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Snow Bowl Family Bash 12-4

photo cred: Stephanie Meckel '15

photo cred: Stephanie Meckel ’15

Alex Chapin and Steph Meckel ’15 write in:

Don’t miss out on what has recently become the greatest event of Fall Family Weekend!! The foliage will blow you away!

It’s the fourth annual Snow Bowl Family Bash! Come join us at the Middlebury College Snow Bowl for an afternoon of live music, food and friends! Enjoy hot chocolate at the top of Worth Mountain after taking a scenic ride up the triple to view Vermont’s spectacular foliage. Ticket prices for the lift ride are $3 for students and children, $5 for adults. There will be a barbecue in full swing all afternoon with food and drinks available for purchase. Proceeds go to the Middlebury Community Care Coalition and the Snow Bowl Ski Patrol.

Enter the raffle for a chance to win Snow Bowl gear and ski tickets. If you haven’t already gotten your season’s pass for the 2013-2014 season, they will be on sale for the duration of the event.

People have missed out on the beauteous event in the past, so make your time last. Invite your friends, parents, cousins, step children, grand children, second cousins, dogs, cats, parakeets, distant relatives, close acquaintances, gentlemen, gentlewomen, dates, girlfriends, boyfriends, friends with benefits, etc.

All are welcome to drive up on their own (just 20 minutes from campus), but Addison Country Transit (ACTR) shuttle bases will also be available between Adirondack Circle and  the Snow Bowl (to the Bowl: 12:55 pm, 2:10 pm; back to the College: 1:30 pm, 2:45 pm, 4:00 pm). Rides are free for Middlebury students, $1 for non-students. The bus will stop at the Bread Loaf Inn for those wishing to depart or return from the Bread Loaf campus.

When: Today, 12-4 PM
Where: Snow Bowl
Cost: $3 for a ride up the lift

Amnesty International: Silent March against Police Brutality on Campus

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 20.46.56

Today Wednesday 22nd October in commemoration of the National Day to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation, a silent march will be held on campus for the purpose of both bringing awareness, and standing in solidarity with those directly and indirectly afflicted by the consequences of police brutality.

The march will begin at 5.30 pm outside Ross dining hall and will follow down College Street, crossing over to Warner, passing through Davis Family library and up to Mead Chapel, with occasional stops where organizers will read biographies or pieces about subjects of police brutraity. The march is scheduled to end in front of Mead Chapel at around 6.30 pm. Marchers will be wearing all black (extra black shirts will be provided for those who don’t possess one).

If you would like to make your own posters/signs, the Crest Room at McCullough will be open from 2-5 PM and there will supplies provided (markers, pencils, paper, etc.). You are welcome to show up anytime. A group of students will convene at Crest Room at 4:30 PM to discuss logistics for the day and make posters. Led candles will also be available.

Please join in and support a cause that has become very prominent these past few years with police shootings and the increasing militarization putting into question the role and context of our policing forces. for more information click here

The march is hosted by DMC, Women of Color, Alianza, and Amnesty International.

When: Today Wednesday 22nd October 5.30 pm
Where: starts outside Ross dining Hall

We hope to see you all there! Take a stance, and make change, Middlebury.



Sistah Vegan: On Ferguson, Thug Kitchen, and Trayvon Martin: Intersections of [Post]Race-Consciousness, Food Justice, and Hip Hop Vegan Ethics TONIGHT


Tonight features the second speaker of EatReal’s Fall Symposium “Food [In]Justice in the 21st Century,” Dr. Breeze Harper aka Sistah Vegan. Charles Griggs ’16 writes in:

Sistah Vegan aka Dr. A. Breeze Harper discusses her new book project that focuses on critical race and black feminist perspective on black male vegan activists using hip hop methodologies to teach about veganism and other intersectional issues such as decolonizing the diet, being ‘race-conscious’, and using gardening to combat the prison to pipeline phenomenon.

In fewer words, Sistah Vegan’s a badass feminist looking at how hip hop can address food justice. Following hot on the heels of today’s Silent March Against Police Brutality, making for a intriguing stretch of the ever prevalent campus dialogue on justice.  Sistah Vegan will be speaking in Mead Chapel at 7:30.  See here for more information about EatReal’s fall symposium.

When: Tonight 7:30
Where: Mead Chapel
Cost: free

WRMC presents: Grooveyard 2014 feat. Big Freedia


With Ron Liebowitz departing our dear college following this academic year, it is widely acknowledged the school will face a staggering drop in twerking. Fear not, Middleburians, for WRMC has just announced that Big Freediaworld record-holding twerkerQueen of Bounce and transcendent being of light will be headlining their annual fall concertGrooveyard, on Friday, November 7 in the Bunker. Big Freedia is kind of like DJ Mustard if he were a post-gender intergalactic twerking warrior who does battle in New Orleans dance clubs. By that we mean Big Freedia is nothing like DJ Mustard, but that the concert will be an insane experience that has never happened before and may never happen again on this campus. Seriously. This concert is history in the making and you don’t want to miss out. As Freedia once said, “Free your azzzzzz and your mind will follow.

In the spirit of Big Freedia’s credo, WRMC will also host a community discussion regarding how we can be mindful consumers of art and music in our pluralistic society. Join us in addressing the history of New Orleans bounce music, twerking, cultural appropriation within the music industry, preferred pronouns, and the politics of identity. Some of the school’s heavy-weights—students and professors alike—will be there so that, before deciding to twerk for possibly the last time at Midd, Ron Liebowitz can be fully aware of the cultural implications, origins, and forms of institutional power surrounding his booty-shaking. More details to follow! The official facebook event can be found here.

Check out more Big Freedia below: 

For inquiries or comments feel free to contact the WRMC Concert Chairs Charlie Dulik and Aaron Slater.

~Free Your Mind~

Cost: $5 (tickets will go on sale a week before show time)
Where: The Bunker
When: Friday, November 7, 9:30 p.m.

Tonight: Panel Discussion on Hong Kong

Screen shot 2014-10-08 at 1.19.28 PM

This evening the Chinese Society and Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs will be hosting a panel discussion with professors and students to examine the ongoing “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong. This is an awesome opportunity to learn more about the historic events currently unfolding from experts and firsthand witnesses alike. If you’re at all curious about the protests that have been splashed across the front page of all newspapers in the past weeks, this panel discussion would be a fantastic place to start.

When: Tonight 6pm
Where: The RAJ conference room
Cost: Nothing… and you’ll get free food!

Feb-Break MAlt Applications Due Thursday!

Maya Neria ’15 writes in:

MAlt is Middlebury’s alternative break program. Each year, students design and plan six trips during February Break (national and international destinations) and one Vermont-based trip during Fall and Spring Breaks. The goal of the trips is to engage Middlebury students with communities across the nation and the globe in order to share an experience, provide service where service is needed, and learn about the systems that shape community realities around the world.

The program has a needs-blind acceptance policy and does fund-raising throughout the year to make sure that anyone who needs financial assistance can participate.

See after the jump for trip descriptions.  Applications for this Feb-break are due this Thursday, October 9.

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Student Group Profile: Fencing Club


In front, John Corbett ’15 (left) and Allison Forrest ’15 (right) practice their sabre moves.

If you’ve ever walked by Lower Proctor on Tuesday or Thursday nights, you might have noticed a group of people decked out in masks and jackets, swinging swords and scoring touches. That would be the Middlebury College Fencing Club, a recreational three-weapon team that meets twice a week and welcomes everyone, whether former fencers or newbies. Middbeat talked to team Captain Allison Forrest ’15 to get the scoop:

middbeat: So for those of us who are completely ignorant, what is Fencing Club?
Allison Forrest ’15: We’re a recreational club sport, and we have fencers of all levels. Many people have fenced before coming, in high school, but some of us only picked it up [here at Midd] and have stuck with it. We practice twice a week, and we usually begin practice by warming up, and if there are new people, teaching them the basics. When we have people who already know how to fence, we spend time just doing really fun bouts and teaching each other new moves and talking about things we’ve learned in our past that we’ve seen at other competitions we’ve been to.

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1622647_10152597144878876_6843985006327965877_nDo you have a secret hidden talent that you have been waiting to show the world? Come audition for a spot on the International Student Organization (ISO) Cultural Show! Auditions will be held on Saturday Oct. 4th from 2pm to 5pm in Wilson Hall (McCullough Social Space), and are open to all students, international or not. We require just ONE MINUTE of material, it doesn’t need to be the full thing, nor full ensemble. Show us what you got!

Date: Saturday, October 4
Time: 2pm-5pm
Place: Wilson Hall (McCullough Social Space)

DMC Presents a Meet and Greet with Public Safety

The Distinguished Men of Color are hosting a conversation about Public Safety’s role on campus and ways to improve the relationship between the student body and the people who keep us safe.  DMC writes in:

Tonight from 8pm-9pm we will be having a Meet and Greet with Public Safety in our usual meeting room of Ross B11 seminar room below the cafeteria. We aim to actually get ourselves familiar with the people on campus who’s job it is to provide us with a safe environment. Our ultimate goal is to ask any questions we may have about what their job’s entitle and strengthen our relationship with them instead of seeing them as an adversary (5-O, PoPo, The Doughnut Squad, The Fuzz etc.). So come out, bring questions, and gain an alliance on campus!

In addition, middbeat will be live-blogging the event, and we hope to see you there and hear your thoughts about an increasingly important conversation on campus.

When: Tonight 8-9 PM
Where: Ross Seminar Room B11
Cost: Nope

Verbal Onslaught: First Impressions

10653848_10152760377088659_5069357436192975262_nThe first Thursday of the month is fast approaching, and you know what that means: Verbal Onslaught! Middlebury’s largest recurring open mic event is back with our first Verbal of the academic year. Come with poems, songs, raps, dances, or any other kind of performance or just come ready to enjoy the words and voices of your Middlebury classmates! The theme is first impressions, of people, of places, of foods, of anything. No need to fret if your piece does not relate, it’s simply a suggested topic to get the artistic juices flowing. Invite your friends!

Date: Thursday, October 2
Time: 9:00pm-11:00pm
Place: The Gamut Room