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Earth Yoga Month and more from Midd’s Yoga Club

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 2.26.44 PMKate Miley ’14 writes in:

Yoga Club was founded about three years ago, and its core mission is to provide free and “commitment free” yoga to all students on campus, regardless of experience level. Mats are provided for students who come to our classes, and students can receive P.E. credit for some yoga classes (depending on the instructor and the semester). Yoga Club’s spring schedule (above) is diverse and dynamic not only in terms of the number of different instructors we support but also in terms of the many types of yoga students can try.

Yoga is a rapidly growing club and activity on campus — 85 students attended Russell Comstock’s vinyasa yoga class last week, which is incredible! We’d love for more students to come out and reap the benefits of yoga’s balancing and energizing effects.

Katherine Harris ’14 writes in about Earth Yoga Month, which started last week and will continue with another session TOMORROW:

This 4-week series of yoga classes is a continuation of Russell Comstock’s weekly vinyasa flow class with a special focus on the mind-body-earth connection throughout April in honor of Earth Day.

For more on Earth Yoga Month, click to see the poster below

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Improv Show Tonight: Combo Za ft. Middlebrow


Williams College improv group Combo Za will be performing tonight at 8:30 PM in the Gamut Room.  Guests of Middlebrow, the 10 person group will be performing short form comedy, a style of improv rarely employed by Middlebury groups.  At the end of the show the two groups will join forces on stage for a jam.  Come on through.

Where: Gamut Room
When: 8:30 PM
Cost: None.

TONIGHT: The Swing Express, a trip back in time


Poster design by Ryan Brewster ’14

Maddy Sanchez ’17 writes in with the deets:

For the first time in Middlebury history, the Swing Club is presenting to you its very own show: Swing Express. Get transported in time as you embark on a journey through the decades, with tunes ranging from Sinatra to Bill Haley and his Comets. The Swing Club is sure to entertain you with cool tunes, snazzy moves and a lot of energy. And to top it off, all proceeds go to our local homeless shelter, Charter House!

Date: Friday, April 11
Time: 8:00 pm
Place: McCullough Social Space
$8 (adults) $5 (students)

Buy your tickets online at go/boxoffice or at the door and don’t be afraid to do some dancing yourself.  

If you’re not convinced, click for more pictures of Ethan Collins ’14 and Nathan LaBarba ’14.

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Students Launch Blog: Beyond the Green


A group of students launched a new blog today devoted to providing a space for voices that are not being heard on campus. I’ll let them take it from here – here’s some information from one of the founders who asked to remain anonymous:

We’re proud to be announcing beyond the green, a collective of middlebury voices that will be represented in an online publication as the centralized location of our voices (launching today) as well as a weekly column in The Campus. beyond the green aims to provide space for voices that are not being heard on our campus. As a collective and as a publication, beyond the green is unique because it is grounded by politics that are radical, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist, anti-ableist, and anti-homophobic (as well as strongly opposed to all forms of oppression). You can read more about beyond the green in this week’s Campus opinion section or at our blog at go/beyondthegreen.

beyond the green is accepting submissions on a rolling basis (for the rest of eternity). because beyond the green is a new publication, we hope that a diverse group of students will claim ownership over the blog by beginning to use the blog on a regular basis. please send pieces of writing (rants, lists, stories, poems, mini-essays, reviews of campus events, opinion pieces on shit happening in the “real world,” personal statements, etc.) as well as video blogs, photographs, cartoons, drawings, artwork, coverage of events and activism at midd, etc., in line with our mission statement, to beyondthegreen14[at]gmail[dot]com. also contact if you would like to become a regular contributor.

Check out the blog – there’s already great content up, not to mention the sweet banner image above.

It’s Gaypril!

rainbow flag

Queers and Allies (Q&A) presents GAYPRIL (pretty catchy name if you ask me). Here’s an idea of what it’s all about from Bekah Moon ’15 and the Q&A board:

Gaypril is an annual month-long series of events that celebrate and raise awareness on LGBTQ culture and history both here at Middlebury and beyond. While these events are primarily put together by Q&A, Gaypril wouldn’t be possible without the contribution of other organizations, departments and individuals. This year we’ll be having an Atwater dinner, several discussions and lectures, a panel on criticial queer/trans* perspectives on incarceration, multiple parties and kickbacks, and much more!

Be on the lookout for Gaypril posters around campus, and visit go/gaypril for a detailed calendar.

Middlebrow Show TONIGHT

Middlebrow Spring 2014 #1

Middlebrow will be having its second improv show of the semester, and its first with new members Justin Jackson Prince ’17 and Alexander Khan ’17.  The show, which will be in Pearsons Lounge, will feature a surprise guest, a storyteller who will make you LAWL.  Although 11 might seem like a late start time, Alexander urges fans to come out and support the group nonetheless, “11 is actually the perfect time for comedy!  Jon Stewart and SNL are both on at 11, and that’s when they air the best reruns of the Brady Bunch on TV Land!”  Luke Smith-Stevens ’14.5 adds, “KHAAAAAAAAANNN!”

Date: Tonight, Tuesday 4/1
Time: 11 PM
Place: Pearsons Lounge


TONIGHT: Otter Nonsense!

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 1.11.56 PM

Stressed out from midterms? Lookin’ for a study break? The Otts have your back. Join the Otter Nonsense Players as they perform some killer improv and welcome their newest member, Michael Brady ’17.5Have you seen that kid’s hair? This show is bound to be good. 

Date: Tonight, March 19
Time: 10:30pm
Place: Chateau

Middlebury MOTH goes big!


If you loved the MOTH at the Gamut Room every fortnight, this might be for you. The MOTH organizers, Luke Greenway ’14.5, Rachel Liddell ’15 and Veronica Rodriguez ’16.5, have been working on bringing their brainchild, the Middlebury MOTH, to the larger Vermont community for a couple of months, and now, they’ve successfully managed to make it large.

*Drum-roll please.*

The Vermont StorySLAM will be happening on Tuesday March 18 at the Skinny Pancake IN BURLINGTON!

The theme will be “Firsts” and if you’d like to tell a story there’s no prior sign-up. Just show up and put your name in the hat! Doors at 7 pm, Stories start at 8 pm. Stories should be 5-6 minutes in length. Even if you don’t want to tell a story, come support your friends, co-Middkids and other wonderful storytellers from around the state. You’ll find the detailed schedule here, and tickets can be bought here. Luke writes in:

I’m incredibly excited. This is great news for storytelling in Vermont, and I hope this will be a series that can really bring people together around the power of stories. I’m also excited because the StorySLAM will be recorded each month for possible inclusion in The Moth’s NPR show or podcast, which could potentially mean that Middlebury storytellers could have a huge national audience.

In case you’re not excited yet, here’s a fun fact: the MOTH podcast is the 4th most popular on iTunes. More reason to go to this one and see people tell stories live.

Place: Skinny Pancake
Date: Tuesday the 18th of March
Cost: $8.00
Time: 7:00 pm

Errybody wants some Language Trivia

1. Do you take a language class at Midd?

2. Did you take a language in high school, middle school or elementary school?

3. Do you like languages?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you should be at ISO and Translingual’s International Language Trivia Night this Sunday, the 16th of March, at 7:45 pm at Crossroads Cafe. Prizes, free pizza, free cookies and free, clean fun guaranteed. No better way to spend a Sunday night.

Here’s the Facebook Link for the event, in case you wanted to see if you’re friends were going or if you wanted to invite them. Come be awesome.

Place: Crossroads
Date: Sunday 3/12
Cost: Free
Time: 7:45 pm

TONIGHT: Middlebury Fermenters Guild meeting



Have you ever enjoyed beer? I thought so! Are you interested in wine, mead, cider, kombucha?  How about sauerkraut, sourdough, or cheese?

Do you want to start your own culture or pursue hoppiness?

The Middlebury Fermenter’s Guild is having a spring meeting tonight at 9:30pm in the Old Stone Mill. We are a collective of experienced and novice fermenters looking to increase our knowledge and resources with regards to the creation of beer, and the foods of the gods, et al. No experience necessary, but soon you will be drinking the beer that you make yourself! We praise the yeast and drink its children. L’chaim!

Date: Today, 3/5
Time: 9:30
Place: Old Stone Mill