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Homecoming Weekend: Motown Dance, Mingling, Panel Discussion, Free Noonie’s and More!


If there’s one fall semester highlight we can all agree on, it’s Homecoming Weekend, and Middlebury’s student group Women of Color know how to celebrate right! WOC writes in to tell us about all the awesome events they are co-sponsoring for Homecoming 2014, October 17-19 (everyone is welcome at every event!):

African American Alliance (AAA), Alianza, Distinguished Men of Color (DMC), PALANA House (Pan-African, Latino, Asian, and Native American House), and WOC have a jam packed schedule for this homecoming weekend, and we hope ya’ll are ready and excited!! Here’s what’s up:

We are kicking off the weekend with a reception (Friday, 6-7:30, Carr Hall) where students and alums are free to mingle with one another and have some free munches from The Grille! Following the reception, we will transition into a panel (7:30-9, Carr Hall) where alums will talk about their life after Midd. So, if you are interested in what that liberal arts degree will really do for your future, make sure to come out to the panel! Alums from different generations and various career fields will be joining us!

But don’t get too tied down with future planning, because we will be celebrating our flawless selves in PALANA House Friday Night (10:30) with an all-night dance party with Darkstar DJs!

But wait, there’s more! Come support the football team for a Homecoming win and stop by the AAA Concessions Stand (Saturday, 1pm, Football Field) to support the African American Alliance in an age old tradition of providing food for game-goers.

If you didn’t get a chance to dance with Darkstar, don’t fret because the best and baddest party of the year is on Saturday…Black Pearl Ball (10-2am, Coltrane Lounge)! This year’s theme is Motown! Think Diana Ross and The Supremes! Jackson 5! Marvin Gaye!

Come dressed in semi-formal attire wear or your best 1970s outfit or whatever floats your boat, but please leave cultural appropriation at home!

Get ready to dance down the soul train line. So bring your moves, grooves, and let’s party like it’s the 1970s! After a fun, energy-filled weekend, come down to Chellis House on Sunday (11AM) for your last chance to connect with alums of color until next year and yes, there will be brunch catered by Noonie’s, that is if you can wake up from last night ;)

Events Schedule:

Reception - 6 – 7:30 PM in Carr Hall
Panel – 7:30 - 9PM in Carr Hall
Dark Star DJ Party – 10:30 PM in PALANA House

Homecoming Game AAA Concession Stand – 1pm at the football field
Black Pearl Ball - 10 PM – 2 AM Coltrane Lounge (accessible by ramp through the Adirondack House CCI)

Brunch - 11 AM in the Chellis House

SOUL TRAIN, Full Force performs, early 1980s, 1971-

Master Class: Hip Hop/Street Style Dance with Keanu Forrest Brady


Like to dance? Wish you were in RIDDM? Don’t want to confront the fact that it’s school again? Listen up: There’s a hip hop street dancing workshop happening in TWO HOURS. The event, titled Master Class, will be a workshop lead by dance legend, Keanu Forrest Brady. Here’s the description:

Explore a hybrid hip hop style that is a combination of breaking, house, hip hop, modern dance, tutting, and any flavor of style you want to add. Work on your hip hop technique and condition the mind and body to tune in to unique foot work, flexibility, inversions, floor work, and articulation of the joints. Come explore your musicality in this blend of styles, inspired by the roots of Salt Lake City hip hop artists. Sponsored by the Dance Program.

No experience necessary!

Date: TODAY, 10/17
Time: 10-11:30am
Place: Mahaney Center for the Arts Dance Theatre
Cost: Free

Lunar Eclipse Wednesday Morning!!!

Lunar Eclipse

Here at middbeat, we’ve always been big fans of the moon.  It brings the ebbs and flows of the tide, makes wolves howl, and makes for romantic walks home from the bar.  It therefore pains us immensely to announce the total eclipse of the moon around 7 AM tomorrow.  For those early risers and sky-watchers out there, this will be a real sight to behold that may not happen again for quite some time.  This could be a good morning for a sunrise hike up Mount Abe, getting on top of your dorm’s roof, sending it to the coast to see the sun rise over the sea, or joining the Aviation Club to get above tomorrow’s expected rain clouds.  As they say, celestial events like this only happen once in a blue moon.  Don’t miss out.

Thanks to Eyal Levy ’14.5 for the tip.

When: 7 AM Wednesday
Where: the sky

One Small Step… Party Assistants for Hire


Social life surveillance has been a hot topic preoccupying many minds over the last couple weeks, middbeat’s included. The student body’s principle complaint has been the shady ways in which the administration goes about making these decisions, without any apparent student input.  Alas, there seems to be some progress on that front, heralded in by the recent announcement of a newParty Assistant position for students.

Anyone who has been to a party in Palmer or its ilk knows that Pub Safe usually rolls through halfway through the party, monitoring adherence to things like fire codes and party procedures, and, more often than not, they were forced to shut parties down due to noncompliance. A conversation began last year about how students could work with Public Safety and the administration to maintain a safe party atmosphere while keeping these parties going.  The administration paid attention to this discussion, and this year, a solution has been announced: Party Assistants.

An email slipped through the cracks a while ago, announcing that the “Party Assistant position is posted for hiring”. These party assistants are students who are paid to work with party and event hosts in Social Houses.  They receive training (different than Crown Manager training) that “will allow them to help hosts stay in compliance with fire codes and party procedures, identify potentially risky situations, effectively request help, support event attendees who have questions or require assistance, and most importantly support party host in hosting safe and enjoyable events.” Being a party assistant entails, among other things, providing the food and non-alcoholic drinks that party procedure requires, arriving before the event to speak with the hosts and do an initial walk-through, and staying through the event and its wrap-up and providing feedback.

The presence of these Party Assistants means that Pub Safe will no longer have to walk through mid-event; instead, the party host and the assistant will meet them at the door for a quick consultation.  This will most definitely be a welcome change for party-goers and Pub Safe alike.

While we should definitely continue the discussion about social life restrictions that has been recently set afire by the new tailgate restrictions, it is important to acknowledge when positive steps are taken.  Students expressed dissatisfaction about the status quo and the administration was willing to work with us in finding new solutions.  Let’s prove that this was the right move and make this step successful: Party Assistant positions are posted on the SEO website and hires will take place on a rolling basis.  Anyone willing to spend a couple nights a year benefitting the greater good, get involved.  Party-goers will thank you.


1622647_10152597144878876_6843985006327965877_nDo you have a secret hidden talent that you have been waiting to show the world? Come audition for a spot on the International Student Organization (ISO) Cultural Show! Auditions will be held on Saturday Oct. 4th from 2pm to 5pm in Wilson Hall (McCullough Social Space), and are open to all students, international or not. We require just ONE MINUTE of material, it doesn’t need to be the full thing, nor full ensemble. Show us what you got!

Date: Saturday, October 4
Time: 2pm-5pm
Place: Wilson Hall (McCullough Social Space)

Verbal Onslaught: First Impressions

10653848_10152760377088659_5069357436192975262_nThe first Thursday of the month is fast approaching, and you know what that means: Verbal Onslaught! Middlebury’s largest recurring open mic event is back with our first Verbal of the academic year. Come with poems, songs, raps, dances, or any other kind of performance or just come ready to enjoy the words and voices of your Middlebury classmates! The theme is first impressions, of people, of places, of foods, of anything. No need to fret if your piece does not relate, it’s simply a suggested topic to get the artistic juices flowing. Invite your friends!

Date: Thursday, October 2
Time: 9:00pm-11:00pm
Place: The Gamut Room

TONIGHT: Pierre Dulaine Lecture and Dance Lesson

World renowned ballroom dancer Pierre Dulaine will give a lecture and dance lesson tonight at 7 PM in the Mahaney CFA Concert Hall.  Zeke Caceres ’15 writes in:

Four-time world champion ballroom dancer and founder of the American
Ballroom Theater’s Dancing Classrooms program, Pierre Dulaine has
gone from public schools in New York City to his hometown of Jaffa,
Israel bringing reluctant public school students together through
sharing the gift of ballroom dance. His work has inspired major films
such as Mad Hot Ballroom (2004), Take the Lead (2006), starring
Antonio Banderas, and more recently Dancing in Jaffa (2014). On his
visit to Middlebury, Pierre will discuss his life experiences and how
he has been able to use ballroom dance as a tool for peace making and
social change.

Pierre will deliver a lecture on Wednesday, October 1st at 7 PM at the
Mahaney Center for the Arts’ Concert Hall and will be followed by a
dance lesson, capped at 40 participants, in the MCA 109 Dance
Rehearsal Space. To secure your spot in the class, please enter your
name and e-mail here.

This event was made possible by the generous sponsorship of the
Rohaytn Center for Global Affairs, Arabic, Hebrew and Middle East
Studies Department, Charles P Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious
Life, Project on Creativity and Innovation, the Center for Social
Entrepreunership, MiddCORE, Atwater, Brainerd, Ross and Wonnacott

RSVP on the Facebook event page

When: Tonight, October 1, 7 PM
Where: Mahaney Concert Hall
Cost: Free

Café con Leche

Jah Red's fans tearin up the d floor

Jah Red’s fans tearin up the d floor

If you love Latin dance, culture, or music, we’ve got some good news: This Saturday, September 28, Crossroads Cafe is featuring Burlington’s DJ Jah Red who will be heating up the dance floor for a night of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia, and Reggaeton! Come enjoy a fun night with your friends and eat some delicious, free (that’s right, FREE) snacks.

Date: Saturday, September 27
Time: 10:00pm-2:00am
Place: Crossroads Cafe
Cost: Nada

On Tap Auditions Sunday


Tap Pic (1)

Laura Strom ’14.5 writes in:

Calling all Tap Dancers! On Tap, Middlebury’s performance tap dance group, is looking for new members. For our shows each semester, we learn a variety of student-choreographed and classic tap pieces, in a wide range of different styles. We would love anyone with tap experience and a free hour on Sunday nights to come and dance with us! Auditions will be held Sunday, September 21st, at 7:30 pm on the stage in McCullough Social Space.

We will being doing a basic warm-up and then teaching a short combination. Bring your own shoes or use ours!

Email lstromATmiddleburyDOTedu for more information.

When: Sunday, September 21 at 7:30 PM
Where: McCullough Social Space
Cost: nope

Professor Profile: Tzveta Kassabova, Dance


There are some pretty freakin’ awesome professors here at Middlebury. We hope this is no surprise. And while we benefit from their brilliance daily, it can be difficult to get to know these incredible intellectuals on a more personal level. Granted, you don’t have to know your professor’s scholarly or personal history to succeed at Midd, but we’re pretty sure it can’t hurt. By learning about our professor’s histories, interests, and career paths, we can glean inspiration, contextualize the information they present, and hey, maybe even spark a new friendship. It’s both surprising and straight-up awesome how frequently profs are willing to grab a coffee, or a beer for that matter, to chat about whatever.

Thus, to not choke on our own words, middbeat is making an effort to share “Professor Profiles” on a regular basis this year. We’ll be interviewing professors from all departments to learn about their careers, scholarship, artistry, personal lives, hobbies, and just about anything else they’re willing to tell us. We hope reading these profiles will inspire you to get to know your profs this semester, and throughout your years at Midd. Importantly, if you know a stellar professor, and want to share their awesomeness with the campus, be sure to email us at We’re always looking for new students to write professor reviews!

We’ll be kicking off these professor profiles with Tzveta Kassabova, a dance professor at Midd. Read up:

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