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On Tap Auditions Sunday


Tap Pic (1)

Laura Strom ’14.5 writes in:

Calling all Tap Dancers! On Tap, Middlebury’s performance tap dance group, is looking for new members. For our shows each semester, we learn a variety of student-choreographed and classic tap pieces, in a wide range of different styles. We would love anyone with tap experience and a free hour on Sunday nights to come and dance with us! Auditions will be held Sunday, September 21st, at 7:30 pm on the stage in McCullough Social Space.

We will being doing a basic warm-up and then teaching a short combination. Bring your own shoes or use ours!

Email lstromATmiddleburyDOTedu for more information.

When: Sunday, September 21 at 7:30 PM
Where: McCullough Social Space
Cost: nope

Middlebury Disorientation Guide Pt. 2: Current Student Activism, Advice for Saving Money on Campus, and LGBTQ Community

This is a continuation of yesterday’s feature on a pamphlet created by Middlebury student activists called the Middlebury Disorientation Guide. Today’s post features an introduction to some of the most vibrant pieces of current student activism on campus, as well as advice for saving money, and avenues of expression and support for the LGBTQ community.  See after the jump for the second portion, and find the full guide here.

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TEDx Student Speaker Competition

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.09.01 PM

Are you thoughtful? Feeling inspired and/or reasonably confident?? Have an idea worth spreading??? Do you hate the new tailgate policy????? If you answered yes to any of these questions, apply for the TEDx Student Speaker Competition for a chance to give a full-length, professionally recorded TED talk at the fifth annual TEDxMiddlebury competition. To apply, submit your talk title and brief summary (150 words) to tedxATmiddleburyDOTedu by September 28th at midnight. Participants will give four-minute pitches to a panel of judges in Crossroads Cafe on Tuesday, September 30th [7-9pm], then a winner will be selected to give a full TED talk at the event on November 9th. All students are encouraged to apply, as well as attend the event–free snacks provided!

When: Submit your proposed talk to by September 28rd
Where: The internet
Cost: Courage and imagination 

Fight For Our Right (to party). Then Fight For Our Other Rights too.

Discussion about the new ban on alcohol at Middlebury football tailgates has caused community wide discussion about drinking culture, school spirit, collective Middlebury identity, fundtraising,and the role of the administration in regulating college social life.  This piece, written by a frequent middbeat contributor, puts the wide range of opinions into perspective in an effort to focus the discussion its core elements of social liberty, administration-student relations, and creating a healthy social environment at the school.  Please continue to comment and share your thoughts as this discussion matures.

When this writer last checked the SGA’s We the Middkids website, the petition to make Reverse Changes to the New Tailgating Policy had 2,231 votes. While there are a variety of things that this statistic may be symptomatic of, it definitely does a good job of showing the amount of people that have come together to rally against this, and how. With the slew of emails, Middbeat posts, Facebook updates and angry Proctor conversations that have been centered around the recent decision made by the administration, it is evident that this has become a hot topic for the student body here at Middlebury, and there are many people both for and against the changes with many extremely valid opinions.

Yet, the scale of this unrest provokes the need to ask a simple question: Why is this so important to our community?

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Ferguson Teach-In this Afternoon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably been following the protests, rioting, and dialogue surrounding the events in Ferguson, MO where an unarmed, Black 18 year old Michael Brown was fatally shot by white police officer Darren Wilson on August 9.  The tragedy has sparked a nationwide debate about racial inequality, police militarization, and social justice, and is perhaps the most significant domestic discussion the nation has had in recent years.  While it is easy to forget that the discussion continues outside of the Middlebury bubble, a group of professors, administrators, and student organizations have organized a teach-in to continue this dialogue on campus. Roberto Lint-Sagarena, director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity, writes:

Im writing to extend an invitation to a CCSRE Teach in on events in Ferguson, MO this Wednesday the 17th at 4:30-6:00 in Axinn 103. The structure of the event will be fairly informal – We will cover some information that helps to contextualize up front and then hold an open discussion for members of the Middlebury community. This event came together quickly in the first week of the semester so please forgive the rather sudden notification. I hope you can make it for even a part of our conversation. Word has gone out to a number of student organizations so we are looking forward to a good turn out.

Hope to see you there.

When: Wednesday, September 17 4:30-6:00
Where: Axinn 103
Cost: N/A

Get Out and Vote!

For those of you have stopped watching the news because every day the world seems to be coming closer to a collapse, this mid-term election season is a big deal.  The Republican party has a good chance at winning both the House and the Senate, the Democratic Party is running to lock down the progress they’ve made under Obama, both sides are prepping their 2016 presidential candidates. What happens this year very well may set the stage for what political life will look like in our post-college years.  With students from every state in the Union, the Middlebury student body represents a huge swath of the political map, and can all participate in this important moment in politics.  While it’s easy to forget to vote, the folks over at MiddVote are making it easy on you to get involved either here in Vermont or back in your home state.  Hannah Bristol ’14.5 writes in:

How do you plan to vote on November 6? Whether you need to register, request an absentee ballot, or just receive notifications about your polling place location, MiddVote can help you.

Through a partnership with TurboVote, a non-partisan non-profit that streamlines the voting process, you can receive pre-addressed, pre-stamped voter registration forms and absentee ballot request forms (all you need to do is sign and send!) and text and email reminders about all upcoming elections, from primaries to the general, whether you’re voting at home or in Middlebury.

To sign up for the service, visit GO/MiddVote.

And if you’ve seen your friends walking around campus with “voting is sexy” t-shirts, we’re making them again this week! On Wednesday from 4:30 to 6:30, we will be signing students up in the Gampitheater, so come by to register, spray paint a shirt, eat snacks, and learn more about democracy.

Email Hannah Bristol ( and Kate Hamilton ( with any questions.

When: Wednesday September 17 at 7 PM
Where: Gampitheater
Cost: nope

Poor Form Poetry Auditions TOMORROW

Emily Luan ’15 writes in:

Do you have feelings? Do you love hearing people snap when you speak?

Audition to be a part of Middlebury’s performance poetry group!
Poor Form Poetry is comprised of Midd’s most outspoken, sultry, and
slamtastic poets, Poor Form is sure to keep your ears cozy, your
fingers snappin’, and your mouth salivatin’.
We generally meet once a week to workshop, work on performance, and

Auditions will be held on Wednesday September 17th from 7-9pm in Axinn

You’ll need to bring a poem you wrote yourself that you feel
comfortable reading to us. It doesn’t have to be memorized but if you
already have something memorized feel free to use that.

Poor Form is excited to hear from you!

Also, this.

When: Tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 17, 7-9 PM
Where: Axinn 219
Cost: don’t forget to bring a poem!

REMINDER: SOS Fest starts Tonight at 7


I can’t really imagine a better way to kick off the first weekend at Midd, and continue the summer vibes than an outdoor music festival.  And my wishes have been granted, with the usual suspects of Midd’s finest student bands kicking off the night at 7 on the Voter Lawn before Delicate Steve comes through for yet another show on campus.  The show will go on tomorrow with more of Midd’s finest, and a second Milk Chocolate show in three days.  Don’t get much better than that.  Big thanks to WRMC/MCAB/MMU for getting together a killer event right at the start of the year.

When: Tonight, 7 PM
Where: Voter Lawn
Cost: Free

Student Activities Fair TODAY

The fall Student Activities Fair is today at 4:30 on the Proctor Terrace.  Just in case you don’t already get enough emails from the fourteen groups you signed up for freshman year, the fair is a great way to learn about what’s going on on campus and how you can spend your time with similarly interested people.  Froshies, you probably came here with hopes of getting involved with a couple of Midd’s myriad student groups, and this is the perfect place to cast a broad net and see what you can pull up.  Upper-class people, it’s not too late to learn how to knit, help out at the farm, or join the biking club, so give a quick burn through the rows of tables on your way to your weekend. middbeat may even be there.  See you there.

When: 4:30-6 PM Today
Where: Proctor Terrace
Cost: nope


Want a Radio Show this Semester?

WRMC wants you!

This Thursday at 8 pm all Middlebury music lovers and radioheads alike are invited to convene in McCullough Social Space for the biannual WRMC All DJ Meeting.  This meeting is a must for anyone and everyone interested in having a radio show for the fall semester.

Yes.  Since 1949.

We are located above Proctor Dining Hall.


We broadcast 24/7 all over the Champlain Valley and WORLDWIDE(!) on iTunes.You can tune in any time by turning your trusty radio dial to 91.1 FM or if radio is *~*2 obsolete 4 u*~*, WRMC also streams online on our website (go/listen, go/radio, go/wrmc) and we also have constantly updated FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Spotify pages. So get jiggy with it and follow us @WRMC911 for all the latest in Middlebury and music news.


Come to our All DJ Meeting this Thursday, 9/11 at 8 PM for the lowdown on how to get your very own radio show! The meeting will take place in McCullough Social Space aka the big room where the magic of Grooveyard/Sepomana and happens every year thanks to the WRMC concerts committee. ***Attendance at the WRMC ALL DJ meeting is REQUIRED for ALL prospective DJs, OLD AND NEW. We will be handing out forms everyone needs to sign in order to do a show***

No experience, skinny jeans or edgy hairdos are necessary to apply for a show, just a healthy addiction to music.  WRMC trains all new DJs at the start of each semester and a member of the exec board will stand in during the first show to make sure everything runs smoothly.

not that much time or money actually

Do a solo show! Some of the best shows on WRMC are hosted by just one person passionate about a certain genre or theme.  Shows range from 1 hour to 2 hours long, and you can talk for as little or as long as you’d like, so long as you introduce the songs that are played and you don’t curse. You can also come to General Board meetings every Monday at 5 PM in the Station lounge to meet some more people who like music.  It’s our music directors’ job to make sure that WRMC DJs have access to all the best and newest albums that we get in the mail, and every Monday new releases are distributed for DJs to grade and return to our station library.

In addition to WRMC’s extensive and diverse music programming, we also aim to broadcast a variety of talk, comedy, and news shows.  Additionally, Middlebury Radio Theater of Thrills and Suspense records and airs episodes once a week on WRMC as well if you are interested in voice acting or sound design. Also, you should probably start listening to music.  WRMC is a good place to start.

Meeting. Thursday. 8 PM. McCullough.

Got more questions? Feel free to shoot us an email anytime at or email WRMC General Manager Halley Lamberson at 

Bring your friends, bring your mom, bring your dog, don’t miss out!

What: WRMC Fall Semester All DJ Meeting 
When: Thursday, 9/11/2014 • 8 PM
Where: McCullough Social Space
Who: The largest active student organization at Middlebury