4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Flights

Saving money on flights isn’t rocket science. Some proven techniques can get you a good deal, almost always. All you need to do is apply them every time you make your bookings. Mentioned in this post are four simple ways to save on your travel cost while buying airline tickets.

Sameer meets Vishnu on a flight from Delhi to Bangalore. They both start discussing the prices they paid to get on the plane. While Sameer paid X, Vishnu paid two times more than that. Vishnu can’t understand why he had to pay extra even when he’s sitting next to Sameer. 

Sounds relatable? Flight ticket prices can vary for two passengers enjoying the same benefits on a plane. In the example above, Sameer seems luckier to paying less than Vishnu. However, he is not just luckier but probably smarter as well.

While buying airline tickets, it is essential to look for the best deal. Let’s look at four simple ways to save money when purchasing airline tickets.

  • Early or Last-Minute Reservation

According to experts, time and ticket fare are usually inversely proportional. The earlier you book, the lesser you pay. If you have locked your travel dates, booking your airline tickets 30-45 days in advance can help you save quite a bit on the cost. Moreover, the early reservation will give you many options to choose from. The probability of getting a good deal is high when you book airline tickets in advance.

On the other hand, last-minute reservations can sometimes get you great deals. However, this is a gamble and less-reliable trick than making an early reservation.

  • Opt for Low-Cost Airlines 

No-frill airlines or low-cost carriers can easily fit your budget. If you are ready to compromise on luxury, low-cost carriers like Indigo, Go Air, Air India, and Spice Jet are the best options to choose from. These low-cost carriers usually offer good deals on fares every-now-and-then, and booking can get you even more affordable tickets. However, travelling with a low-cost airline has some cons which you should be aware of;

  • The seats typically have small leg-room space.
  • You’ll mostly have to pay extra if you wish to have a beverage or meal on-board.
  • You might have to pay extra if you wish to get a seat of your choice.
  • If you’re taking an international trip, many countries have a different terminal to cater to the low-cost carriers, which is not as good as the primary terminal.
  • The flight might come with lower baggage allowance.
  • Book Roundtrip Tickets 

Roundtrip fares are lower than one-way tickets. Airlines offer lucrative deals on roundtrip tickets; it is because they get two bookings in one go. However, you will mostly have to travel with the same airline to get the benefit. Thus, it is best to compare both the options before making the bookings, i.e., roundtrip with the same airline or two different tickets with different airlines. 3rd party portals make it easier to compare and buy the best price ticket.

  • Join an Air Mile Program

Travel loyalty programs grant you miles every time you make bookings through them. Some of these programs also let you earn miles by doing other activities such as making hotel reservations, taking a cab, shopping online, or even filling fuel in your car.

Once you have enough miles accumulated, you can take flights for free against them or avail other benefits. While some programs restrict you to an airline, a few others let you book from a wide range of airlines. The latter is a better option giving you the flexibility of choosing the best-priced ticket while letting you earn miles on the same.

While looking for a good deal on your tickets, it is important not to be tricked by marketing gimmicks that let you get a ticket at an unbelievable price only to add extra costs later. Always research well before booking your air tickets and estimate your total travel cost to know if the deal is worth it.