try to complete your dinner before 8 pm.

If you want 4-week diet plans, look for the best books that provide secrets on losing belly fat. With determination in mind and small dietary changes, you can easily lose your weight!