RealFood Week!

Tomorrow is the first day of Real Food Week, organized by EatReal, a weeklong symposium of events focused on sustainable food. Discussing the realities of our current food system and proposing future solutions, the week will investigate the complexities of food sourcing at Middlebury. Our dining purchases reflect our values – environmental and social – as a college. What is our role in creating a more resilient, ecologically sound, and just food system?

Stop by some of the events listed below to offer your perspective and engage in some thoughtful conversations.

-Noah Stone ’16.5 and Ben Clark ’16, EatReal’s leadership this semester.

RFW sched

4/20: The Bizarrest of Days

This 4/20 very well be one of the most bizarre days in history, with reason for celebration, mourning, reflection, and rebirth.  Today marks the first legal 4/20 for Colorado and Washington residents to smoke pot without consequence, a truly monumental event in the history of marijuana laws in the United States.  It also marks Hitler’s 125th birthday, the 100th year anniversary of the most violent labor conflict in U.S. history in Ludlow, Colorado (I know, ironic), the 15 year anniversary of the Columbine Massacre (thanks Little), and the day Jesus rose from the grave to save all sinners.  For those heading to Palmer and the Otters today, it just may be the highest form of enjoyment on yet another beautiful Vermont spring day.  Milk Boat will be going straight to the dome at the Joint concert, and the Otters will surely provide dank nuggets of uproarious laughter.  Don’t miss out.  But there’s more to today than just a toke frenzy.

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A Friendly 4/20 Message from TGFM

Happy Holidaze middbeat!

It’s 4/20. And we have a lot to be thankful for. Last night was outta control and today is going to get wiiiiiiild and hazyyyyy.

Enjoy a little 4/20 inspired YouTube treat from your favorite neighborhood band Thank God for Mississippi!

Make sure you get to Palmer at 12:30 to see Milk Chocolate and Boat Taxi for a funky reggae party. Then nonsense.



middbeat BEATS – Bob Ya Head, Stomp Ya Feet


Nearly a year after starting the “middbeat BEATS” feature, I’ve run out of friends to ask to make playlists. As a result, I’ve tried to reach out of my comfort zone asking professors, peripheral acquaintances, and musicians on campus to share some of their favorite music on the blog. It’s a bit of an awkward proposition to make to someone you don’t really know, and there’s always the fear that he or she might send a playlist of music that I’ll hate. So, when Brandon Gell ’16 came up to me at a party and energetically said “Dood, I want to make a playlist for you. Actually, I already have one ready…I could email it to right now if you want,” I was both excited and ambivalent.

Brandon is an Architectural Studies major, Ski Patroller at the Bowl, and bike shop aficionado. All good stuff, but certainly not indicative of someone with good music taste. Fortunately, I chose not to be a cynical musik douchebag and accepted his offer…long story short, I’ve been listening to his playlist incessantly for the past few days. It’s a upbeat mix of songs by some of my favorite artists (read The Wood Brothers and Outkast) and some that I’d never heard of (Fyfe’s “Solace” is an absolute jam). It’s hard to pinpoint a general theme or feel of the entire playlist, but they’re all the kinds of songs that make you “bob ya head and stomp ya feet”, without even realizing it. I also learned a great deal more about Brandon that I imagine any short-lived conversation at a hazy party would produce. He loves double stuf oreos (with milk of course), owns an extensive vinyl collection, backcountry skis with a loud speaker in his pack, and is in the minority of (crazy) students sad about the coming of spring. Here’s what he had to say about his playlist:

I made this playlist while sitting on the porch of the Snow Bowl lodge. I chose each individual song because when I listen to them I am infused with audible happiness that reminds me that while this winter season is moving onto the Spring, it’ll be back soon enough. Similar to the differences in seasons, this playlist exhibits different genres of music but all maintain a similar vibe. I think all the music that I listen to has this sort of sound, and I can only assume I’ve acquired this taste for music because of my incessant listening to classic rock at a young age. I remember being 10 and asking my sister why the hell she would listen to rap when Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing, or Blind Faith’s Can’t Find My Way Home was the epitome of good music. My music taste eventually accepted all genres, and I like to keep exploring sounds through my WRMC radio show, Zen Lunatics, as well as playing guitar and going to as my concerts as I can afford.


Click after the jump to read more about his favorite songs on the playlist!

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REMINDER: Sepomana Tonight at 8

For those who’ve already gotten their tickets to Sepomana, WRMC’s Spring concert featuring Dan Deacon, Badbadnotgood, Argonaut & Wasp, and Thank God For Mississippi, read no further and just remember to stop your pregame in time to catch all of tonight’s acts.  If you don’t have tickets yet, fear not.  Swing by the box office or go/sepomtix.  Tickets are $5 in advance, $8 at the door.  Also, make sure to get the Dan Deacon app before heading over.  The app’s free, and apparently makes an audience based light show while he plays a certain song. Righteous.  Make sure to get to the show early to hear the final, final Thank God For Mississippi Show; one of the most beloved campus bands over the past couple years, if their show at Brooker this past January was any indication, tonight promises to be fantastic.  Get your tickets, get stoked, get over to McCullough at 8.  See you there.

Date: Tonight, April 19, 8 PM
Place: McCullough Social Space
Cost: $5 in advance, $8 at the door

Yogurt Workshop

The lovely Veronica Rodriguez ’16.5 will be teaching about yogurt today at 5pm in the Old Stone Mill. If you have ever wondered how yogurt is made, are interested in making more sustainable food choices, or just want to chat bacteria, you should stop by! There will be snacks, and by the end of the sesh you should have both some fresh yogurt and knowledge, both of which are synonymous with virtue.
Make yogurt, meet friends, be happy.
Date: Today! (Saturday, 4/19)
Time: 5pm
Place: Old Stone Mill
Get your yogurt on

Get your yogurt on

Home Games This Weekend!

Logan Mobley ’15

Spring has (kinda) sprung, and the sports season is well under way. Check out these home games this weekend:

Friday, April 18

Baseball vs. Amherst 2:00 and 4:00 (double header)

Softball vs. Hamilton 5:00

Saturday, April 19

Men’s Tennis vs. Bowdoin, 10:00 am

Women’s Lacrosse vs. Coby 11:00 AM

Baseball vs. Amherst 12:00

Softball vs. Hamilton 12:00

Women’s Tennis vs. Bowdoin, 1:00 pm

Softball vs. Hamilton 2:00

Men’s Tennis vs. Rensselaer 3:00

MiddMasti Bollywood Bash


Nidhi Malik ’16 writes in:

Midd Masti is the Bollywood dance club on campus. Every spring we put up a show to showcase a variety of dance pieces that student choreographers have been working on through out the semester. These dance pieces encompass many different South Asian dance styles. In the past years we’ve had dances such as Bollywood, Bhangra, belly dancing, South Indian and various Classical Indian dance forms. If you’ve gone to the ISO shows, you’ve must’ve noticed the Midd Masti dance piece except now imagine that except for a much longer period of time! The Show is on Friday April 18th, 2014 at 8pm in McCollough Social Space and it’s absolutely FREE! Invite your friends and your professors! We will also be having a Midd Masti Show After Party so if you like what you hear and want to join us in the dancing, stop by! The after party will be in Coltrane Lounge from 10:30pm to 1am. Can’t wait to see you all there!!

Date: Friday, April 18
Time: Show – 8:00, After Party, 10:30
Place: McCullough, Coltrane Lounge

Sometimes you have a bad day…

And you just need a little bit of Zizek to recognize that when you feel that you’re living in a nightmare, it may not all be your fault.  It may be any number of forces at work that are completely beyond your control, but are controlling you in myriad forms.  Maybe so, maybe not.  The temptation can often be just to watch another episode of Breaking Bad, have a little retail therapy, smoke a cigarette, black out, yell someone, or just turn inward and fall slave to a rut of negativity and depression and just slug through it because fuck it, the year’s almost over and who cares.  You’ll bounce back.  But simply subjecting yourself to this desperate cycle of temporary fulfillment, getting the rug ripped out from under you, getting back to the grind, forgetting about it all, and waiting for something to happen to bring you back up to some level of normalcy does not seem right.  It happens constantly, endlessly, and inescapably whether we like it or not, both on the micro and macro scale.  Capitalism works this way, it builds, it booms, people prosper, and then it goes south.  Communism went this way: people were hopeful, things were better for a while, then something changed.  It happened to the Beatles, Lost, Kerouac, Obama.  These cycles are complex, but they tend to occur in this cycle of boom, bust, repeat.  The solution? Die or evolve.  Kerouac died, the Beatles evolved, Communism died, Capitalism changed its coat, if it didn’t die (will it?).  The point of all of this is to recognize that change is possible, if only to yield a slightly different cycle.  Change in any way possible once things go south.  Don’t repeat.  Don’t die.  Zizek gives a little hope for change, even if not in the way you need to hear right now.  What else motivates you to change and evolve out of the cycle of despair?