Live Blog of Tailgate PSA

We’re up. Live blog after the jump.

Here’s the final resolution from my perspective (last paragraph of the live blog):

“Moral is, there will likely be a change in how the policy procedure is implemented, namely that President Custer and Co-Chair Bogen will be informed of all potential changes and inform the student body about those we care most about before they are implemented. However, the tailgating alcohol policy will absolutely not be reversed, and is, according to Quinn, namely based on the inconsistency between NESCAC and Midd policy saying they don’t allow alcohol at sporting events and promise to provide a hospitable environment, and our previous allowing of alcohol and allowing the “dangerous and inhospitable” tailgating environment to persist. He doesn’t think it makes sense to allow alcohol at football events and not any other sporting events, and hopes that the positive crowd environment at events like field hockey or basketball can transfer over to football, without alcohol. Also, they hesitate to confirm that their lack of communication was disrespectful, as it was not grounded or motivated by disrespect.”

Additionally, worth sharing this recently found video of the 2012 Middlebury Homecoming Tailgate. Watch for yourselves and decide whether this is totally out of control. Granted, it’s only from one student’s perspective, but looks like harmless, well-deserved fun, to me.

Over Exposed: Homecoming 2012 from Benjamin Kramer on Vimeo.

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Middbeat LIVE BLOG of Tailgate Policy PSA at 7 PM

As you know, tonight at the RAJ House there will be a meeting about the newly implemented tailgate policy with Athletic Director Erin Quinn, Dean of Students Katy Smith Abott, and the SGA, led by President Taylor Custer ’15. All students are invited, and everyone should come.

Middbeat wil be live blogging this event tonight, starting at 7 pm, on Make it over to RAJ if you can, and if you can’t, we’ve got you updated. For more information on the meeting, click here.

Athletics Update: Mixed Results at Saturday’s Home Events

Yesterday yielded the first big weekend for home sporting events. Middlebury suffered some heartbreaking losses, but were redeemed by other decisive wins. Get the low-down below:

Cross Country swept the Aldrich Invitational

Men’s Soccer won 2-0 over Bowdoin thanks to goals by Tom Bean ’17 and Adam Glaser ’17 

Field Hockey lost 2-1 to Bowdoin in a tragic upset due to 2 goals by the Polar Bears in the last 2.5 minutes

Women’s Volleyball won 3-0 over Bates in their NESCAC Opener

Football lost 22-14 to Wesleyan, with a heartbreaking missed last-chance opportunity with 1:37 left due to a penalty called on Middlebury for roughing the kicker

Women’s Soccer fell 2-1 to Bowdoin after a goal in the 74th minute broke the 1-1 tie

Men’s Cross Country placed 1st out of 7 in the Aldrich Invitational, with Kevin Wood ’15 and Wilder Schaaf ’14.5 coming in 1st and 2nd, respectively

Women’s Cross Country placed 1st out of 7, securing a whopping 8 out of the first 9 spots overall (including 1st through 6th)

Middlebury Disorientation Guide pt. 3: Mental Health and Sexual Assault, College Finance, Privilege, and Recommended Classes

This is the third and final portion of the “Middlebury Disorientation Guide” that will be published on middbeat.  This portion covers the topics of Mental Health and Sexual Assault resources on Campus  Make sure to also check out Beyond the Green’s coverage of the pamphlet, and continue to comment and reach out to get involved with the campaigns and ideas the authors have put forth.  Again, you can get in touch with the student activists behind the pamphlet at, and find the whole guide here.

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JusTalks 2015 needs YOUR Support!


Middlebury will host its 3rd Annual JusTalks event on January 10th, 2015!

JusTalks is a one-day J-term event for first-years and sophomore Febs dedicated to communication, personal discourse, and self-analysis. We will engage in dialogue related to different aspects of identity including, but not limited to, gender, race, class, age, disability, and sexual identity. There is a pressing need for these discussions, but there are few spaces on campus in which to carry them out. JusTalks aims to provide a safe space for students to grapple with these issues. Created and organized by students, it is a chance for all first-years in their first J-Term to think about their own identities and the identities of the 2,500 other Middlebury students we walk past every day.

Think this is something the Campus needs? Get involved!

We are looking for first-year and sophomore-feb to participate and sophomore/junior/senior (fens included) as facilitators. Visit our website (go/justalks) for a complete description of ways you can help out!

Tailgate Policy PSA

AlumniStadium-FootballIf you’re a student here, chances are you’re pissed about the new tailgating policy. At the RAJ (Robert A. Jones Conference Center) at 7 PM tomorrow night there will be a meeting about the policy with Athletic Director Erin Quinn, Dean of Students Katy Smith Abott, and the SGA, led by President Taylor Custer ’15. All students are invited, and everyone should come. This is a chance not only to make your feelings about the tailgating policy felt, but support the SGA in giving students a voice. It’s great to make noise on the internet (thank you, we the Midd Kids!), but even better to take action. It’s a lot harder for the administration to ignore us when we actually show up to meetings like this to make ourselves heard. So 7 PM tomorrow night, RAJ Conference Center. See you there.


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Voices From Abroad: Katie Baughman ’16, Russia


Irkutsk, Russia


For middbeat’s second installment of “Voices From Abroad,” we will be hearing from Katie Baughman ’16, who is studying in Russia this semester. Katie is a junior International Global Studies major with a focus in Russia, and is studying at Irkutsk State University, in Irkutsk, Russia with Middlebury Schools Abroad for an entire year. At Irkutsk, Katie will be studying Russian Oral Tradition, Linguistics and Classical Literature. Katie tells us she chose “Russia for a more pure immersion experience and to be closer to nature.” Plus, she’s used to the cold. Katie’s writing is inventive, unique, and thoroughly grounded in her Russian experience so far, integrating many native terms. Read up, and be sure to check the term glossary at the end for further clarification:

Self exile, I called it. One year in Siberia, bowing down to the great gods of Winter and Grammar, wearing my unti and mask to keep out the cold and the coldness of passerby here. You can imagine it.

But of course it’s not like that here. It’s warm inside the marchrutka bus, the citizens crammed in like a temporary family, on their way somewhere in the minivan. Step out of the thronging crowd and the crawling trolleys and the everywhere ads and see that there’s a man, standing in the river, waiting for the fish to come to him. Then back in: walk up a blue concrete walk-up in a trash strewn street and step into an apartment – warm food, warm light and love.

Some streets are named after revolutions, some after artists. The main one is lined with golden-age literary facades and rust and circuses, the tourists following the Green Line to the landmarks and the Irkutyani following their own well-worn route to the market to buy fruit and meat for the boiling.

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Shelburne Farms 36th Annual Harvest Festival – Tomorrow!

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

If you’re looking to get away from campus tomorrow and enjoy the fast-approaching autumn, look no further than the Shelburne Farms Harvest Festival. The festival  will include full-day live music and entertainment (schedule can be found at, opportunities to meet local craftspeople and try your hand at their art,  a huge variety of incredible seasonal local foods, AND much more. Trust us when we say their fire-grilled corn on the cob is to die for – and if you’re brave you can even test out the maple lemonade!

  • Date: Saturday, September 20th
  • Time: 10am – 4pm
  • PlaceShelburne Farms – Farm Barn, 1611 Harbor Rd, Shelburne VT
  • Cost: $10 for adults (yes we’re adults)



Exciting Workshop Opportunity: Boal’s Theater of the Oppressed


Enjoy Theater?

Want to learn something new?

Interested in doing something different with your Sundays?

Akhila Khanna ’17 and Alexander Burnett ’16 are running a workshop on the Theater of Augusto Boal, and it’s sure to be a fabulous, enriching experience. Akhila writes in:

Boal’s ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ Workshop is grounded in the works of theater practitioner and political activist – Augusto Boal. Every week students attend the workshop and warm up together using Boal’s movement techniques. Boal’s exercises focus on strengthening one’s imagination, physical freedom and ensemble collaboration.  During the course of the workshop students will understand concepts such as “the oppressor and oppressed’ (central to Boal’s work) and will work on creating image theatre pieces on social issues that they feel strongly about. The sessions take place every Sunday from 1 pm to 2 pm in room 232 at the CFA. All students are welcome to join any time and no previous theatre experience is required! Students should be prepared to move and get out of their heads!

What: Awesomeness, movement and theater
When: Every Sunday at 1:00 p.m.
Where: CFA Room 232
Cost: FREE!