Jazz Quintet’s Last Gig (And Pub Crawl)


The ’14 jazz quintet (usually known as [insert member name] and Friends) was formed in the fall of 2010 and has performed innumerable times in 51 Main and other events on campus. This is their last gig before they all spread around the globe. Don’t miss it. The band includes Taylor Bickford, Felix Klos, Brian Parker, Adam Schreiber, and Yuki Takeda.

Date: Tuesday, May 20
Time: 9-11 PM
Place: 51 Main

Their performance tonight is part of the Senior Week Pub Crawl.  Click to see the full schedule for tonight’s event.   Continue reading

Five Seniors Graduating

Middlebury is full of interesting individuals that have to leave after four years of rigorous study and even more rigorous play. Here are five super neat seniors that answered some basic questions about their experiences at Middlebury. Here’s some excerpts from the interviews:

Kyle Finck: Making progress on his latest documentary, “Straight Out of Rutvegas,” which seeks to chronicle people carrying on a straight-edge lifestyle in Rutland, VT, despite the current heroin epidemic. 

Kwaku Acheampong: His membership in an a cappella group Stuck in the Middle alerted him to the notion that upperclassmen were cool, accessible folks. 

Jenny Johnston: She hasn’t gone streaking yet.

Ted Netland: This past semester Netland and his friends Hank Lipton and Norm Farquhar realized they had the makings of a band and decided to go jam. The three went to Bevco, brought approximately 20 beers into the studio, and played until the wee hours of the morning – “until we bled… I woke up the next day with blisters all over my hands,” he said. 

Alex Jackman: While Jackman has been here she’s seen the development of what people call the “M-pire.” Middlebury has become a brand. It’s becoming more of a corporation.

Read on for the full interviews and pictures… Continue reading

TONIGHT: Imperial Norm Troopers in ACB


The Troopers at WOMP

The Troopers at WOMP

Finish your work and come get down with The Imperial Norm Troopers featuring Norm Farquhar, Ted Netland, Evan Hecht, and Henri Lipton. Hosted by Atwater Suite ACB (the the one on the left, last door, first floor if you somehow still haven’t figured out how Atwater works). Word on the street is Jack Gaffney will be making balloon animals. Noise complaints should be directed to Norm.

Date: Saturday, May 17
Time: 10-11 (followed by general merriment)
Place: Atwater ACB


TONIGHT: “In the Name of Color” Dance Party


Mzwakithi Prestige Shongwe ’16 writes in:

This Saturday from 11pm to 1am in Crossroads, PrestiDJ (experimental DJ name) will be playing music from the US Westcoast’s Compton, Nigeria’s Lagos all the way to Tokyo in a festive party event that celebrates diversity and good party music. If you’re tired of party-hopping in the rain, come and party your heart out on the dancefloor. Y’all know this will be a good one.

Date: Saturday, May 17
Time: 11:00 PM – 1:15 AM
Place: Crossroads

A Public Letter: To the Drunk Bro Who Pissed on My Lawn Last Night

Here’s a letter from Ben Savard we were asked to publish about him confronting someone pissing outside his window last night:

To the Drunk Bro Who Pissed on My Lawn Last Night,

I hope this letter receives you well. As indicated by the address of this letter, you were pretty drunk when we met, so I’m not sure you remember me. Let me recount for you the circumstances under which we became acquainted:

At about 2 am last night, I was sitting in one of the first floor rooms in Weybridge House studying for a geology final when I heard you and friend walk down Weybridge St. It was a warm night, so the window was open and your boisterous, slurred speech carried well into the room. Given that it’s pretty late into finals week, it seemed natural that you (and many other students) were spending Thursday night drinking and celebrating what I hope has been a successful semester. It didn’t bother me that you and your friend were having a good time as you walked past.

However, it piqued my curiosity when I heard you stop walking and continue your conversation immediately outside the window. And I will admit, I found it rather disrespectful to look up from my computer and see you: legs spread, dick in hand, leaning back confidently as you urinated on a tree. So disrespectful in fact, that I stuck my head out the window and yelled “ARE YOU PISSING ON MY LAWN?”
“Uhh, yeah!” You told me, shaking off the last drops and zipping up.
“Where do you live?”
“So you live 300 yards away, but you decided to piss on my lawn instead?”
Candid and terse as ever, you replied “…Yeah.”

This is where you decided to take our conversation in a new direction. Despite the fact that you could have left at any second, you felt enough guilt on some level to offer reparations.
“What if I give you 20 bucks? Is that what you want?” Continue reading

Before you leave, be sure to check out beyond the green


New cover art by Tamir Williams ’16

The new(ish) blog beyond the green ”seeks to provide space for voices that are not being heard on our campus.” If you haven’t seen the blog, check it out, read every post, submit your own, and see some coverage in The Campus.

Here’s a word from an anonymous someone involved with BTGthere are some great new posts up on beyond the green. be sure to check out our site before you leave campus – and throughout the summer! btg will continue to operate over the summer, accepting and posting submissions (though possibly more slowly). see the site for more ways to get involved and “like” us on Facebook.

TONIGHT: Milk Chocolate Does it Again

this picture was actually taken in the future

this picture was actually taken in the future

Tonight is a special night.  Not only is it Milk Chocolate‘s last show of the year and last show ever in its present form, but it is also the final show of drummer Max Eingorn ’14, esteemed percussionist and wonderful man. Come down to 51 Main at 9 for some funky tunes, drink specials, and J Boog to start off your night.

$3 local beers
$4 ‘well’ drinks
$5 margaritas

Date: Friday, May 16
Time: 9 – 11 PM
Place: 51 Main

TOMORROW: What you need to know about The VT Sustainable Energy Summit


Greta Neabauer ’14.5 wants you to know:

Tomorrow at 10am the U.S. Secretary of Energy and some VT hot shots will be in Wilson Hall, formerly McCullough Social Space, talking energy and climate change.

These men are not the worst as far as politicians go, but they are certainly not the best. Going to this summit matters because while VT’s Governor, Secretary Moniz and Ron Liebowitz pat each other on the back for all their progress, they also largely subscribe to an “all-of-the-above” energy policy that includes fracking. Fracking is not a bridge to a clean energy future and certainly not something we should support if we take climate change seriously. Check this out if you still need convincing.

So come and listen and ask questions. And, if you want to join a few of us in asking for real action, find someone with an orange armband. Hope to see you there!

Date: Friday, May 16
Time: 10:00 AM
Place: McCullough

Tim Garcia’s Documentary Explores Experiences of Students of Color at Middlebury

Tim Garcia ’14 released this video online today after a premiere screening last week and another screening today hosted by the CCSRE and accompanied by a follow-up discussion. The broad range of contributors (clips from 37 interviews are included) makes this film a powerful statement about the exclusionary environment here. It’s certainly not your typical film thesis. Here’s Tim’s synopsis:

“Abroad at Home: Accounts of the Invisible” is a short documentary that takes a look into student life at Middlebury college by exploring experiences of Students of Color. The aim of the project is to examine the various narratives that exist rather than sticking to the single narrative that usually exists when discussing the “racial experience” at Middlebury and at College in general. By incorporating multiple voices and faces, this project attempts to allow these wide range of experiences to stand on their own. In addition, “Abroad at Home” wants to be critical of Middlebury college and present voices that tend to be unheard or worse tokenized. There were 37 interviews completed for this project.

Here’s one excerpt from an interview with Day Williams ’14.5 but be sure to watch the whole film.

Numbers don’t do anything, the campus is still exactly the same.  And now instead of having like five students who are uncomfortable you have like two hundred.  But I think it’s just hard because it’s something that…I feel like no one is engaging with it but students of marginalized identities and those are the students who don’t get a voice. So there’s no reason I should hear all this campus buzz about the curriculum changing to add an Arabic major and to add a food studies minor and making hires toward that. And then there has been 30, 40, 50 years of proposals to have some sort of ethnic studies, have some sort of minority studies, Africana studies, Latino American studies…and silenced. ‘We can’t hire another person, there’s no interest.’

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