A Personal Statement or Essay About Yourself

Look at the whole process of competitive admissions to a prestigious university, the list of documents, and requirements. You will see that a personal statement can be confidently singled out into a separate category. On the one hand, it is an ordinary essay about yourself. But on the other, it is the main headache and cause of sleepless nights for the vast majority of applicants.

Why Should You Write a Personal Statement?

A personal statement takes one side of an A4 sheet but despite its small size, it should be quite informative. A student should answer the following questions in his work:

  • Why did you choose this specialty?
  • What exactly do you like in this profession?
  • What do you want to get (become) after you graduate?
  • Your professional plans and career.
  • Why are you the right person for us? (Use previous experience, skills, interests, additional knowledge, etc. connected with the chosen specialty).
  • Describe your personality: main personality traits (leader, good performer, or team player), way of thinking (mathematical or humanistic), etc.

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A personal statement is the most memorable unique part of the competitive admissions telling much more about you than other documents. A properly written personal statement will tell admissions officers about your skills, level of education, upbringing, literacy, intentions. So, it is important to approach it with open-minded ideas and a good understanding of what is required of you.