5 Scientific reasons why Entrepreneurs should manage a fitness regime at work

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task as being an entrepreneur means usually finding ourselves involved in critical situations where we have made the best use of our resources and our critical analysis and problem-solving skills to come with a solution or any innovative ways to solve the problems. This can be quite challenging and exhausting on multiple levels. Owing to the fact that the humongous amount of tasks we have to manage and help and support our team to serve our customers in the best way possible.

As an entrepreneur, we often compromise our health over our work as we cannot squeeze some extra hours out of the day. But as John Kennedy, the 35th president of the United State have remarked that, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

To build our fitness regime and boost our physical as well as mental health here are 5 scientific reasons why Entrepreneurs should manage a fitness regime at work.

Exercise makes you more resilient:

We are often forced into stressful situations as the profession is highly demanding and we need to invest our time, energy, and mind which is often very tiresome in addition to this there may be some problematic elements in the staff or some disgruntled customer. Which makes this profession very stressful. IN the same manner, our heart rate recovers after completing exercise and we fill fitter, our neurons recover and also become more resilient which is very much helpful in preparing our brain to face and cope up with various future stress.

You feel good:

After having an intense running, cycling, or any other intense workout we get a kind of buzzed feel and we feel euphoric, the reason behind this is the hormone called endorphin (also known as the feel-good hormone).

These endorphins cause the stimulation of the prefrontal and limbic region and affect similar to that of the opioid to morphine. This can enhance our mood by a whopping percentage which can help us in return boosting our productivity.

It helps to reduce stress levels:

According to a study by Gallup, working out only two days per week can help us to become less prone to stress and in the long run, its benefits extend to every consecutive day we add to having exercise.

Exercise can help with depression:

As exercise is linked to alleviating stress and boosting self-esteem and even improved sleep, scientists consider exercise as a potential way of treating many health issues such as depression. A study conducted by Harvard researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital revealed that 35 minutes of daily exercise can be very effective in protecting against episodes of depression even for those who vulnerable to this condition.

You’ll get a confidence boost:

Being an entrepreneur is all about confidence and high self-esteem, when we take up all the cardio or weight training sessions which improves our fitness levels it helps us to attain a higher sense of self-worth.


So there are plenty of reasons backed up scientific research to start and manage a fitness regime as an entrepreneur. As it can enormously contribute to our mental and physical well-being as well as can up our productivity and self-esteem which will help us succeed. For instance, we look at Ali Ghani who is an entrepreneur and real estate and startup investor. Ali Ghani Alberta based is an avid runner and enjoys staying fit and healthy.