A brief introduction to an LLM course and its eligibility criteria

Pursuing an advanced degree can be very helpful for your career. It will take a year or two to complete but the rewards can be harvested for the rest of your life. The time has advanced a lot and aspirants without a master’s degree will soon become a secondary choice for employers. It will happen especially in the law industry.

Specializing in a particular subject will become extremely mandatory later. Why not pursue it now? A course in a reputed LLM college in Raipur will do the trick. Here is what you need to know about what an LLM course offers to study.

A brief introduction of the LLM course

An LLM course stands for Masters in Legislative Law. It is a degree course pursued after the end of a bachelor’s course or an LLB. The course duration is one year. During this course, the candidates will come across a list of subjects and will find a specialization to pursue. This is an advancement in the field of law where the aspirants will learn the following subjects.

  • Legal writing
  • Research Methodology
  • Comparative Public Law and System of Governance
  • Law and justice in a globalizing world
  • Laws on securities and financial markets
  • Corporate governance
  • Dissertation
  • Fundamental rights and directive principles
  • Competition law
  • International trade law
  • Banking and insurance law
  • Administrative law
  • Religion diversity and law
  • Media law

As you can see the vast list of subjects that a student will have to cover in a year, it will also deliver a platform to do research work in a specialized domain. Students will learn more about the subjects in a deeper sense and will acquire the degree a year later.

The course structure also depends on how the college projects it. Apart from what the education board has suggested and mandated, an LLM course in Raipur can also have extra subjects related to the personality development of the aspirants. They will learn how to be a better lawyer over the years.

Who can apply for the course?

An LLB graduate with an aggregate score of 50% or above can apply for this course in reputed colleges. Any degree equivalent to LLB courses will also be considered as per the criteria. It means that the students with an integrated LLB degree can also apply for this specialized postgraduate course. The selection process depends on the authority of an LLM college in Raipur. A selection test along with the score in the undergraduate course can be considered together as a parameter.

Why choose an LLM course?

As mentioned earlier, pursuing a higher degree will make your academic profile stronger and more competent than the other aspirants. It will also help you establish your goal on a certain path when you find a specialization. Find the right LLM course in Raipur in the best college so that you can fortify your academic profile and get the best chance to work with the top employers in the country.