3 Ways To Prepare for a Peaceful Protest

When you strongly believe that a social injustice has been committed, taking part in a peaceful protest is one way to actively push for change. If you decide to make your voice heard in this way, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your family if things go sideways. 

1. Notify Family and Friends

It’s important to have your family and friends in the loop in case you get arrested. Let them know ahead of time who you want as your criminal defense attorney Amarillo TX and make arrangements for a bail bond. Your parents don’t want to find out after you’ve been arrested that you expect them to use their car to secure your bond. 

2. Stay in Contact

You’ll also want a way to contact the people who are aware of your plans. Make sure your phone is completely charged at the start of the day but you’ll still want to take a portable charging unit. If you’re filming and using your phone a lot, you’ll need a charge before the day is over.

If something happens to you, you want others to be able to let your family know. Write an emergency contact number somewhere visible, like your arm or leg, in permanent marker. Also, add an “in case of emergency” or ICE contact to your phone. These numbers can be dialed without unlocking your phone.

3. Prepare for a Day Out

You’ll likely be out all day so prepare accordingly. Take plenty of water and wear sunscreen. Check the weather and dress appropriately. Comfortable clothes and shoes are a must. Pack hand sanitizer for times you won’t have access to soap and water. 

A peaceful protest is a great way to take part in your democracy and make your voice heard. With planning, you’ll have a safe and meaningful experience.