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Let’s Start the Conversation: A Story-Telling Event on Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Wellness at Middlebury College

Body image poster (2)

This February, middbeat published an article regarding body image at Middlebury, which served as the starting point for an initiative to begin conversing about and improving the often negatively influential body comparison culture at Middlebury. We requested students submit reflections on their experience with body image issues at Middlebury, and these reflections, stories, poems, etc. were to then serve as the material read at a body image themed story-telling event this spring.

To say the least, we were blown away by the numerous submissions we received, and are proud to announce that the event, titled Let’s Start the Conversation: A Story-Telling Event on Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Wellness at Middlebury College will be taking place this Thursday, April 17. At this event, a collection of the student-submitted reflections will be read aloud anonymously (unless otherwise claimed) by other students in a story-telling format. 

We hope this event will not serve as an isolated experience, but rather as the start of a continuous, productive conversation.

The mission of this project is to spark meaningful conversation and raise awareness about body image and eating disorders on campus, both prescient topics that are too often unaddressed or spoken about only behind closed doors. This event aims to build solidarity, reveal that body image, eating disorders, and obsessive fitness habits are highly significant challenges that male and female Middlebury students face, and begin discussing how we can better address these issues on campus.

We hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, April 17
Time: 7-9 PM, will start promptly (be sure to check out the Moth after!)
Place: Gamut Room
Cost: Free

Improv Show Tonight: Combo Za ft. Middlebrow


Williams College improv group Combo Za will be performing tonight at 8:30 PM in the Gamut Room.  Guests of Middlebrow, the 10 person group will be performing short form comedy, a style of improv rarely employed by Middlebury groups.  At the end of the show the two groups will join forces on stage for a jam.  Come on through.

Where: Gamut Room
When: 8:30 PM
Cost: None.

BEAT of the Week

Yo Midd!

This week’s beat of the week comes from a relatively obscure artist, Jaymes Young. While he is fresh on the scene, his voice is infectiously honest and heart-rending. Enjoy “Habits of My Heart” (with a Sufjan Stevens influence) on this beautiful, sunny Friday and if you’re really taken with him, check out his inaugural EP, Dark Star, which he released in September. Thanks to Sayre White ’15 for the inspiration on this one!




Clockwork Orange


Clockwork Orange, the play, will be playing this weekend! Check out Middlebury’s awesome production of Anthony Burgess’s famous novel, complete with fights, lights, and a selfie. Mature Audiences only (which means it’s going to be badass, right?) Get your tickets at go/boxoffice.

Show Times:

Thursday 4/10 – 8:30

Friday 4/11 – 7:30 [Optional Talkback Afterwards]

Saturday 4/12 – 7:30


Students Launch Blog: Beyond the Green


A group of students launched a new blog today devoted to providing a space for voices that are not being heard on campus. I’ll let them take it from here – here’s some information from one of the founders who asked to remain anonymous:

We’re proud to be announcing beyond the green, a collective of middlebury voices that will be represented in an online publication as the centralized location of our voices (launching today) as well as a weekly column in The Campus. beyond the green aims to provide space for voices that are not being heard on our campus. As a collective and as a publication, beyond the green is unique because it is grounded by politics that are radical, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-classist, anti-ableist, and anti-homophobic (as well as strongly opposed to all forms of oppression). You can read more about beyond the green in this week’s Campus opinion section or at our blog at go/beyondthegreen.

beyond the green is accepting submissions on a rolling basis (for the rest of eternity). because beyond the green is a new publication, we hope that a diverse group of students will claim ownership over the blog by beginning to use the blog on a regular basis. please send pieces of writing (rants, lists, stories, poems, mini-essays, reviews of campus events, opinion pieces on shit happening in the “real world,” personal statements, etc.) as well as video blogs, photographs, cartoons, drawings, artwork, coverage of events and activism at midd, etc., in line with our mission statement, to beyondthegreen14[at]gmail[dot]com. also contact if you would like to become a regular contributor.

Check out the blog – there’s already great content up, not to mention the sweet banner image above.

WOMP this Way

You guessed it. WOMP is back for its 7th week in a row and it ain’t going nowhere!WOMP_template7

Come to the Gamut Room at 9pm for a night of music and food. Bring a guitar, mandolin, or just yourself and sign up to perform! Everyone is welcome and it doesn’t have to be music related. (Just ask Hubert and Nick!). Grab the mic, break the mold, and WOMP. You know you want to.

This week will feature a headlining performance by a couple rugged mountain men Weyland Joyner ’14.5 and Taylor Bickford ’14 and their eclectic mix of acoustic instruments.



NOTEIf you are interested in performing with a band or a group that uses more than just acoustic instruments (like drums, keys or electric bass), send an email to cparrish[at]midd or elevy[at]midd to let them know what your tech requirements will be.

Keep reading to see the upcoming schedule…

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The Onion: College Admissions Office Finds Ideal Applicant Capable Of Subsidizing Tuition Of 3 Low-Income Students


The Onion, a source for satirical news, recently published this article about college admissions.  It may be of interest as Middlebury announced it’s own admissions decisions this past week, not to mention it’s funny. It is also worth mentioning that this piece may not apply here – Middlebury offers tons of need-based financial aid – but still something to consider in the broader context of affordable higher education. How much is enough to make up for the lack of social mobility that makes it harder and harder for children of low-income families to change their economic status? Can millions of dollars in financial aid counteract the rising tuition rates?

MIDDLETOWN, CT—After carefully scrutinizing the application of high school senior Erica Allson, admissions officers at Wesleyan University confirmed Monday that the 18-year-old was the ideal candidate to subsidize the tuition and fees of three lower-income students. “Erica is truly a perfect fit for us: Not only does she show sufficient academic potential, but her parents are two highly successful professionals capable of paying the school’s annual $47,000 in tuition plus $13,000 in room and board in their entirety,” assistant admissions director Stacey Wright said, adding that she was left in awe after reading Allson’s near flawless income disclosure form. “With the money she’ll bring to campus, we can easily admit several less-well-off students, which will help us project our desired image as a highly progressive and inclusive institution, plus we’ll still have some extra left over to add HDTVs to the dining hall and install a rock-climbing wall in the freshman dorms. It’s all about striking the right balance with our student body.” At press time, administrators confirmed that they had also just admitted a social activist whose contributions to the community would offset the reputations of three football recruits.

Greg Dorris ’13: Mascots and Child Molesters

Just Busted featuring Greg's neighbor

Just Busted featuring Greg’s neighbor

Greg Dorris ’13 just published this hilarious article about his time interning with Minor League Baseball Team.  At Midd, Greg was involved in Improv, Standup Comedy, some theater stuff, and generally being a funny guy. Since graduating, he has been doing all kinds of work in comedy including going on a standup comedy tour with comedian Mike Birbiglia, working on some College Humor posts, amassing quite a following on twitter @GregDorris, and writing comedy for anyone that will read it.

After reading his article, I was inspired to catch up with Greg briefly and convinced him to answer a few questions about his life.

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Last night’s Thank God For Mississippi x Milk Chocolate show was dope as fuh. And if you’re in the mood to keep vibing you’re in luck, because there is an unbelievable lineup TONIGHT in the Hepburn Zoo.  PULSE, a percussion group from Skidmore, makes their much anticipated return to Middlebury, after absolutely killing it in the Zoo last April.  They will be followed by two of the realest Funk acts you will ever see, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, lead singer of frequent Middlebury visitors Mokaad, and the always untouchable EMEFE.  It will be an awesome night of performances by a gang of artists who have all put on stellar shows at Midd in the past. Party should start around 9 o’clock.

The organizers of this event write in:

Come dance your asses off in unrestrained funkiness and percussive ecstasy. EMEFE is New York’s finest Afro-beat act, sure to get you grooving. Opening for them is Gabriel Garzón-Montano, who is the Latino incarnation of James Brown, D’angelo, and James Blake. 
Kicking off the show will be the explosive percussive experience that is Pulse.

Check out the Facebook event for more information.

Where: Hepburn Zoo
When: 9 PM
Cost: Free