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Hirschfield Film Series: Inside Llewyn Davis

The Hirschfield International Film Series will show the most recent Coen Brothers movie Inside Llewyn Davis at both and 8 PM at Dana Auditorium.  Inside Llewyn Davis follows the story of a struggling folk musician in pre-Dylan Greenwich village as he navigates through a trouble filled and gloomy reality.  Featuring a star studded cast including John Goodman, Carey Mulligan, and Justin Timberlake backing Oscaar Isaac as Llewyn.  This is the first of the series’ weekly showings of independent and international films, and you can find the full schedule here.

When: Today, 3 PM and 8 PM
Where: Dana Auditorium
Cost: Free

Reminder: Swimming Holes

It’s another beautiful sunny day in paradise, but the days are now numbered that we can go outside with little more than a towel and a swimsuit.  But not to worry.  This summer, Levi Westerveld ‘15.5, Dan Barnes ’15,Teddy Smyth ’15, and Laura Strom ’14.5 put together an interactive map detailing the best swimming holes around Middlebury.  You can find the map here in case you missed out on daneatsbears’ post over the summer.  Personal favorite? Bristol Falls.  Thumb a ride, take a bus, grab a bike, or find a friend with a car to take full advantage of what’s left of Vermont summer.  

TONIGHT: Room 404 Issue 3 Release

404 Issue 3 Release Party Poster


Interdisciplinary publication Room 404 releases its third issue tonight.

Nick Smaller ’14 and Hubert Adjei-Kontoh ’14 to spin jazz/funk vinyl.

Food by the Co-Op.

Contributors to this issue include: Kate Leib ’16, Stephanie Roush ’14, Maddie Dai ’14, Dylan Otterbein ’16, Sally Caruso ’15.5, Sam Tolzmann ’14.5, Izzy Ocampo ’14

WHEN: TONIGHT (Thursday), 8:30
WHERE: Self-Reliance Solar Decathlon House
WHY: Copious free food, chillin’ on the porch of Solar D in the balmy nighttime, all your friends (bring them), Estonian synth-funk from the 80s? Also there’s this publication.

SUNDAY: The Conversation Continues: A Follow-Up Discussion on Body Image at Midd

Image from Glamour Body Image Survey

Image from Glamour Body Image Survey

Last week, we were extremely pleased to see so many of you show up for the first Body Image Story-Telling event. Significant feedback about the power of the stories and the pertinence of body image related issues on campus has motivated a follow-up discussion to the event. At this Sunday’s follow-up meeting we are going to discuss where to go moving forward after this event and converse about what we want the school to offer in terms of resources related to body image, wellness, and eating disorders. We are honored to announce that the two Vermont state representatives for The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders will be joining us and will speak about various on and off campus eating disorder resources. We encourage anyone to join this conversation, whether or not you attended last week’s Gamut Room event. We look forward to seeing you there! Plus, there will be free Noonie’s catering! 

What: Follow-up discussion to Body Image Story-Telling event
Date: Sunday, April 27
Time: 2 – 3:30 PM
Place: Palmer House living room (first floor)

Let’s Start the Conversation: A Story-Telling Event on Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Wellness at Middlebury College

Body image poster (2)

This February, middbeat published an article regarding body image at Middlebury, which served as the starting point for an initiative to begin conversing about and improving the often negatively influential body comparison culture at Middlebury. We requested students submit reflections on their experience with body image issues at Middlebury, and these reflections, stories, poems, etc. were to then serve as the material read at a body image themed story-telling event this spring.

To say the least, we were blown away by the numerous submissions we received, and are proud to announce that the event, titled Let’s Start the Conversation: A Story-Telling Event on Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Wellness at Middlebury College will be taking place this Thursday, April 17. At this event, a collection of the student-submitted reflections will be read aloud anonymously (unless otherwise claimed) by other students in a story-telling format. 

We hope this event will not serve as an isolated experience, but rather as the start of a continuous, productive conversation.

The mission of this project is to spark meaningful conversation and raise awareness about body image and eating disorders on campus, both prescient topics that are too often unaddressed or spoken about only behind closed doors. This event aims to build solidarity, reveal that body image, eating disorders, and obsessive fitness habits are highly significant challenges that male and female Middlebury students face, and begin discussing how we can better address these issues on campus.

We hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, April 17
Time: 7-9 PM, will start promptly (be sure to check out the Moth after!)
Place: Gamut Room
Cost: Free



Last night’s Thank God For Mississippi x Milk Chocolate show was dope as fuh. And if you’re in the mood to keep vibing you’re in luck, because there is an unbelievable lineup TONIGHT in the Hepburn Zoo.  PULSE, a percussion group from Skidmore, makes their much anticipated return to Middlebury, after absolutely killing it in the Zoo last April.  They will be followed by two of the realest Funk acts you will ever see, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, lead singer of frequent Middlebury visitors Mokaad, and the always untouchable EMEFE.  It will be an awesome night of performances by a gang of artists who have all put on stellar shows at Midd in the past. Party should start around 9 o’clock.

The organizers of this event write in:

Come dance your asses off in unrestrained funkiness and percussive ecstasy. EMEFE is New York’s finest Afro-beat act, sure to get you grooving. Opening for them is Gabriel Garzón-Montano, who is the Latino incarnation of James Brown, D’angelo, and James Blake. 
Kicking off the show will be the explosive percussive experience that is Pulse.

Check out the Facebook event for more information.

Where: Hepburn Zoo
When: 9 PM
Cost: Free

middbeat BEATS – Spring Romance

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 10.57.52 PM

Avani Pisapati ’15 in the flesh

This week’s middbeat BEATS’ playlist comes from one of my favorite beings at this school, Avani Pisapati ’15. I could list a hundred reasons why she’s such a gem, but it’s much more than the little quirks of her personality that makes her special: it is her “ness”, her presence, her aura of euphoria and curiosity that always me pull into a child-like, carefree state. I’ve spent many a night with Avani listening to music, sitting side-by-side cross-legged without speaking, absorbing the sounds around us. She’s the girl who convinced me (after many months of tense conversations) that Taylor Swift was a talented songwriter and performer, she dances as much as she can fit into a normal day, so I asked her send me a playlist. She writes in:

Lately I’ve been thinking about romance. A wise person once told me the key to having the best relationship with another human is having three things: good sex, friendship, and romance. We know when we have good sex; it’s physically detectable as long as we don’t ignore our bodies. Friendship is familiar: good conversations, common interests, sticking around. But romance is different. Romance is subtle. It chooses us. Not the other way around. It’s bigness. It’s gentle. This spring break was romantic. I was home and the music filled me. This is my spring romance playlist. 10 songs. Starred are the extra good finds.

Download the playlist here, light some candles, and get ready to “explode or implode” ladies and gents.

Click after the jump to see what Avani had to say about her songs on the playlist. 

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Get Tics for Dolci Tonight @ 9


Tonight’s Menu

If you haven’t heard, Atwater Dining Hall becomes a student-run restaurant on three Friday evenings each Month.  The Head Chef of Dolci this week is Tony Shu ’14, bringing us a gourmet New York themed meal FOR FREE.

As you can imagine, there are a limited number of tickets available so getting on is very competitive. To enter the ticket lottery, sign up online tonight at 9 pm sharp.  To clarify, tickets are available tonight, the dinner itself is FRIDAY.  

From the organizers: If you sign up within the first 2 minutes your name will be entered into a lottery. If you get tickets, you will hear from us with 24 hours. If not, better luck next time. Remember that if you get tickets, they must be used – it’s really not fun to leave seat empty.

From me: Perfect opportunity for a first date.  Low pressure situation, free, delicious, and memorable.  If you are lucky enough to get tickets, you’ll get two!

Artist of the Week: Cherub

Cherub is nu disco, cherub is electro sex pop, and in honor of their BLOW’d tour kicking off this past weekend, Cherub is our Artist of the Week. The Nashville-based duo, comprised of lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Jordan Kelley, and producer/guitarist/vocalist Jason Huber, met while attending Middle Tennessee State University. Since 2011 they have released 4 EPs, all recorded with the Boulder label Elm & Oak; Man of the Hour, MoM & DaD, 100 Bottles, and Antipasto. This latest 4 track offers a peek at their highly anticipated debut LP; Year of the Caprese.

In a recent interview with the music blog Ones to Watch, Kelley described their sound as “Chocolate strawberries and vanilla smoothies”. Addictive guitar riffs, frustratingly catchy hooks, Kelley’s smooth falsetto, and Huber’s complementing harmonies are at the core of their inviting sound. Blend that with some tube driving and synthesizing, and you have instant sex appeal. The results range from bangers like the viral anthem Doses & Mimosas, to lyrical guitar driven ballads like Where We Should Be.

Cherub is not just a DJ act, but a crafty live production. On Tuesday, April 1st the BLOW’d tour is making a stop at South Burlington’s own Higher Ground, so plan on cranking that paper out Monday night, swapping that Wednesday morning presentation date, and then click here to get your tickets to a great time (only $13!!).

One of my favorite songs off the EP MoM & DaD

..and when you still can’t get enough Cherub