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middbeat BEATS – Bob Ya Head, Stomp Ya Feet


Nearly a year after starting the “middbeat BEATS” feature, I’ve run out of friends to ask to make playlists. As a result, I’ve tried to reach out of my comfort zone asking professors, peripheral acquaintances, and musicians on campus to share some of their favorite music on the blog. It’s a bit of an awkward proposition to make to someone you don’t really know, and there’s always the fear that he or she might send a playlist of music that I’ll hate. So, when Brandon Gell ’16 came up to me at a party and energetically said “Dood, I want to make a playlist for you. Actually, I already have one ready…I could email it to right now if you want,” I was both excited and ambivalent.

Brandon is an Architectural Studies major, Ski Patroller at the Bowl, and bike shop aficionado. All good stuff, but certainly not indicative of someone with good music taste. Fortunately, I chose not to be a cynical musik douchebag and accepted his offer…long story short, I’ve been listening to his playlist incessantly for the past few days. It’s a upbeat mix of songs by some of my favorite artists (read The Wood Brothers and Outkast) and some that I’d never heard of (Fyfe’s “Solace” is an absolute jam). It’s hard to pinpoint a general theme or feel of the entire playlist, but they’re all the kinds of songs that make you “bob ya head and stomp ya feet”, without even realizing it. I also learned a great deal more about Brandon that I imagine any short-lived conversation at a hazy party would produce. He loves double stuf oreos (with milk of course), owns an extensive vinyl collection, backcountry skis with a loud speaker in his pack, and is in the minority of (crazy) students sad about the coming of spring. Here’s what he had to say about his playlist:

I made this playlist while sitting on the porch of the Snow Bowl lodge. I chose each individual song because when I listen to them I am infused with audible happiness that reminds me that while this winter season is moving onto the Spring, it’ll be back soon enough. Similar to the differences in seasons, this playlist exhibits different genres of music but all maintain a similar vibe. I think all the music that I listen to has this sort of sound, and I can only assume I’ve acquired this taste for music because of my incessant listening to classic rock at a young age. I remember being 10 and asking my sister why the hell she would listen to rap when Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing, or Blind Faith’s Can’t Find My Way Home was the epitome of good music. My music taste eventually accepted all genres, and I like to keep exploring sounds through my WRMC radio show, Zen Lunatics, as well as playing guitar and going to as my concerts as I can afford.


Click after the jump to read more about his favorite songs on the playlist!

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REMINDER: Sepomana Tonight at 8

For those who’ve already gotten their tickets to Sepomana, WRMC’s Spring concert featuring Dan Deacon, Badbadnotgood, Argonaut & Wasp, and Thank God For Mississippi, read no further and just remember to stop your pregame in time to catch all of tonight’s acts.  If you don’t have tickets yet, fear not.  Swing by the box office or go/sepomtix.  Tickets are $5 in advance, $8 at the door.  Also, make sure to get the Dan Deacon app before heading over.  The app’s free, and apparently makes an audience based light show while he plays a certain song. Righteous.  Make sure to get to the show early to hear the final, final Thank God For Mississippi Show; one of the most beloved campus bands over the past couple years, if their show at Brooker this past January was any indication, tonight promises to be fantastic.  Get your tickets, get stoked, get over to McCullough at 8.  See you there.

Date: Tonight, April 19, 8 PM
Place: McCullough Social Space
Cost: $5 in advance, $8 at the door

Yogurt Workshop

The lovely Veronica Rodriguez ’16.5 will be teaching about yogurt today at 5pm in the Old Stone Mill. If you have ever wondered how yogurt is made, are interested in making more sustainable food choices, or just want to chat bacteria, you should stop by! There will be snacks, and by the end of the sesh you should have both some fresh yogurt and knowledge, both of which are synonymous with virtue.
Make yogurt, meet friends, be happy.
Date: Today! (Saturday, 4/19)
Time: 5pm
Place: Old Stone Mill
Get your yogurt on

Get your yogurt on

Find your beach


Sometimes at Middlebury when it is meant to be spring the weather throws us back to a winter wonderland or a monsoon of rain and mud. While I do enjoy the pristine clean white powdered covered trees and a romp in my Hunter boots, sometimes I yearn for the days of sun, warmth, and the potential for a full body sunburn.



Sometimes I sit back, close my eyes, and find my beach (cue corona commercial). Now and again I drift so far as to hear seagulls squawking in the sky. But is this such a dream? I open my eyes and see that in fact, it is not. I can’t be alone in wondering why we have seagulls in Vermont, a land locked state far from salted waters. I set out to suffice this curiosity. Here is what I found:

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Let’s Start the Conversation: A Story-Telling Event on Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Wellness at Middlebury College

Body image poster (2)

This February, middbeat published an article regarding body image at Middlebury, which served as the starting point for an initiative to begin conversing about and improving the often negatively influential body comparison culture at Middlebury. We requested students submit reflections on their experience with body image issues at Middlebury, and these reflections, stories, poems, etc. were to then serve as the material read at a body image themed story-telling event this spring.

To say the least, we were blown away by the numerous submissions we received, and are proud to announce that the event, titled Let’s Start the Conversation: A Story-Telling Event on Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Wellness at Middlebury College will be taking place this Thursday, April 17. At this event, a collection of the student-submitted reflections will be read aloud anonymously (unless otherwise claimed) by other students in a story-telling format. 

We hope this event will not serve as an isolated experience, but rather as the start of a continuous, productive conversation.

The mission of this project is to spark meaningful conversation and raise awareness about body image and eating disorders on campus, both prescient topics that are too often unaddressed or spoken about only behind closed doors. This event aims to build solidarity, reveal that body image, eating disorders, and obsessive fitness habits are highly significant challenges that male and female Middlebury students face, and begin discussing how we can better address these issues on campus.

We hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday, April 17
Time: 7-9 PM, will start promptly (be sure to check out the Moth after!)
Place: Gamut Room
Cost: Free

Host a student for preview days!!


From the Admissions Senior Fellows:

Calling all awesome Middkids to host a student for preview days. We are an embarrassing number short, something like 50+ short.  Admitted students will be arriving for preview days this Wednesday, April 16 and will be staying on campus until Friday (with some arriving Thursday, April 17 as well).

Be awesome. Step up. Offer a couch, a futon, or a floor. They can entertain themselves with all the activities we have planned. All preview day students will have their own keycard so it really is only a crash pad. We aren’t begging…okay, maybe we are a little bit.

If you can host, PLEASE DO. Go/hosting

As someone who has hosted students in the past, I highly recommend it – not only will it be an incredibly valuable experience for your guest, but you will have a great time yourself showing off Middlebury.  If you ever visited a school and stayed with a student host, now is your chance to pay it forward.

This Week: Sexual Straightjackets & Queer Escapes

From Chellis House and the Program in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies:

Starting off the 2014 Gensler Family Symposium on Feminism in a Global Context, gender, sexuality and feminist studies students are hosting MiddQUEER, a video showing and discussion on “What’s your sexuality and how do you know?” A variety of students were asked to respond to the Heterosexual Questionnaire and we filmed their responses. Come see what your peers had to say! In Crossroads Cafe. 

Come to the event MiddQUEER - Monday, April 14th at 7pm in Crossroads.  This film screening and discussion kicks off this year’s 2014 Gensler Family Symposium, a week filled with talks, presentations, poetry readings, art and much more all centered on Feminism in a Global Context.

Click to see the poster with info on all the events this week!

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Improv Show Tonight: Combo Za ft. Middlebrow


Williams College improv group Combo Za will be performing tonight at 8:30 PM in the Gamut Room.  Guests of Middlebrow, the 10 person group will be performing short form comedy, a style of improv rarely employed by Middlebury groups.  At the end of the show the two groups will join forces on stage for a jam.  Come on through.

Where: Gamut Room
When: 8:30 PM
Cost: None.

BEAT of the Week

Yo Midd!

This week’s beat of the week comes from a relatively obscure artist, Jaymes Young. While he is fresh on the scene, his voice is infectiously honest and heart-rending. Enjoy “Habits of My Heart” (with a Sufjan Stevens influence) on this beautiful, sunny Friday and if you’re really taken with him, check out his inaugural EP, Dark Star, which he released in September. Thanks to Sayre White ’15 for the inspiration on this one!