5 things successful financial advisors have in common

The market is full of good and bad financial advisors. When it is about the money we are often very cautious about our hard-earned money. Owing to which we are looking forward to going with the best names in the financial sector which usually cannot be afforded by many. Apart from that trusting someone with all our money can be a hard yet rewarding thing. For the same, we can look for some of the common traits which make up a good and successful financial advisor.

“The most important role of the financial adviser is to help a client get the most out of their financial lives — be the most effective catalyst for them, light the fire under the client,” Garrett says who is the founder of the financial advisory Garrett Planning Network, and her observation

Passion, Vision, Focus:

If we study closely we will get to know that the best financial advisors have these 3 traits in common. They are passionate about what they do for a living and simply love their job. Along with passion, they have a vision, not only for themselves and their company but for their team and client s as well. Where they want to be in the near future. And they work to attain that vision. They are focused and not diverted by some short term rewards or other such things. They know where they need to be and what needs to be done in order to be there.

Successful Financial Advisors tell stories:

Don Connelly once truly that, “Top Advisors succeed because they weave narrative among the facts and it is the narrative which appeals to the client’s emotions.”

We as humans are emotional beings and it no surprise that our decisions are based on our very emotions. This is a common trait of the successful advisors that they appreciate this fact and use the narratives and storytelling which is a great tool to tap into their “emotional space”. Most of the financial advisors are left-brain dominant or pretty logical and they do not usually think of connecting emotionally first and then reinforcing the facts behind the decision they should make to work with them.

Top Advisors make mistakes and learn from them:

It’s often a misconception that the very successful Advisors never made any mistakes, which is absurd and wrong as to err is Human.

The many top-notch and great financial advisors have also committed mistakes and they do commit them. What sets them apart is they do get fixated on it and cry over the spilled milk, rather they move on. Secondly, they learn from their mistakes and make it a point to never repeat them again.

Successful Advisors ask the right questions:

Another common trait which we can notice among the most successful financial advisors is that they are not all about asking the standard interview questions. They ask more thought-provoking, open-minded, and open-ended questions. it helps us to know our clients better and helps in establishing credibility. Moreover, it makes certain that we can provide value for our client.

They shape a plan that meets your needs:

The best of the financial advisors knows that there is no “all suits one formula or plan” and everyone who comes to them comes with a different situation goal and expectation in their mind. For that, the best adviser not only listens but tailors a financial plan around the specific requirements of their clients. For instance, we can look at Ed Rempel Brampton based certified financial planner and a tax accountant in Toronto. Ed Rempel has built a reputation for helping and making appropriate and well-tailored plans for his clients and help them progress and prosper financially.