3 Key Products for Designers

Whether you’re new to design work or you’ve contributed decades of your life to the field, many products can enhance your workspace, output and success. Here are three key products to consider.

  1. Software

With the high-speed development of technology and design, a wide variety of software is available to you. Architects, designers and engineers often use products like AutoCAD, computer-aided design software that renders ideas in two and three dimensions. To find the software that’s right for your individual or company needs, reach out to a software corporation such as Autodesk 360 Miami that creates products for a wide range of industries, including yours.

  1. Chair

When you spend hours researching, designing, drafting and model making, you need a comfortable, ergonomic chair to support your body and reduce fatigue in your arms, legs and torso. From seat height and footrest to adjustments and upholstery, there are quite a few factors to consider. Browse online resources for tips on choosing the best drafting chair. Also, don’t forget to physically test a few shortlisted chairs before deciding on “the one.”

  1. Desk

Like the all-important drafting chair, your desk is a vital part of your work and output. In today’s technical furniture market, you can expect to find a wide range of options, from vintage to work-station and height- and angle-adjustable drafting desks. So before you embark on your online and in-person research, measure your workspace to ensure you have the correct minimum and maximum measurements.

To learn more about other key products that can enhance your working environment and work, browse online resources such as drafting and design blogs and websites. Architect and engineering blogs are a great avenue for discovery, as are professional and trade organizations and resources such as the American Design Drafting Association and the American Institute of Architects.