5 real reasons to hire a car accident lawyer in Colorado!

You never know who is driving on the roads and highways of Colorado. Crashes, car accidents, and collisions are reported every year, and some of these have shocking consequences. If you end up in such an accident, your immediate concern should be about calling for medical help. In Colorado, all car accidents must be reported, and you can inform the local police, or nearest sheriff’s office. In case you are wondering about legal representation, here are five real reasons to look for car accident lawyer near me

  1. You have restricted time. Like other states, Colorado also has a statute of limitations, which allows three years, to file an injury lawsuit against the at-fault party. If you don’t act immediately after the car accident, you may lose your chance to get a fair compensation. Note that the statute of limitations is not applicable to insurance claims. 
  2. You were at fault. Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence rule. If you had part role in causing the car accident, your eventual settlement will be reduced by your share of fault in percentage. Insurance company of the other party may use this against you. Hiring an attorney is also about protecting your rights and interests. 
  3. You suffered serious injuries/losses. The aftermath of car accident may be stressful. If your injuries are serious, you may have to pay huge in medical bills and lose out on wages. Let an attorney evaluate the worth of your car accident claim, and depending on the circumstances, the compensation can be a lot higher.
  4. Because expertise matters. The fourth reason to call an attorney is to seek their expertise. A good lawyer knows what it takes to represent a client, and they are aware of bad faith insurance tactics. They can work with the insurance company and ensure that your settlement is fair. 
  5. You don’t have to pay immediately. Most car accident lawyers in Colorado work on a contingency fee. Unless and until the lawyer wins a settlement for you, there is no need to pay a fee. The contingency fee is usually a fixed percentage of the final settlement, no more than 40%. 

Consider talking to a lawyer soon after your car accident. Crucial evidence may disappear in no time, and you have to take action to gather enough details. Your lawyer is critical for all of that and more, and having an attorney does increase your chances of a higher settlement.