3 Reasons To Visit Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest of the United States, but don’t assume that means it is lacking in things to do. The small New England state is renowned for its numerous attractions and sporting opportunities, making it an exciting tourist destination. Here are three reasons why Rhode Island should top your list of must-see states.

The Ocean

With 420 miles of beautiful shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean, it’s hardly surprising Rhode Island is nicknamed The Ocean State. The pleasant temperature and the amazing landscape make it one of America’s hidden gems, as its numerous quaint little beach towns entice visitors from around the world. Its beaches are ideal for surfing, swimming, sailing, sunbathing, fishing and even clamming. Make the most out of your visit by staying in one of the vacation homes Misquamicut Beach RI or another nearby city.

The Food

When you visit Rhode Island, be sure to bring your appetite. The state is known for many delicacies, especially seafood. Perhaps no dish is more popular than calamari. The state hauls in around half of the squid caught on the East Coast, making it one of Rhode Island’s leading industries. It is most commonly served fried and sauteed in garlic butter and hot cherry pepper slices, resulting in a perfectly greasy and spicy treat. Other famous foods include clam cakes, clam chowder and lobster ravioli.

The History

Home to one of America’s earliest settlements, Rhode Island is full of amazing historical sites. One of its top tourist destination is the Breakers, a massive mansion constructed in the late 19th century that once belonged to the Vanderbilt family. Located in Pawtucket, Slater Mill helped usher in the beginning of America’s Industrial Revolution. You also can visit the original homes of famous Revolutionary War general Nathanael Greene and gifted 18th century portraitist Gilbert Stuart.

There’s a saying that the best things come in small packages, and that certainly pertains to Rhode Island. Just consider it the little state with a lot to do.