7 Ways to Make Your Home Brighter

Meta-Description: Having a bright home makes it a happy place to live in. Consider these seven ways to make your home brighter.

When furnishing your dream home, most of the time, you prioritize furniture and decor that will suit your personal style and preferences. You might forget that lighting plays a crucial role in keeping your home inviting and comforting.

Allowing light to flow and disperse in your home doesn’t require you to renovate your whole space and break the bank. Here are seven simple and budget-friendly ways to keep your home from being a gloomy dungeon.

Reassess Your Lighting

While it is the most obvious step, there are times when your lamps and other lighting fixtures might not be doing their best in brightening the home. Map out which areas of your home need the most lighting and consider installing new lighting in areas that need to be brighter. For example, the higher a light is hung, the more it spreads throughout the room. Pendant lights and tube LED lights are ideal lights you may install in your home. According to energy.gov, LED is highly energy efficient, which also gives you long-term savings.

Use natural lighting to illuminate your home. Not only will natural light brighten your home, but it will also help cut your electric bills as you will only be using artificial lighting at night.

Consider Light-Colored Furniture

Light-colored furniture pieces are perfect for brightening your bedroom, living room, or home office. Consider light wood flooring, cream-colored furniture, and pops of whites and beiges. If you plan to replace every furniture you have, take inspiration from Discovery Primea’s design. This development in Makati uses light neutrals to furnish and decorate their suites for optimal brightness and for a warmer and cozier atmosphere.

Go for Bright White Bulbs

When buying new lights, consider white LED bulbs instead of warm, yellow-tinted lights. LED lights are brighter, longer-lasting, and are more energy-efficient compared to fluorescent and incandescent lights. You may go for LED table lamps, pendant lights, and floor lamps to brighten rooms, as well as to add decorative touches to your home.

Reflect Lighting Around

Mirrors are a great way to add more brightness to your home as these give an illusion of a bigger space and diffuse natural light to illuminate your living room or bedroom. Country Living even shares 6 ways to use mirrors for this. Strategically place your mirrors close to or directly across from your windows or balcony door. If you aren’t superstitious, you may place two mirrors across each other to equally bounce the lights around your space.

If you aren’t a fan of too many mirrors in your home, opt for a chandelier-like decor to mirror the light coming in your room. There are plastic crystal-like chandeliers that you can hang around your living room to reflect your LED lighting all over the room. These fake chandeliers aren’t that expensive and add an elegant statement to your home.

Clean Your Windows and Lighting Fixtures

Cleaning your windows will remove any dust or grime that blocks the flow of natural light. If you want your windows to be sparkly clean, use a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar to clean them. You will see a brighter difference compared to dusty windows. If it gets too bright, use sheer curtains so that it won’t totally block the sunlight.

Don’t forget to wipe your bulbs and lights clean too. Leaving the dust to accumulate will block their lighting potential. Cleaning them will also reduce the energy used, therefore cutting down on your electric bill.


Decluttering your space is also one way to allow sunlight and your lighting fixtures to spread evenly in your house or condo. Keep tall furniture away from windows and mirrors so that they won’t block any light and darken your room.

Clearing up and reducing clutter will also make your home more spacious and organized. It will also allow air to properly ventilate. A minimalist look is perfect for achieving a brighter and airier room.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Aside from decluttering your space, you can also rearrange your furniture. Remove any big or tall furniture away from your windows and balcony door so that natural light can come in smoothly.

A home should be bright, airy, and tidy. Having a bright home fosters a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for families to enjoy each other’s company, and for individuals to have a conducive space to work and tap into their creativity.