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Earth Yoga Month and more from Midd’s Yoga Club

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 2.26.44 PMKate Miley ’14 writes in:

Yoga Club was founded about three years ago, and its core mission is to provide free and “commitment free” yoga to all students on campus, regardless of experience level. Mats are provided for students who come to our classes, and students can receive P.E. credit for some yoga classes (depending on the instructor and the semester). Yoga Club’s spring schedule (above) is diverse and dynamic not only in terms of the number of different instructors we support but also in terms of the many types of yoga students can try.

Yoga is a rapidly growing club and activity on campus — 85 students attended Russell Comstock’s vinyasa yoga class last week, which is incredible! We’d love for more students to come out and reap the benefits of yoga’s balancing and energizing effects.

Katherine Harris ’14 writes in about Earth Yoga Month, which started last week and will continue with another session TOMORROW:

This 4-week series of yoga classes is a continuation of Russell Comstock’s weekly vinyasa flow class with a special focus on the mind-body-earth connection throughout April in honor of Earth Day.

For more on Earth Yoga Month, click to see the poster below

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BEAT of the Week

Yo Midd!

This week’s beat of the week comes from a relatively obscure artist, Jaymes Young. While he is fresh on the scene, his voice is infectiously honest and heart-rending. Enjoy “Habits of My Heart” (with a Sufjan Stevens influence) on this beautiful, sunny Friday and if you’re really taken with him, check out his inaugural EP, Dark Star, which he released in September. Thanks to Sayre White ’15 for the inspiration on this one!




Living in the Adderall Generation: Part 1



If you haven’t heard the buzz about this article in the Middlebury Campus today, you’ve probably noticed people with the paper open to a spread full of pictures of people snorting lines of adderall. Kyle Finck ’14 has been working on this multi-part piece since last March and has been following six students and their experience with the drug as well as a number of experts in the field, both on campus and off.  This is arguably one of the best journalistic pieces that the Campus has presented in years, not to mention it tackles a major issue on College campuses around the country in a very personal and accessible way by providing both the facts and the opinions and challenging many common misconceptions.  

Definitely read the article and keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks – it’s guaranteed to open your eyes to the scale of prescription drug use on campus and might make you reconsider your own use of the drug.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this coverage makes it to the national news given it’s importance on a broader scale and relevance outside this college, but I’m ever the optimist.  In any case, major props to Kyle for his hard work on this.  

Students Launch Blog: Beyond the Green


A group of students launched a new blog today devoted to providing a space for voices that are not being heard on campus. I’ll let them take it from here – here’s some information from one of the founders who asked to remain anonymous:

We’re proud to be announcing beyond the green, a collective of middlebury voices that will be represented in an online publication as the centralized location of our voices (launching today) as well as a weekly column in The Campus. beyond the green aims to provide space for voices that are not being heard on our campus. As a collective and as a publication, beyond the green is unique because it is grounded by politics that are radical, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist, anti-ableist, and anti-homophobic (as well as strongly opposed to all forms of oppression). You can read more about beyond the green in this week’s Campus opinion section or at our blog at go/beyondthegreen.

beyond the green is accepting submissions on a rolling basis (for the rest of eternity). because beyond the green is a new publication, we hope that a diverse group of students will claim ownership over the blog by beginning to use the blog on a regular basis. please send pieces of writing (rants, lists, stories, poems, mini-essays, reviews of campus events, opinion pieces on shit happening in the “real world,” personal statements, etc.) as well as video blogs, photographs, cartoons, drawings, artwork, coverage of events and activism at midd, etc., in line with our mission statement, to beyondthegreen14[at]gmail[dot]com. also contact if you would like to become a regular contributor.

Check out the blog – there’s already great content up, not to mention the sweet banner image above.

The Onion: College Admissions Office Finds Ideal Applicant Capable Of Subsidizing Tuition Of 3 Low-Income Students


The Onion, a source for satirical news, recently published this article about college admissions.  It may be of interest as Middlebury announced it’s own admissions decisions this past week, not to mention it’s funny. It is also worth mentioning that this piece may not apply here – Middlebury offers tons of need-based financial aid – but still something to consider in the broader context of affordable higher education. How much is enough to make up for the lack of social mobility that makes it harder and harder for children of low-income families to change their economic status? Can millions of dollars in financial aid counteract the rising tuition rates?

MIDDLETOWN, CT—After carefully scrutinizing the application of high school senior Erica Allson, admissions officers at Wesleyan University confirmed Monday that the 18-year-old was the ideal candidate to subsidize the tuition and fees of three lower-income students. “Erica is truly a perfect fit for us: Not only does she show sufficient academic potential, but her parents are two highly successful professionals capable of paying the school’s annual $47,000 in tuition plus $13,000 in room and board in their entirety,” assistant admissions director Stacey Wright said, adding that she was left in awe after reading Allson’s near flawless income disclosure form. “With the money she’ll bring to campus, we can easily admit several less-well-off students, which will help us project our desired image as a highly progressive and inclusive institution, plus we’ll still have some extra left over to add HDTVs to the dining hall and install a rock-climbing wall in the freshman dorms. It’s all about striking the right balance with our student body.” At press time, administrators confirmed that they had also just admitted a social activist whose contributions to the community would offset the reputations of three football recruits.

Greg Dorris ’13: Mascots and Child Molesters

Just Busted featuring Greg's neighbor

Just Busted featuring Greg’s neighbor

Greg Dorris ’13 just published this hilarious article about his time interning with Minor League Baseball Team.  At Midd, Greg was involved in Improv, Standup Comedy, some theater stuff, and generally being a funny guy. Since graduating, he has been doing all kinds of work in comedy including going on a standup comedy tour with comedian Mike Birbiglia, working on some College Humor posts, amassing quite a following on twitter @GregDorris, and writing comedy for anyone that will read it.

After reading his article, I was inspired to catch up with Greg briefly and convinced him to answer a few questions about his life.

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Not sure what classes to take? Check out MiddCourses

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 11.43.08 AM

Registration for fall courses begins tomorrow (find out when you’re registering here).  If you’re wondering about a certain class or professor, you might want to hear from students that have taken a course in the past.  Until now, all we had was for this, a system that provided very few helpful reviews, often strongly biased.  Now there’s MiddCourses, a site created by the SGA to provide an essential and hopefully more effective method for sharing course evaluations. The site launched last week and it looks awesome.

Teddy Knox ’15 helped design the site with Dana Silver ’16 and Rachel Liddell ’15 and wrote in with this information about this site: is a new student-run course reviews website commissioned by Rachel Liddell, which Dana Silver and I have been writing over the last six months. The sole purpose of this site will be to provide students with information about Midd’s course offerings, and with this focus we hope to make the best course reviews website we can imagine. We’ve designed MiddCourses to be as clean and easy to use as possible (on smartphones too!), and we think that its new quota system will encourage students to contribute reviews over the long term. Students here already want to share their course experiences, so we built a platform that lets them do this and doesn’t get in their way.

When Dana, Rachel and I started this project, it was clear that our biggest challenge would be convincing students to actively contribute reviews as well as read them. The trouble is that the fewer reviews a site receives, the more likely those reviews are to be outliers with strong opinions. My friend Dylan Igoe joked about this, “if I see two bad reviews for a class on MiddKid it’s completely off the table”.

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BEAT of the Week


Greetings Midd!

This week’s beat of the week is inspired by the fact that CHERUB absolutely killed it on Tuesday night at Higher Ground. For those who didn’t make it out or who aren’t familiar with this duo, they’re sex-pop electronica mixed with 80s inspired funk. Their irreverent lyricism and catchy beats appeal to all, so enjoy this tune (a personal favorite) to get you amped for the first weekend back from break! For those genuine Cherub fans, look forward to the release of their new album next month – they previewed a few of their new songs at the concert and they sound


Fire Safety Violations

Did you hear the Fire Safety Sirens tonight? Gifford, Stewart and Hepburn alarms all went off simultaneously around 10 pm. In the last two weeks, I have received two fire safety violations and 100 dollars in fines for burning incense.  Here is a section of  the letter my parents received.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.06.18 PM

My Dean specified that if I were to receive another fine, other disciplinary matters would be instated. Tonight, my friend underwent a similar humiliating experience when his beeswax candle was confiscated. He too will receive a 50 dollar fineWhen the alarm went off in my dorm, I sprinted to my room to get my own wax candles, afraid of what fines and punishments awaited.

 30 minutes later I received this  photo, after giving my friend a replacement candle:


Section 23 of the Student Handbook states:

 “Fire Safety violations include: possession of candles, incense, halogen lamps, portable heaters, string lights (with the exception of rope lights), dangerous chemicals, or hazardous materials.  Fire safety violations also include blocking the means of egress, or hanging tapestries on more than one wall and/or the ceiling. Discovery of any of these violations will result in confiscation and disposal of the prohibited item, fines, and the possibility of additional disciplinary measures”.

I understand the safety reasons behind the searches, but I am not rich. I do not have 50 dollars to spend every single time you come into my room unannounced. How about a strike system? How about warning us before you invade our personal space?

Apply to be a Judicial Board Member by Monday 4/7


The Justice League shares nothing with the Judicial Council besides the word Justice

Community Judicial Board member Rebekah Wilson ’14 gives us the deets:

Would you like to be selected as one of the twelve students who sit on Middlebury’s Academic Judicial Board (AJB), Community Judicial Board (CJB), and Sexual Misconduct Review Panel (SMRP; drawn from CJB members) next year? Student board members consistently find this experience to be among the most enriching, provocative and important aspects of their time at Middlebury. If you will be enrolled at Middlebury for at least the Fall 2014 semester, please consider applying. For more information, see go/judicial and go to the Judicial Board Application page, which includes a brief video of former board members discussing their experiences on the board. All applications must be received by Monday, April 7 at 5:00 p.m.2