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BEAT of the Week

Yo Midd!

This week’s beat of the week comes from a relatively obscure artist, Jaymes Young. While he is fresh on the scene, his voice is infectiously honest and heart-rending. Enjoy “Habits of My Heart” (with a Sufjan Stevens influence) on this beautiful, sunny Friday and if you’re really taken with him, check out his inaugural EP, Dark Star, which he released in September. Thanks to Sayre White ’15 for the inspiration on this one!




BEAT of the Week


Greetings Midd!

This week’s beat of the week is inspired by the fact that CHERUB absolutely killed it on Tuesday night at Higher Ground. For those who didn’t make it out or who aren’t familiar with this duo, they’re sex-pop electronica mixed with 80s inspired funk. Their irreverent lyricism and catchy beats appeal to all, so enjoy this tune (a personal favorite) to get you amped for the first weekend back from break! For those genuine Cherub fans, look forward to the release of their new album next month – they previewed a few of their new songs at the concert and they sound


BEAT of the Week


Whaddup Midd,

Happy spring break to all! I hope everyone is heading somewhere comforting, be it some place warm, home, or a permanent spot in your bed on campus. This week’s beat of the week comes a day early, and as it’s Thursday we might as well throw it back a few years. The year 2001 brought us some great candidates but since Fat Joe has been stuck in my head this week I bring to you his classic “What’s Luv?” featuring Ashanti. For those who don’t know, this song launched Ashanti into fame – and for good reason. The song is reminiscent of Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It”, so in a way it’s a throwback within a throwback… anyway, enjoy!


New evidence supports cosmic inflation of the Big Bang

Do you care about anything once was, currently is, or may someday exist in our universe? If so, researchers have made a massive discovery that provides some of the strongest evidence to-date for the inflation of the universe caused by the Big Bang. As an ENAM major, that’s about as much as I feel comfortable saying, but everyone should check out these findings for themselves. In addition to the BBC article linked above, here is the official paper, here is some info from the press conference and here is a video of one of inflation’s leading proponents receiving the news. You can find all of these materials and some interesting discussion among laypeople like most of us in the Reddit thread. Science is pretty cool, huh?

Here's a graphic that may or may not be helpful to you!

Here’s a graphic that may or may not be helpful to you.

Middlebury MOTH goes big!


If you loved the MOTH at the Gamut Room every fortnight, this might be for you. The MOTH organizers, Luke Greenway ’14.5, Rachel Liddell ’15 and Veronica Rodriguez ’16.5, have been working on bringing their brainchild, the Middlebury MOTH, to the larger Vermont community for a couple of months, and now, they’ve successfully managed to make it large.

*Drum-roll please.*

The Vermont StorySLAM will be happening on Tuesday March 18 at the Skinny Pancake IN BURLINGTON!

The theme will be “Firsts” and if you’d like to tell a story there’s no prior sign-up. Just show up and put your name in the hat! Doors at 7 pm, Stories start at 8 pm. Stories should be 5-6 minutes in length. Even if you don’t want to tell a story, come support your friends, co-Middkids and other wonderful storytellers from around the state. You’ll find the detailed schedule here, and tickets can be bought here. Luke writes in:

I’m incredibly excited. This is great news for storytelling in Vermont, and I hope this will be a series that can really bring people together around the power of stories. I’m also excited because the StorySLAM will be recorded each month for possible inclusion in The Moth’s NPR show or podcast, which could potentially mean that Middlebury storytellers could have a huge national audience.

In case you’re not excited yet, here’s a fun fact: the MOTH podcast is the 4th most popular on iTunes. More reason to go to this one and see people tell stories live.

Place: Skinny Pancake
Date: Tuesday the 18th of March
Cost: $8.00
Time: 7:00 pm

Midd High School Students Meet Gandalf

Ian McKellen speaks to MUHS students after a show in NYC

Ian McKellen speaks to MUHS students after a show in NYC

We’re not the only students around these parts doing amazing things.  A couple weeks ago, a Middlebury Union High School class took quite a field trip to New York City to see a play.  Here’s a word or two from their teacher, Tim O’Leary:

Students from Middlebury Union High School’s AP English class attended one of the final performances of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot at the Cort Theatre in NYC starring Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Shuler Hensley, and Billy Crudup. I was able to arrange a 15 minute discussion about the play with Sir Ian after the curtain. The production has been running in reperatory with Harold Pinters’ No Man’s Land. Both productions close at the end of March.

Sounds like an incredible learning experience!  Kudos to O’Leary for putting the trip together.  Click to see a video of McKellen discussing Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” with the students. 

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BEAT of the Week



Top of the mornin’ Midd,

This week’s beat of the week features the soulful pipes of the one and only, Joss Stone. Stone hails from England and grew up idolizing artists like Dusty Springfield and Aretha Franklin – hence her provocative, contralto vocal style. This particular song, “Don’t You Wanna Ride”, oozes with sexual undertones that speaks to the vampish power of Stone’s irresistible voice. For those who heard this song when it came out two years ago, enjoy the throwback. To everyone else, surrender yourselves to this tantalizing tune!


And watch yourselves on the snow people – bones are a breakin’ out there!


Top 10 Best GO Links on Campus

Where would we be without GO links?

Where would we be without these beautiful shortcuts?

Now, everyone knows the traditional GO links, such as go/mail and go/noms, but those have purposes—and who wants to actually be productive? After months of stumbling upon random links and conducting some intense research, I have found what I believe are the best GO links on this campus. These links, not the ones that let us use Papercut or tell us where to find Midcat, are what make the GOtionary and the whole GO system so ridiculously entertaining. These links are easy to make, which is probably why there are so many absurd ones out there.  Check out my top 10 below.

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Fraternities: Gone but not Forgotton

The DKE Fraternity House back in the day.

The DKE Fraternity House back in the day.

Current students might not realize that this College was once dominated by Fraternities until they were abolished in the late 1980s.  National attention has focused on Fraternity culture recently, with a big piece in The Atlantic and an article in this week’s Newsweek that prominently features Middlebury College: “Inside the Colleges that Killed Frats for Good.” I recommend reading the entire piece, but if you need convincing, here is the first paragraph:

A crudely battered female mannequin dangled from a Middlebury College frat balcony in early May of 1988. Doused in blood-tinted paint and flashing a sexually charged slur, the gross spectacle appeared during a toga party at Delta Upsilon, the jock fraternity — and there it remained the following day, an ugly blight on the Vermont college’s idyllic campus, until a dean intervened. Students gawked but mostly carried on. It was the school’s small group of feminists who alerted the news crews up north in Burlington.

The article delves into the process and outcomes of abolishing fraternities on campus.  It may be interesting to consider our past when evaluating the present social scene.  Many current social houses were once Fraternities and there still exist some secret societies. Although the absence of disrespect and destructive behavior as described in the article is certainly good, I often think that our campus lacks the sense of camaraderie and vibrancy that perhaps goes along with the existence of strong social groups.  Maybe it’s a case of the grass being greener on the other side. I definitely don’t know what it was like here in the 80s.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this below and look forward to some more about the history of Frats here soon.