7 Social Media Tools That Will Elevate Your Marketing Campaigns

More businesses are using social media to gain exposure, capture leads and generate more sales. There are many social media tools you can use to attain all your business goals. Let’s take a look at seven that you might want to consider adding to your marketing arsenal. Click here now – Fameoninsta website

Social Clout

It’s important to look into the metrics when you’re sharing content on your social platforms. Don’t get too addicted to how many likes your posts get. Instead, look at the numbers that matter most.

Social Clout allows you to calculate the actual ROI you’re achieving from the engagement your social posts receive like real free ig followers. Discover demographic data, which times are best to post and which social accounts are performing best for your business.


This is a quality scheduling tool. Inside its one dashboard, you have the opportunity to share your content ideas on all of your social media networks. They have amazing case studies and guides to help you understand the possibilities when it comes to social media marketing results. Use the Buffer Chrome extension to easily share on:

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook


You need social media tools that will help you create excellent images. Canva achieves this goal nicely. If you feel challenged in any when it comes to graphic design, then use canva to easily edit your images for social media posting purposes.

This is a free platform that comes with a stunning array of image templates, colors and fonts. Their dashboard allows you to drag and drop images, designs and text with ease.


This is one of those social media tools that helps you put your content into evergreen status. Using RSS feeds, you gain the ability to build out daily content plans. It’s all organized by topic and features your favorite writers and articles.

Use this platform to stay up-to-date on what industry influencers are putting out in real time. Join the conversations and pay attention to how you can modify the most current information when creating your own social content.

By the way, Feedly integrates into Buffer. This allows you to easily schedule its content across all your social channels.


One of the most effective social media sharing strategies is to bring old content into your feeds from time to time. You’ll notice that many big-time influencers use this method, such as:

  • Richard Branson
  • Neil Patel
  • Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Tim Ferriss

Edgar is one of those social media tools that makes this process easy to employ. It recognizes which pieces of content will most effectively receive engagement from your audience. Edgar also helps you post certain types of content at the most relevant times. It places your content into categories based on demographics and understands which content needs to be shown to particular audience groupings.


This tool manages all the moving parts of a social media campaign that might otherwise drive you crazy. It looks across all your social platforms and uncovers the fans and followers who will turn out to be your best leads. This allows you to work on converting leads into sales.


NetBase is a social media analytics tool that helps your business discover insights about your social media marketing campaigns. It provides these benefits:

  • Identify early threats to your reputation
  • Understand your competitors
  • Cultivate influencers
  • Identify market trends

Use these seven social media tools to create marketing campaigns that convert into more leads and sales for your business. Checkout christensen recycling instagram.