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BBQ(ueer) Today


Join the Feminist Action at Middlebury, the Queer Studies House, and Queers & Allies for an end of the year BBQ!
On the menu: burgers (beef and veggie), hot dogs, watermelon, guac, cookies, salsa, and all the other goodies in the photo above.

Date: Today!
Time: 1- 3PM
Place: Queer Studies House (Directly behind Proctor on Hillcrest Rd.)
Cost: Free!

TONIGHT: Room 404 Issue 3 Release

404 Issue 3 Release Party Poster


Interdisciplinary publication Room 404 releases its third issue tonight.

Nick Smaller ’14 and Hubert Adjei-Kontoh ’14 to spin jazz/funk vinyl.

Food by the Co-Op.

Contributors to this issue include: Kate Leib ’16, Stephanie Roush ’14, Maddie Dai ’14, Dylan Otterbein ’16, Sally Caruso ’15.5, Sam Tolzmann ’14.5, Izzy Ocampo ’14

WHEN: TONIGHT (Thursday), 8:30
WHERE: Self-Reliance Solar Decathlon House
WHY: Copious free food, chillin’ on the porch of Solar D in the balmy nighttime, all your friends (bring them), Estonian synth-funk from the 80s? Also there’s this publication.

Yogurt Workshop

The lovely Veronica Rodriguez ’16.5 will be teaching about yogurt today at 5pm in the Old Stone Mill. If you have ever wondered how yogurt is made, are interested in making more sustainable food choices, or just want to chat bacteria, you should stop by! There will be snacks, and by the end of the sesh you should have both some fresh yogurt and knowledge, both of which are synonymous with virtue.
Make yogurt, meet friends, be happy.
Date: Today! (Saturday, 4/19)
Time: 5pm
Place: Old Stone Mill
Get your yogurt on

Get your yogurt on

XC Team Wins Big in Donny’s Honor

applesOn March 8, the Middlebury Cross Country team was the first student group to win the Vermont Chili Festival. The team, led by Jake Fox ’15 went home with $100 in prize money from their first place award in the “Kitchen Sink” category and another $1000 for their overall win. Here’s a few words from Jake about the whole process:

We wanted to make a vibrant and warm chili: we had apples, multicolored bell, anaheim, jalapeno, and habanero peppers, three kinds of beans, and lots of tomatoes and onions. We were in the kitchen sink category due to our inclusion of beef and chicken sausage. I had about 35 people (Chem dept friends, a professor, and XC folk) show up on game day to help prepare, cook, and serve the 24ish gallons of chili we made.

WOW. Chili is great, but it’s important to keep in mind the inspiration for this whole endeavor, according to Jake:

Jake, the mastermind

Jake, the mastermind

Certainly, it was exciting to win an event so popular to the town and college, but a win was not really on our radar when we committed to participate in the Fest. Rather, our goal was to commemorate our teammate Donny Dickson ’11, and we accomplished this by promoting the Rumpus Run (a 5k fundraiser in his name the day after Chili Fest) and by sharing a fun-loving energy–one reflective of Donny’s spirit–with the town, with the college, and with each other. Those two accomplishments alone would have been enough, so the $1100 of prize money that we donated to his scholarship fund was icing on the cake (or an equivalent chili idiom).

It was a weekend full of accomplishments and memories for the XC team who went on the organize and compete in the Rumpus Run in Donny’s honor the following day, raising around $18,000 for his scholarship fund and bringing together hundreds of friends and family. Here’s Nighthawk’s recollection of gameday:

As sun crept over the luscious Green Mountains and into Gifford 411 on the morning of March 8th, the vibrations of a white iphone 5c rang through the once tranquil room. The clock said 5:30 AM, but to the weathered culinary crusader, it was time to cook some fucking chili. After spending years from his passion of creating oral pleasure, it was the one they called Foxxx that was able convinced Nighthawk to step out of retirement. And only after confronting the demons of his past, Nighthawk and the Spice Brothers began to prepare.

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Errybody wants some Language Trivia

1. Do you take a language class at Midd?

2. Did you take a language in high school, middle school or elementary school?

3. Do you like languages?

If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, you should be at ISO and Translingual’s International Language Trivia Night this Sunday, the 16th of March, at 7:45 pm at Crossroads Cafe. Prizes, free pizza, free cookies and free, clean fun guaranteed. No better way to spend a Sunday night.

Here’s the Facebook Link for the event, in case you wanted to see if you’re friends were going or if you wanted to invite them. Come be awesome.

Place: Crossroads
Date: Sunday 3/12
Cost: Free
Time: 7:45 pm

The Reese’s Panini

This is sweet little panino. It’s a gooey, toasty dessert…but you could have it any time of the day and call it whatever you want. It has all of the goodness of a Reese’s peanut butter cup, but it’s a sandwich so it doesn’t count as candy…in case you crossed that off your list for Lent.



Let’s unpack that:

- 2 slices of bread (the creator used potato bread)
- 1 pat of butter
- A little bit of brown sugar (or cinnamon sugar)
- Chocolate chips (and/or white chocolate if you please)
- Peanut butter
- Vanilla ice cream (optional)


How to: toast the bread slices. Spread a little butter on either side and sprinkle on some brown sugar or cinnamon sugar. Add chocolate chips in between the slices and press until melty. Do not put peanut butter in the panini press so that they are still safe for students with peanut allergies to use. Cut your panini in half, spread some peanut butter on one half, and fold over. If you’re really feeling dessert, add a little vanilla ice cream.

You can submit your recipe to Proctor Doctor! nomnommidd[at]gmail[dot]com