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J-Term MiddCore Applications Due Tomorrow at 5


The application deadline Middlebury’s leadership and entrepeneurial development program, MiddCore, is Friday at 5 PM. You can find the application here, and if you’re not yet familiar with MiddCore, read on for more info:

From the MiddCore website:

One person with an idea, even with a great idea, changes nothing. Visionaries succeed with leadership skills, communications skills, and entrepreneurial insights. Building those skills and insights is the CORE of MiddCORE.

The key to the MiddCORE experience is our mentors. Each has a proven record of accomplishment in their fields, and a demonstrated ability to teach others the tools for success. MiddCORE mentors develop hands-on challenges that inspire students to think creatively, operate outside their comfort zone, and deal with ambiguity. They help students build capacities, identify opportunities, and become effective leaders.

Through its flagship immersion course, its academic internship program, and its workshop series, MiddCORE prepares students to engage the world. It is a rare opportunity for the leaders of today to share their experiences and expertise with the changemakers of tomorrow. Students leave confident, resourceful and prepared to lead. (See our testimonials).

Make sure to get your application for this J-Term in by 5:00 PM, October 31st.

March Against Police Brutality Discussion TONIGHT


Tonight at 6:45 in Ross B11 (downstairs, past the bathrooms), DMC and WOC will host a discussion regarding last week’s Silent March Against Police Brutality.  Hiruy Ephrem ’17 writes in:

October 22nd marked the National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality. That evening, many Middlebury students gathered together and showed their support against brutality through a peaceful, powerful, silent march around campus. The march not only payed homage to those that have unjustly lost their lives but was also a step in the right to direction in exposing injustices. Come down to Ross B11 this Thursday and join us as we further discuss and reflect on the issue of police brutality.

Don’t miss the chance to continue a discussion much larger in scope than the ills of campus social life.

When: Tonight, Thursday Oct. 30, 6:45-8:00
Where: Ross Seminar Room B11
Cost: N/A

Ron Liebowitz’s Invitation for Discussion: A Translation by an of-age Middlebury student

Liebo XX

A particularly cunning student recently sent middbeat a satirical translation of Ron Liebowitz’s recent invitation to the student body to discuss campus social life.   While a magnanimous gesture from our President, students have been doubting how much this discussion will actually do to change the social atmosphere at the college.  The author wanted to preface the piece with the following:

The intention of this piece is not at all to personally attack President Liebowitz, whose invitation for discussion has been extremely well received and deserves respect.  I am caricaturizing and satirizing his very reasonable words in order to provoke students to think critically about the actual issues at hand – and hopefully inspire a laugh. After reading this, I hope students will consider the social motivation of students to perform certain behaviors, the motivations of the administration to implement certain policies, and the various effects thereof.

That being said, let’s get to the bottom of what Liebo was really getting at here:

Dear Students,

Ron Liebo: I am keenly aware of the frustration surrounding student social life on campus, and how the behavior of a few has unfortunately, but predictably, shaped our policies that limit social options for the responsible majority.

Translation: I am keenly aware of your recent complaints surrounding social life on campus, and how the inability of a few of your asinine peers to hold their liquor has ruined it for the rest of you. In response, we’ve implemented policies that make socializing within two miles of an open container more trouble than it’s reasonably worth. Don’t point the finger at us, though; clearly upperclassmen haven’t been fulfilling their responsibility to properly haze their underage peers, an age-old social practice that forces individuals to rapidly learn their limits of consumption, or die. Despite our best efforts, you assholes continue to try to “host parties” and “socialize” and “get wasted”. It’s almost like the more we try to control you, the more you try to rebel. Da fuck.

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TODAY: Visiting Architecture Lecturer: Jim Cutler

Grace Episcopal Church, designed by Cutler Anderson Architects. Father of Blake Harper '15 is pastor at this church!

Grace Episcopal Church, designed by Cutler Anderson Architects. Father of Blake Harper ’15 is pastor at this church!

As we’ve been recently discussing on middbeat, place, space, and architecture can seriously impact the ways the environment, communities, social groups, individual people, and even strangers act and interact. Certainly we’ve all got ideas on how Midd’s architecture and public space ought to be tweaked so to re-vamp social life and community building, but we could certainly use advice from an expert. Enter Jim Cutler, founding principal of Cutler Anderson Architects in Bainbridge Island, Washington.

As their site explains, “Established in 1977, Cutler Anderson Architects (formerly James Cutler Architects) is internationally renowned for its environmental awareness and attention to detail. Their approach to design can be stated simply as an attempt to reveal the nature of every circumstance – the nature of the institution that we house, the nature and significance of the place in which it is located, the nature and power of the materials with which we build.”

As founder and principal of Cutler Anderson Architects, Jim Cutler, FAIA has won numerous design awards, and is known for his sensitive engagement of land and place. More, Cutler served as the Cameron Visiting Architect-in-Residence here at Middlebury in fall 2009. Today, Cutler will be speaking about his firm, his architectural work, and his theories behind space, place, and construction. Be there.

Date: Today, October 30
Time: 1:30 – 2:30 pm
Place: BiHall Room 216
Cost: Nada

We Bought a Zoo! Student Music Tonight!

From Womp to Alpenglow, we’ve certainly had a semester packed with great student music. Prepare to be wowed, as Middlebury’s favorite folk septet, Iron Eyes Cody is back again, bring us live music. This time they will be joined by bands Mount Philo, Newt Gingrich and the GOP Allstars, & Drums on Fire.  The theme of the show Halloween; costumes are encouraged. The show will be at 8:30 PM, tonight night in the Hepburn Zoo!

Get Stoked!!!!


What: Live Music!
Date: Thursday, 10/30
Time: 8:30 PM
Place: Hepburn Zoo
Cost: Free!

Ambiguity, Inquiry, Dialogue: The Visual Thinking Strategies Teaching Method and Higher Education

Image from VTS website, they ask: What's going on in this image?

Image from VTS website, they ask: What’s going on in this image?

Sarah Larsen writes in to tell us about a fascinating lecture being held today by Dabney Hailey, a curator and educator who promotes Visual Thinking Strategies, a program that “transforms the way students think and learn through programs based in theory and research that use discussions of visual art to significantly increase student engagement and performance.” If you’re interested in art history, museums, educational theory, or creative thinking at large, this lecture should be worth checking out. As Sarah explains:

Curator and educator Dabney Hailey will facilitate a discussion about an artwork to demonstrate the teaching method, Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS). She then will address some key questions: What is visual thinking (or visual literacy), why does it matter, and how might it be developed in undergraduate students? How can open-ended, rigorous discussions about art, such as VTS conversations, enable academic museums to more effectively meet and influence curricular needs across disciplines? Describing the ways in which VTS cultivates the process of inquiry, creates comfort with ambiguity, and fosters collaboration, Hailey will draw on her experiences applying the method in a range of classes (Anthropology, Biology, Business, Neuroscience, Philosophy, and Public Policy, among others) at Brandeis University’s Rose Art Museum. This lecture is Sponsored by the Museum of Art and the Department of History of Art and Architecture. The Museum will remain open until 7:00 PM for post-lecture visitors.

Date: Today, October 29
Time: Lecture 4:30 – 5:30 pm, Museum open until 7 pm
Place: CFA Room 125

Kerrin McCadden Poetry Reading Tonight 4:30


Vermont-based poet Kerrin McCadden will give a reading tonight in the Axinn’s Abernathy Room at 4:30.  Winner of the 2014 New Issues Prize, McCadden recently published a collection of poems entitled “Landscape with Plywood Silhouette” from which she will presumably read tonight.  See after the jump for her poem “If You Were a Zombie Boy.”  Hope to see you there.

When: Today 4:30
Where: Abernathy

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Tom the Record & Vintage Clothes Man Here Today


It can be hard out there for a hipster. But, if you’re in need of new vintage clothes and records, we’re informed “Tom the Record Man” will be selling his goods on Proctor Terrace today from 9-5. We’re not positive who Tom is but his familiar description on go/events convinces us he’s a regular presence here at Midd. So stop by and stock up, friends.

Date: Today, 10/27
Time: 9 am – 5 pm
Place: Proctor Terrace

Tonight: Icarus and the Wax Wings @ Uneven Lanes


There’s some cool dudes living in Voter, they like good music, and you should too.  Nathan Weil ’15 writes in to let us know of a suite concert being held tonight at his living-space-turned-concert-venue, “Uneven Lanes,” presented by Randalls (a benefactor, lover of the arts, who’d prefer you don’t inquire his/her/its identity):

Ditch your parents, bring your parents, we don’t care. We just want you to come enjoy the sweet rockin’ sounds of the famous Icarus and the Wax Wings, tonight at Uneven Lanes (Voter 2nd Floor). The student band features Will Cueno ’15, Nick Rehmus ’15.5, and Bjorn Peterson ’15.5, and they’re finna jam face. Be there, all are welcome.

Date: Tonight, October 25
Time: Doors open at 8:30, concert starts at 9pm
Place: Uneven Lanes, aka Voter 2nd floor suite
Cost: ZERO, thx Randalls.

Fall Family Weekend with the Mountain Club!


Parents love the great outdoors just as much as you? You’re in luck: the Middlebury Mountain Club is hosting some awesome activities for you and your familia, and everyone’s welcome to join in on any and all. Check out the schedule below (submitted by the MMC), and be sure to get outside and take advantage of what could be one of the last not-completely-freezing fall weekends.

Pumpkin Tumble!
Saturday, October 25th 2-5pm Brooker Patio

imgresPumpkins, cheese, cider donuts, apples, cider, love and happiness. These are all things you will find this weekend at our annual Pumpkin Tumble. Bring your friends, family, dogs (no, but seriously) and smiling faces to listen to live music, eat delicious food, perhaps compete in the apple pie contest, and simply enjoy the fall spirit. Sign up for the Apple Pie Contest here. If you’re interested in volunteering (think cutting massive amounts of cheese and apples) email Robin Loewald at

Camel’s Hump at Sunrise with Lucy, Hye-Jin!
Friday-Saturday, October 24-25


Don’t miss the last chance to scope out some fall foliage on the top of one of Vermont’s most famous peaks! We’ll leave ADK circle at 1 PM on Friday and hike a couple miles to where we’ll stay the night. Getting up a wee bit early the next morning, we’ll summit Camel’s Hump in time to soak up the sunrise. Expect to be back on campus for dinner on Saturday. Total trip is approx. 5.5 miles, but get stoked for some elevation (a little under 3000 ft). YAY!!! Come play in the mountains with us! Sign up here!

Adirondack Hike Sampler with Katie and Jake!
Saturday-Sunday, October 25-26

unnamed-2Come explore the Adirondack fire towers with us! We’ll be leaving at 8 am on Saturday, October 25 and doing three different day hikes in the Adirondacks on this overnight trip. Saturday we’ll visit Goodnow and Vanderwhacker fire towers before camping out, and then on Sunday morning we’ll hike to OK Slip Falls before returning to Middlebury in the afternoon. We’ll get the best of both worlds: lots of time hiking, but without heavy packs. Each day hike is about 5 miles long so be excited to cover some ground and see some beautiful places! Sign up here!