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The WOMP Report: First WOMP this Wednesday!!!!!! Calling All Musicians

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WOMP IS BACK little boys and girls. This Wednesday night at 8pm in the Gamut Room Icarus and the Wax Wings will be kicking off the first Wednesday Open Mic Performance Party of the year. Whether you want to hop on stage and jam out or schmooze in the crowd, this is your opportunity to attend the finest weekly event that Middlebury has to offer. We encourage anyone to come out and perform. A sign up sheet for performers will be at the event.

ALSO, this post kicks off the first of many from The WOMP Report, Middlebury’s new Middbeat music series. Keep up to date with The WOMP Report posts to learn about Middlebury’s music scene, get exposed to great new music, get informed about live shows at school and in the region, and much more from our fine music intellectuals.

Any musicians interested in headlining a WOMP this year (which entails a longer set than the other performers) should contact either Maxwell Shaw Jones at, Benjamin Gleekel at, or Ben Rose at

Date: 9/17/2014
Place: Gamut Room in basement of Gifford
Just love each other 

It Happens Here: Tonight at 9 PM

Tonight marks the first It Happens Here of the semester which will be hosted in the Chellis House behind Proctor at 9 PM.  For those of you either new to the college or who have spent the your time here under a rock, It Happens Here occurs a couple times a semester as a way for victims of rape on campus to share their stories and raise awareness about the ever growing prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses nationwide.  Most importantly, however, the event provides a supportive forum where otherwise silenced voices can be heard to bring the talk of campus rape back to the individuals who are victimized by it.  IHH is always a powerful event, is open to all, and is especially timed following the first weekend of the year. The organizers are always looking for more contributors and readers, so make sure to check out their website here.

When: Tonight, September 15, 9 PM
Where: Chellis House (behind Proctor)
Cost: Free



Are you interested in writing for middbeat, or getting involved in any variety of ways from editing to photography to graphic design? If so, we want to meet you, and probably even be friends. Middbeat is looking for new, committed contributors that can help keep the blog lively, funny, and full of content all year (and into the future). If you’re a fan of the blog and have entertained the idea of getting on board, come by our meeting TONIGHT, at 8pm. We’ll explain everything you need to know about the blog and how you can help. Plus we are fun and nice and have adult refreshments. Remember, middbeat’s survival depends on you guys.

WHAT: middbeat staff meeting, welcoming new contributors
DATE: Tonight, September 14
TIME: 8-9 pm
PLACE: 112 South Main Street, white yellow house
COST: Good energy and good ideas.

Students Notice, React to New Public Art

"Youbie Obie," by J. Pindyck Miller '60.

“Youbie Obie,” by J. Pindyck Miller ’60.

If you haven’t noticed the gigantic thing outside Coffrin, we’ve got a new outdoor sculpture at Middlebury College. Next to Coffrin dormitories, and greeting pedestrians on the path leading to Atwater dining hall now lies a giant rust-colored modern art piece titled Youbie Obie, fashioned by Middlebury alumnus J. Pindyck Miller in 1985. As Coffrin resident Morgan Randolph ’17 put it, “Who doesn’t love a piece of rusty metal?”

Several people, in fact, are ambivalent. Midd student Christian Jambora said, “I see it as being a safety hazard because I’m envisioning people walking back drunkenly from Atwater parties and slicing their heads open on the part that’s sticking out between the arch.”

Another student, Michael Brady ’17.5, remarks, “I’ve heard it’s pretty aggressive and I’d have to agree with that; yet when you look at it from different angles, you get different impressions.”

Brady’s poignant comment would likely satisfy the author of Middlebury’s art museum blog. In a recent blog post titled “Steel Yourselves, Here Comes Youbie Obie,” the author enumerated the ways in which the sculpture may become meaningful to students:

"Youbie Obie," by J. Pindyck Miller '60.

“Youbie Obie,” by J. Pindyck Miller ’60.

“To some, it will perhaps become a new meeting point for friends on their way to meals and classes. To others, it may be a symbol of the hard, gate-like trappings of college life. But to all of us, it should serve as a reminder that in our mechanical daily routine here in the Middlebury bubble, we ought to do ourselves a favor to slow down and treasure the little, hidden gems that help to both make and break the ostensibly idyllic perfection of a place we call home.”

To the “gate” interpretation Brady responded, “If it’s a gate, I think it’s opening, but not in the way of inviting. It’s ominous. Perhaps it’s opening to hell. The structures on top coming down look like blades.” Yikes.

“I think it’s phallic!” said another, perhaps confused, perhaps brilliant student of the College.

Despite varying public opinion on the sculpture, the material COR-TEN steel, of which the sculpture consists, has a fascinating history and widespread approval. Also known as “weathering steel,” the material resists corrosion because it develops protective layers of rust as it is exposed to the elements. COR-TEN steel was first used architecturally by Eero Saarinen (the architect of the St. Louis Gateway Arch) in the early 1960s on the John Deere Headquarters in Illinois. Previously, the steel was only used to make coal-carrying railway cars and shipping containers. Today, the material comprises the exterior of Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center, which opened in 2012.

Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

In lieu of the material’s contemporary popularity, Bob Thornton, President of Custom Plate and Profiles stated, “this steel is sexy.”

So spend a little time with Middlebury’s new addition to campus. Just don’t play around it when you are inebriated.


REMINDER: SOS Fest starts Tonight at 7


I can’t really imagine a better way to kick off the first weekend at Midd, and continue the summer vibes than an outdoor music festival.  And my wishes have been granted, with the usual suspects of Midd’s finest student bands kicking off the night at 7 on the Voter Lawn before Delicate Steve comes through for yet another show on campus.  The show will go on tomorrow with more of Midd’s finest, and a second Milk Chocolate show in three days.  Don’t get much better than that.  Big thanks to WRMC/MCAB/MMU for getting together a killer event right at the start of the year.

When: Tonight, 7 PM
Where: Voter Lawn
Cost: Free

Student Activities Fair TODAY

The fall Student Activities Fair is today at 4:30 on the Proctor Terrace.  Just in case you don’t already get enough emails from the fourteen groups you signed up for freshman year, the fair is a great way to learn about what’s going on on campus and how you can spend your time with similarly interested people.  Froshies, you probably came here with hopes of getting involved with a couple of Midd’s myriad student groups, and this is the perfect place to cast a broad net and see what you can pull up.  Upper-class people, it’s not too late to learn how to knit, help out at the farm, or join the biking club, so give a quick burn through the rows of tables on your way to your weekend. middbeat may even be there.  See you there.

When: 4:30-6 PM Today
Where: Proctor Terrace
Cost: nope

Rehearsals Cafe Now Open

The Rehearsals Cafe, formerly that place you wished was a cafe in the CFA, is now open for your mid-day food and beverage needs.  While the vending machines in the space have always been a great resource, and the art event snack tables have consistently drawn us to the CFA for disparate, random events, Rehearsals will now be a consistent, good food source to all who venture to Mahaney between 8:30-2:30 on weekdays.  The menu includes coffee, tea, sandwiches, sushi, and salads, and promises that you won’t have to walk up the hill to Proctor if you’re hungry after class in the CFA.


Ahoy Middlebury! Through the combined powers of MCAB, WRMC, and MMU, we are proud to present S.O.S. Fest, a two-day musical bonanza. This “Start Of School” Festival aims to be the much-needed life preserver among the rising tides of schoolwork. Come feast your ears on an 8-act lineup boasting bands from Midd to the Pacific, with genres ranging from R&B to indie rock. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store:

Iron Eyes Cody: Everything from slow and haunting to dancy and electrifying, Iron Eyes Cody utilizes saxophone, harmonica, modulated guitar and electric piano to create a diverse sound. The group’s lyrically intense, original songs can best be described as the soundtrack to your next road trip.

Caroline Rose: A gospel meets country meets blues meets alternative potpourri of toe tapping poetry set to music, this Burlington-based, self proclaimed modern-day hobo screams ‘MURCIA.

TV Girl: Poppy-chillwave never felt so good. This pop-duo blurs the line between multi-colored pop-hop and bittersweet nostalgia to create a sound that will have you whistling their tunes long after they’ve left the stage.

Delicate Steve: Steve is back to serve up a fresh plate of tasty licks. With flying guitar riffs bathed in folksy twang, Delicate Steve’s sound is freedom embodied.

Milk Chocolate: They’ve been known to be funky. To be reggae. To groove. You’ve no doubt heard of them around campus. Come out student band/delicious beverage Milk Chocolate and experience the dairy goodness.

Modern Diet: The second in a back-to-back billing of bands with names relating to food, Modern Diet mixes up indie rock with R&B to create delectably catchy jams with zero calories!

Poor Remy: You may remember them from their soulful performance at McCulloughfest 2k13 or you may just be a fan of their upbeat folk tunes. Poor Remy is the type of band that makes you feel like you’re singing around a campfire with your closest friends even when there are no fires to be found.

Vundabar: Hailing from Boston and bringing the surf vibez Beantown is known for is three piece garage rock outfit Vundabar. Their debut album, Antics, is chock full of zippy guitar riffs and falsettos.

When: Friday, September 12th – Saturday, September 13th, 7 PM both nights
Where: Voter Lawn
Cost: FREE

7 Ways to Relieve Your Ridiculously Awful Weekend Hangover at Middlebury

Your Sunday just got a whole lot easier...

So while many of you have deserted campus for the summer, some of Middlebury’s finest have stayed to soak up those Vermont rays, check out all the best hidden swim spots, and, oh yeah – party (maybe a little too much, but hey, no classes right?!). We’re here to share some tips on navigating your mind-numbing hangover, Midd-style.

1. 11 AM(ish) Proctor. Be there.

What better way to alleviate your morning-after headache-slamin’ sorrows than seeking solace in the masses? Thankfully, there’s a solid chance at least 75% of the dining hall is suffering right along side you. Grab some grub, a good viewing table (beware of proximity to last nights HU, or sit awkwardly close. Whatever works for you), and remember (or try to) all your Saturday night escapades alongside Middlebury’s finest.

2. Shower and change those clothes.

Nothing worse than wearing Grille remains or evidence of last night’s punch. Whether it’s a too-tight dress or a questionably stained T-shirt, a solid wash and switch to Sunday’s best (or just a your favorite sweatsuit) can go a long way to preserve any semblance of personal integrity.

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Five Seniors Graduating

Middlebury is full of interesting individuals that have to leave after four years of rigorous study and even more rigorous play. Here are five super neat seniors that answered some basic questions about their experiences at Middlebury. Here’s some excerpts from the interviews:

Kyle Finck: Making progress on his latest documentary, “Straight Out of Rutvegas,” which seeks to chronicle people carrying on a straight-edge lifestyle in Rutland, VT, despite the current heroin epidemic. 

Kwaku Acheampong: His membership in an a cappella group Stuck in the Middle alerted him to the notion that upperclassmen were cool, accessible folks. 

Jenny Johnston: She hasn’t gone streaking yet.

Ted Netland: This past semester Netland and his friends Hank Lipton and Norm Farquhar realized they had the makings of a band and decided to go jam. The three went to Bevco, brought approximately 20 beers into the studio, and played until the wee hours of the morning – “until we bled… I woke up the next day with blisters all over my hands,” he said. 

Alex Jackman: While Jackman has been here she’s seen the development of what people call the “M-pire.” Middlebury has become a brand. It’s becoming more of a corporation.

Read on for the full interviews and pictures… Continue reading