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7 Ways to Relieve Your Ridiculously Awful Weekend Hangover at Middlebury

Your Sunday just got a whole lot easier...

So while many of you have deserted campus for the summer, some of Middlebury’s finest have stayed to soak up those Vermont rays, check out all the best hidden swim spots, and, oh yeah – party (maybe a little too much, but hey, no classes right?!). We’re here to share some tips on navigating your mind-numbing hangover, Midd-style.

1. 11 AM(ish) Proctor. Be there.

What better way to alleviate your morning-after headache-slamin’ sorrows than seeking solace in the masses? Thankfully, there’s a solid chance at least 75% of the dining hall is suffering right along side you. Grab some grub, a good viewing table (beware of proximity to last nights HU, or sit awkwardly close. Whatever works for you), and remember (or try to) all your Saturday night escapades alongside Middlebury’s finest.

2. Shower and change those clothes.

Nothing worse than wearing Grille remains or evidence of last night’s punch. Whether it’s a too-tight dress or a questionably stained T-shirt, a solid wash and switch to Sunday’s best (or just a your favorite sweatsuit) can go a long way to preserve any semblance of personal integrity.

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Five Seniors Graduating

Middlebury is full of interesting individuals that have to leave after four years of rigorous study and even more rigorous play. Here are five super neat seniors that answered some basic questions about their experiences at Middlebury. Here’s some excerpts from the interviews:

Kyle Finck: Making progress on his latest documentary, “Straight Out of Rutvegas,” which seeks to chronicle people carrying on a straight-edge lifestyle in Rutland, VT, despite the current heroin epidemic. 

Kwaku Acheampong: His membership in an a cappella group Stuck in the Middle alerted him to the notion that upperclassmen were cool, accessible folks. 

Jenny Johnston: She hasn’t gone streaking yet.

Ted Netland: This past semester Netland and his friends Hank Lipton and Norm Farquhar realized they had the makings of a band and decided to go jam. The three went to Bevco, brought approximately 20 beers into the studio, and played until the wee hours of the morning – “until we bled… I woke up the next day with blisters all over my hands,” he said. 

Alex Jackman: While Jackman has been here she’s seen the development of what people call the “M-pire.” Middlebury has become a brand. It’s becoming more of a corporation.

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Attention bar goers of ALL ages…apparently

Two Brothers Lounge - sized for web

I have purposefully waited (waited read as patiently steaming silently) until after the last “official” bar night of the year to not come across as angry, pissy, or otherwise indignant. But now it is time to say a few words on behalf of the legal bar going community. For those of you over 21, perhaps this will raise some glorified snaps of approval or ignite a broader conversation on the “social life” on and around campus. And for those of you who have not yet reached the sweet age of 21…


Now, I could end this post there but I shall chose to elaborate on the specific points defending this statement.

Point 1 - You are hurting the integrity of Two Brothers Tavern (Hence forth referred to as ‘the Bar’). As the only bar in town (no offense Señor Ups), could you imagine if the bar got shut down for serving underaged kids? Perhaps this is too selfless of a reason for you, in which case, continue to… Continue reading

Middlebury History Online

Thanks to a tip from the i-know-many-secrets senior software engineer Ian McBride, we’ve been notified of a great website to learn about the history of our college: Shot 2014-05-14 at 11.21.52 AMThe articles are usually a paragraph or two so its an easy read. Spent the last half hour not writing my final paper but definitely learned a lot about some people and buildings on campus. Surprising how much some of these people travelled in the 1800s without airplanes…Share things you’ve learned about our school in comments… 

Casually Renaming McCullough (Social Space)

Just got an email from Ron:

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I write to invite you to an event that will take place this Friday at 10:00 a.m. in the newly named Wilson Hall (formerly the McCullough Social Space). 

That’s where I stopped reading. The newly named Wilson Hall? What are we gonna start renaming all the buildings all of a sudden and casually mention it in an email? Maybe no one cares about this, but it’s definitely funny. All these building names, axinn, brooker, wilson, davis, munroe, stewart, cook, etc… are actually real people. Don’t know who McCullough is but I guess he’s not that important anymore.

Anyway this nonchalant announcement of a new name comes in the midst of many re-imagining (or re-claiming) McCullough summits. What was once designated as the pool, and then as a “social space” (<–highly suggest you watch that link), has become a multi-purpose building where our students buy snacks, check their mail, fill their laundry card, and do not feel trusted. There is hope though. The administration is looking for student input on the space and what it can become and I guess Ron took the first step by renaming it.

Heres the rest of the email we got:

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BBQ(ueer) Today


Join the Feminist Action at Middlebury, the Queer Studies House, and Queers & Allies for an end of the year BBQ!
On the menu: burgers (beef and veggie), hot dogs, watermelon, guac, cookies, salsa, and all the other goodies in the photo above.

Date: Today!
Time: 1- 3PM
Place: Queer Studies House (Directly behind Proctor on Hillcrest Rd.)
Cost: Free!

Holi Celebration SUNDAY

International Cultural Immersion in Vermont, whutup

International Cultural Immersion in Vermont, wowe!

a) Are you interested in Indian “culture”, music and festivals?

c) Do you want to do something really fun on a Saturday afternoon?

d) Do you like colors and water being thrown at you?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, come celebrate Holi, the Indian festival of colors and welcome the season of Spring on Battell Beach on SUnday. And remember, as the Facebook page wisely warns, it’s best you wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. Great company and great music guaranteed.

Date: Sunday, 11th of May*
Time: 2:00 to 4:00 pm
Place: Battell Beach

*note the change in date

Matt & Kim and Boat Taxi TONIGHT 7 PM

Tonight is MCAB’s Midd Mayhem Spring Concert featuring Matt & Kim and Midd’s favorite funk band Boat Taxi on the Johnson Lawn.  MCAB Concerts Committee’s Nick Mallchok ’14.5 writes in:

MCAB’s end of the year concert featuring Matt & Kim is tonight
(Friday 5/9)! The band has played numerous festivals including
Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Lollapalooza. They are known for their
legendary live shows, which look more like dance parties than
traditional concerts and blur the line between musician and listener.
They also REALLY like confetti.

Student funk band favorite, Boat Taxi, will open with a bang and a
setlist that will keep you grooving. Expect a special appearance from
the Middlebury Pep Band too!

FYI: chance of precipitation so we might be doing some dancing in the

Rock on,

Also, make sure to fill up on barbecue in Ross and Proctor starting at 5 PM.  The Sound Investment Jazz Ensemble will also be playing in Proctor.  Happy weekend!

Date: Friday, May 9
Time: 7 PM
Place: Johnson Lawn
Cost: Free

TONIGHT: Room 404 Issue 3 Release

404 Issue 3 Release Party Poster


Interdisciplinary publication Room 404 releases its third issue tonight.

Nick Smaller ’14 and Hubert Adjei-Kontoh ’14 to spin jazz/funk vinyl.

Food by the Co-Op.

Contributors to this issue include: Kate Leib ’16, Stephanie Roush ’14, Maddie Dai ’14, Dylan Otterbein ’16, Sally Caruso ’15.5, Sam Tolzmann ’14.5, Izzy Ocampo ’14

WHEN: TONIGHT (Thursday), 8:30
WHERE: Self-Reliance Solar Decathlon House
WHY: Copious free food, chillin’ on the porch of Solar D in the balmy nighttime, all your friends (bring them), Estonian synth-funk from the 80s? Also there’s this publication.