When you have the right shelving for your warehouse, it gives you more efficiency in the business. Efficiency translates to more productivity hence more profits. Whether you want the shelves to hold company products in bulk or delicate products, metal shelves and racking systems are customizable to suit your company warehouse.

The material used in making the shelves is also crucial when it comes to choosing a durable or long-lasting storage system Malaysia. Here are the different types of shelving solutions that would guide you in selecting a shelving system.

Industrial steel shelves

Metal steel shelving is and will remain to be the most common shelving solutions for industries across the globe. Steel produces storage racks that are strong, durable, space-efficient and cost-effective.

The best part is that steel builders such as Eonmetall Group can customize the steel to suit your warehouse space requirements. With a small space, you can get significant shelves that run vertically and sideways for your storage purposes. It is accessible is constructible for both high-rise shelving systems or standard floor units.

Industrial rivet shelving

Rivet shelving is very easy to assemble, which is why many industries choose it. Easy to assemble means that it has a no bolt or clip system for connecting the pieces. From a few pieces, you can construct a very stable storage solution. The construction or installing of rivet shelves is easy as well as its deconstruction.

Rivet shelving is mostly useful as the basis or making it the structure for heavyweight storage mezzanine. And since rivel shelving allows unblocked access from either side, someone can pick or add an item from any side of the aisle, at any level of the storage system.

Wire shelving

Wire shelving is steel posts-made with sturdy wire-reinforced horizontally between the posts. Unlike steel metal shelving, wire shelving has an open-air design that allows for air circulation. It makes it an ideal solution for the storage of perishable products.

The wire shelving units are useful in different environments ranging from low humidity areas to extremely wet areas. Therefore, various finishes help make them withstand certain conditions.

Clipless shelving

With clipless shelving, shelves particle boards-made with steel bracing which is easy to install and maintain. One of the advantages of clipless shelves is that they are lightweight and you can move them any time you need to change your warehouse layout. 

Because they utilize steel braces expect durability and they are also capable of carrying a weight of 500pounds vertically.

the bottom line

There are a lot of shelving solutions you can choose from. It depends on what you want to store and where(warehouse, shop or facility). While industrial shelving is part and parcel of any company, the shelf-material is essential as well to protect your items, especially for companies that manufacture dangerous chemicals and products. You do not want to put your warehouse and workers at risk.