Hirschfield International Film Series: In The House (Saturday)

The next film in the Hirschfield Series lineup is In The House (François Ozon, France, 2012, 105 minutes).

A 16-year-old boy becomes involved with the family of a fellow student and writes about it in essays for his French teacher. Faced with this gifted but unusual pupil, the teacher rediscovers enthusiasm for his work, but the boy’s intrusion leads him into a treacherous no-man’s land between the literary and the literal.

The New York Times writes: “”In the House” weaves a pleasant and clever spell, manipulating the viewer much in the way that Claude [the student] plays with Germain [the teacher]“.

IMDB Rotten Tomatoes 

Date: 9/27, Saturday
Time: 3:00 and 8:00 PM
Place: Dana Auditorium
Cost: Free

Takács Quartet!



Amazing live music this Friday!

Recognized as one of the world’s great chamber music ensembles and a Middlebury favorite, the Grammy Award-winning Takács Quartet plays with an irresistible blend of virtuosic technique and engaging personality. The Guardian of London proclaims, “The Takács Quartet are matchless, their supreme artistry manifest at every level.” For this opening event of the Performing Arts Series’ 95th-anniversary season, the quartet performs quartets by Haydn and Debussy, as well as Beethoven’s Op. 130 with the Allegro finale.

What: Epic Classical Music 

When: Friday, September 26th, 8:00 PM

Where: CFA Concert Hall

Cost:  6$

You Can’t Be Outraged at Your Own Convenience: A Critical Look at the Consequences of Apathy

Businessman Searching in Empty Conference Room

It’s Thursday, September 25th at Middlebury College, and everyone’s p*ssed about the new tailgating policy. We certainly made some (read: virtual) noise: Middbeat’s former post, “Just When You Thought Social Life Surveillance Couldn’t Get Any Higher: Alcohol Now Banned at Middlebury Tailgates” generated 95 substantial replies. As of 9 pm on September 24th, the We the Middkids petition entitled “Reverse Changes to the New Tailgating Policy” received 2,508 votes. As the Middbeat article “Fight For Our Right (to party). Then Fight for Our Other Rights too” would suggest, perhaps the Middlebury community could be equally engaged when it comes to other issues facing the college (rising tuition rates, divesting from fossil fuels, et al). But needless to say, a policy concerning alcohol (or a pointed lack thereof) got our collective attention.

We complained, we petitioned, we wrote. We had angry conversations over paninis in Proctor and we sighed as the Middlebury Panthers lost to Wesleyan on Saturday. We voted, using the appropriate platforms provided by the SGA. We spoke up.

And then we dropped the ball. The SGA gave our intangible anger a tangible forum, provided the Middlebury community with the opportunity to speak directly with Erin Quinn (Director of Athletics) and Katy Smith Abbott (Dean of Students) to demand an explanation for this infantilizing and poorly-conceived new policy. The We the Middkids petition would indicate that at least 836 students voted against the tailgating policy (and, by extension, against a lack of meaningful communication between students and the administration). But how many students showed up to the Senate meeting? Not many. 

One of Erin Quinn’s arguments, as indicated by Middbeat’s Live Feed, suggested that he did not believe the changes to the tailgating policy affected many students. When precious few students show up to a forum designed to discuss that very policy, students unwittingly substantiate his claim. Our apathy gives him permission to be right, permission to cast us aside, permission to treat us like the disobedient children the new tailgating policy would suggest that we are.

The meeting was a success on the part of the SGA. Their resolution passed, indicating that Katy Smith Abbott is willing to discuss future policy changes with SGA President Taylor Custer ‘15 and Student Co-Chair of Community Council Ben Bogin ‘15. But where were we to support them, to validate the claims of students we elected to fight on our behalf? Speaker Michael Brady ‘17.5 remarks, “I was definitely hoping there would be more people there. I tried to make an effort by emailing [constituents], and about a 60% majority wanted the new policy appealed.” However, this display of initial enthusiasm did not eventually correlate with physical attendance at the Senate meeting. Brady describes the turnout as “definitely disappointing. We didn’t have the numbers show up that we would have liked. I don’t think there’s going to be substantial change if kids don’t back up the outcry.”

It’s true that our schedules are busy, and that most of us are bound to the Sunday night homework grind. We elect SGA members to have these very sorts of policy conversations on our behalf – can’t we just step back and let them do what they do best? Tempting, but the answer is no.

“I would have loved to stand up against this policy through civil disobedience,” says Brady. “However, due to my position in the SGA, I can’t take that particular avenue. In order to maintain legitimacy in the eyes of the administration, it was more productive and appropriate for me to write and discuss legislation than to picket outside an administrator’s office. It’s within everyone’s best interests if the SGA maintains an amicable relationship with the administration – [that relationship] cannot be ruptured to a point where the SGA is longer functional.”

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Poet and Novelist Lindsay Hill Reading Today


If you’re into creative writing or just like to read, which we hope most of you do, this is an event not to miss: This afternoon at 4:30 poet and novelist Lindsay Hill will be reading from and discussing his new novel, Sea of Hookswinner of the 2014 Pen Center USA Fiction Award. If you’ve never heard of Hill (no worries, we hadn’t either), now’s the time to get familiar, as he’s gaining tremendous visibility and many accolades. New York magazine and Publishers Weekly both named Sea of Hooks a top 10 book of 2013, and portions of its opening chapters were published in Middlebury’s own New England Review. Publishers Weekly describes the book as “an almost impossibly sustained performance from beginning to end. Nearly every paragraph astonishes, every moment rich with magic and daring.”

So, come hear Hill read, get inspired, and perhaps write something of your own. Or just read his stuff.

Date: Today, September 25
Time: 4:30-5:45pm
Place: Axinn Center Abernethy Room
Cost: Free

Ross Commons Sex Ed Workshop & Sundaes

imagesSex and sundaes, perhaps there’s no better combination. In case you missed out on this awkward 9th grade physical education class, or need a quick refresher, now’s the time to polish the knowledge. Elizabeth Lee writes in to explain today’s event, “Sex Ed Workshop and Sundaes”:

Ross Commons Council is hosting a Sex Ed workshop with our lovely
Barbara McCall on Thursday Sept. 25, 7pm at the Milliken 3 Lounge (in
Ross). All gender/sexual orientation inclusive. Free sundaes for
dessert and glow in the dark condoms.

Glow in the dark condoms(!!) But really it’s important stuff to know.

Date: Today, September 25
Time: 7pm
Place: Milliken 3 Lounge (third floor of the sophomore side of Ross)

YouPower Opens!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 10.35.20 PM

Tired of walking to the gym? Starting to feel like you’re going to elliptical yourself insane? Looking for a better, sweatier version of the Atwater party last weekend? Check out the YouPower spin room! The YouPower spin room officially opened Monday with a full class schedule and full classes. For those of you new to Midd’s frenzied fitness culture, the YouPower spin club offers student-lead, drop-in cycling classes for all levels, 7 days a week. Class offerings vary by instructor, so be sure to check out a few different classes for the full YouPower experience. New this semester is Sunday’s Yoga/Spin class, where veteran spin instructor Sarah Fossett ’17 and Midd’s favorite yoga teacher Sayre Weir ’15 have combined forces to offer a full mind and body workout. No idea what that means? This combination class offers 45 minutes of spinning followed by 30 minutes of flow. Whether you’re trying to get rid of the hangover or get a jumpstart on Monday, this class is worth your time. Caveat: this is YouPower’s one sign-up only class. Sign-ups open each Friday at 9 am and close at 7 pm, and riders will be offered spots using a lottery draw system. 

The YouPower studio is located on the Bi-Hall side of the FIC. Once you pass the main entrance to the FIC, take a right on the grass and follow the exterior of the building until you reach the cement step. Bring a water bottle and clean shoes and get ready to get sweaty!

Shanah Tova! Celebrating Rosh Hashanah at Middlebury


There couldn’t be a better time for the Jewish community to celebrate the new year than this beautiful week in Vermont! As the leaves begin to change their colors, a new page is turned and a new year is beginning. Rosh Hashanah is the first of the High Holy Days, followed by Yom Kippur next week. Nearly 15% of Middlebury College’s student body is Jewish, so be sure to wish your Jewish, and non-Jewish, classmates a happy new year; or if you’re feeling very festive, “Shanah Tova!” which is hebrew for “a good year.” There are plenty of ways to celebrate here at Middlebury that you can find below in the Rosh Hashanah Service Schedule. All are welcome to partake in the festivities, which most notably consist of eating apples dipped in honey as well as the blowing of the shofar. Even if you’re not Jewish make sure to celebrate! I can tell you from experience that having two New Years celebrations is much better than having one. Shanah Tova!

Rosh Hashanah Schedule
Wednesday, Sept. 24
6:00pm Meet for dinner in proctor before services
7:00pm Evening Service at Mead Chapel
Following Services: “Apples and Honey” Reception Forest East Lounge

Thursday, Sept. 25
9:30am Shacharit – Morning Services at Mead Chapel
5:00pm Tashlich Service at Otter Creek Footbridge, Marble Works Side

Friday, Sept. 26
9:30am Shacharit – Morning Services at Havurah House

Otter Nonsense Auditions! (Improv Group)


Conor Grant ’15

This Thursday and Friday the Otters will be having auditions from 4:30-6:00 in Forest East Lounge. Now If you just read that and thought “I can’t audition I’ve never done improv before,” or “I’m not funny enough,” come audition anyway! Many Otters, current and former, had never done improv before the first audition.

Date: Thursday and Friday
Time: 4:30-6
Place: Forest East Lounge (by Registrar)

Hidden Gym: Middlebury’s Rock Wall


Sasha Digiulian in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, on Pure Imagination (5.14d)

With the beginning of a new year on this idilic college campus, we returning students have found ourselves blessed with a half a thousand or so new students to populate our school. All the new faces, in fact, bring me back to the early days of his own Middlebury career, and conjure up old memories and impressions…

Stumbling through the first couple of weeks on campus I remember seeing great imposing green mountains, plenty of marble buildings, fluttering flannels, Patagonia clothing at every corner like a plague, and many, many athletic-looking people.

While there are plenty of other things that make us Middlebury students unique, the athletic stereotype is something that has stuck out to me even before he was a student here, and still does. While there are all types of body types, levels of athleticism, and different styles of people on this campus, as a student who never played organized sports, the abundance of fit-looking people on this campus was a bit of a surprise, as I’m sure it is for most people who have spent some time at Middlebury. Where on earth did all these people come from that made them so damn athletic? The Olympics? Sweden?

While 27% of the student body are varsity athletes, this statistic doesn’t seem to give a full explanation. A simpler way to explore this phenomenon would be to head down to the Nelson arena at 2 pm on any given day and observe the literal fuck-ton of students either on their way to, in the middle of, or just finishing up exercising. Shocking as it may be, the easiest answer to this question of why so many people look so damn fit is that so many damn people work out. A lot. Before class, after class, late at night, between homework and labs, before meals, after meals — anyone who has spent any time near the athletic center has most likely been witness to the constant ant-like stream of students that plow in and out of that sweaty smelling corner of campus.

However, for the rest of us, those who don’t take any pleasure in sprinting many miles on an obnoxiously humming treadmill, or pushing metal weights over our chests (though there’s a place and time for every exercise), it’s easy to feel a little left out. So, it is for the sake of all the students at Midd who are not natural born Greek Gods and were never close to being varsity athletes or long distance running junkies, that I’d like to provide an alternative the traditional, and fanatic, Middlebury fitness world. It’s called Rock Climbing.

Whether you’re new here or have just never heard of it, I am writing to let you know that Middlebury does indeed have a rock wall, and that you should all definitely at least come to check it out. Read more about this awesome place beyond the jump…


The Middlebury Rock Wall in all its resplendence.

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Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 8.35.30 PM

The best time of the week is back! Come to the Gamut Room tonight for the Wednesday Open Mic Party! You wouldn’t want to miss our killer headliner The Broats jam out. Remember all musicians are welcome to sign up at the event. Ain’t no better way to get over hump day.

Date: Tonight! Wednesday, September 24
Gamut Room
Absolutely Free