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Middlebrow Improv Comedy, Tonight


Middlebrow FALL 2014 #1

Middlebrow Improv Comedy will be having their first performance of the semester, tonight at 10:30 in the Chateau Grand Salon.  The group features six returning members who will be performing long form improvisational comedy.  What does that mean?  Alexander Khan ’16 tells us, “We make up comedic scenes on the spot.  Essentially, its compulsive lying mixed with Saturday Night Live. Like old Saturday Night Live, before it became all skits about expensive family vacations, perceived infantile insults, and selfie books.”  When asked if he was perhaps mistaking SNL with E!’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khan repsonded, “Look, I think its great that they have more female cast members now, and those ladies are hilarious, especially the one who used to be the Olympic runner.  I’m just saying, a little variety goes a long way.”

No frozen yogurt will be served at this event.

Where: Chateau GS
When: 10:30 PM
Cost: none.

Poor Form Poetry Auditions TOMORROW

Emily Luan ’15 writes in:

Do you have feelings? Do you love hearing people snap when you speak?

Audition to be a part of Middlebury’s performance poetry group!
Poor Form Poetry is comprised of Midd’s most outspoken, sultry, and
slamtastic poets, Poor Form is sure to keep your ears cozy, your
fingers snappin’, and your mouth salivatin’.
We generally meet once a week to workshop, work on performance, and

Auditions will be held on Wednesday September 17th from 7-9pm in Axinn

You’ll need to bring a poem you wrote yourself that you feel
comfortable reading to us. It doesn’t have to be memorized but if you
already have something memorized feel free to use that.

Poor Form is excited to hear from you!

Also, this.

When: Tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 17, 7-9 PM
Where: Axinn 219
Cost: don’t forget to bring a poem!

Museum of Art Exhibit: Tibetan Thangka Paintings

Today marks the opening of what promises to be an amazing exhibition of Tibetan thangka paintings in the Museum of Art in the CFA.  History of Art and Architecture Professor Cynthia Packert will give an introductory lecture at 4:30, detailing the significance of thangka in Buddhism, and the development of the form.  This may seem a bit dry, but it most certainly is not.  Thangka paintings go hand in hand with deity visualization meditations, and, put simply, represent images Buddhist masters construct in their own heads.  Prettty rad.  In addition to their exceptional detail and beauty, thangka puts into imagery key tenets of the Buddhist faith, and tell intricate stories of deities and bodhisattvas on the path to enlightenment. Professor Packert’s lecture will no doubt provide a road map for navigating these intricate works. The paintings, many of which are over 18 centuries old, are on loan from Amherst College’s Mead Art Museum, and will be on display until December 7.  Hope to see you there.

When: lecture at 4:30, exhibit on display until December 7
Where: Museum of Art in the CFA
Cost: your enlightenment

Kate Gridley: Passing Through: Portraits of Emerging Adults


Middlebury-based artist Kate Gridley, known for her subtle portayals of the human character, currently has a series of portraits of young adults on display in the CFA and in the Jackson Gallery in the Town Hall Theater.  Particularly relevant to the student body and youth of Middlebury, the exhibit features both paintings and sound portraits of seventeen emerging adults who have come and gone through her studio over the past few years, the full body of work offering poignant insight into and reflection upon the transitional space between adolescence and adulthood.  The exhibit is as much observational as it is interactive, and Gridley intends for the work as a “springboard to develop community through curricular connections with local schools, story telling workshops, parallel art exhibits and performances,” hoping to spur dialogue about this critical transitional period.  ”Passing Through: Portraits of Emerging Adults,” will be on display in Middlebury until October 26 before continuing on to upstate New York and New Hampshire.

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Ahoy Middlebury! Through the combined powers of MCAB, WRMC, and MMU, we are proud to present S.O.S. Fest, a two-day musical bonanza. This “Start Of School” Festival aims to be the much-needed life preserver among the rising tides of schoolwork. Come feast your ears on an 8-act lineup boasting bands from Midd to the Pacific, with genres ranging from R&B to indie rock. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in store:

Iron Eyes Cody: Everything from slow and haunting to dancy and electrifying, Iron Eyes Cody utilizes saxophone, harmonica, modulated guitar and electric piano to create a diverse sound. The group’s lyrically intense, original songs can best be described as the soundtrack to your next road trip.

Caroline Rose: A gospel meets country meets blues meets alternative potpourri of toe tapping poetry set to music, this Burlington-based, self proclaimed modern-day hobo screams ‘MURCIA.

TV Girl: Poppy-chillwave never felt so good. This pop-duo blurs the line between multi-colored pop-hop and bittersweet nostalgia to create a sound that will have you whistling their tunes long after they’ve left the stage.

Delicate Steve: Steve is back to serve up a fresh plate of tasty licks. With flying guitar riffs bathed in folksy twang, Delicate Steve’s sound is freedom embodied.

Milk Chocolate: They’ve been known to be funky. To be reggae. To groove. You’ve no doubt heard of them around campus. Come out student band/delicious beverage Milk Chocolate and experience the dairy goodness.

Modern Diet: The second in a back-to-back billing of bands with names relating to food, Modern Diet mixes up indie rock with R&B to create delectably catchy jams with zero calories!

Poor Remy: You may remember them from their soulful performance at McCulloughfest 2k13 or you may just be a fan of their upbeat folk tunes. Poor Remy is the type of band that makes you feel like you’re singing around a campfire with your closest friends even when there are no fires to be found.

Vundabar: Hailing from Boston and bringing the surf vibez Beantown is known for is three piece garage rock outfit Vundabar. Their debut album, Antics, is chock full of zippy guitar riffs and falsettos.

When: Friday, September 12th – Saturday, September 13th, 7 PM both nights
Where: Voter Lawn
Cost: FREE

The Caiçara: J-term Documentary by Tommy Hyde ’14.5

Whether you were interested in the beautiful country of Brazil before this summer’s ragin’ World Cup or not (BTW USA! FUCK YA @ 4PM TODAY!), once you watch this awesome documentary-style video by Tommy Hyde ’14.5 you will certainly be scratchin’ for a trip down south. Tommy spent J-term 2014 living the Brazilian beach life in the small, non-touristy, fisherman-fueled town of Bonete, Brazil. This video was his final project. Check out Tommy’s description of the experience below. Definitely worth watching (make sure those subtitles are on unless you’ve mastered português as well)!

“So this was pretty much the best month of my life. Rita Croce ’14 was a hero and set me up with a little hut her family owns on this beach. I got to eat coconuts, surf everyday, and hang out with these really amazing fishermen.

For the first week or so, I got a lot of weird looks. For one – there are very few tourists that stay in Bonete for longer than a few days, and it’s extremely rare to see any Americans. So a gringo staying for a month was confusing for the people there. However I gradually started to integrate – surfing with the locals, drinking beers with the old folks at the little bar at night, and even going to a few church services.

Marcelo, the centerpiece of the doc, was also a very shy guy. He is a man of few words, and was at first hesitant to open his life to me…even more hesitant about sharing with the camera. By the end of January however, right when my Portuguese was decent, he opened up and allowed me to film two days at his fishing outpost and conduct a single interview. It was a learn-on-the-fly experience in every way, and I’m privileged to have spent quality time with such an inspiring person in such a beautiful place.”

And here’s the link to the video again if ya missed it:

Support Midd Filmmakers: “Cowgirls”

Today is the last day to support a Middlebury student/alumni project on Kickstarter! Midd grad Ben Kramer ’13.5 is working on an epic filmmaking project this summer along with Maddie Lawler, Anna Carol, Tito Son, and Sarah Briggs (all ’14.5) and they could use your support.  Here’s a brief excerpt from the project description, but check out the page for much more info and to donate.

American folklore is anchored by legends of the frontier and the men who tamed it. The cowboy is iconic—we see him in John Wayne, the Marlboro man, the hero who rides into the sunset. But there is a glaring absence in the cultural documentation of the American West… what about the cowgirl?

Our vision is to create a documentary about Claudia Ogilvie and Patti Hayes, two cowgirls who over fifty years of riding horses and working together in the stock industry of the West have formed a life long friendship. These two women grew up doing anything that a cowboy could do and oftentimes doing it better.

A note from Kramer – “The topics, characters and landscape all have a ton of potential and although we’ve already reached our goal, each and every donation helps the final product. Everything is appreciated. Hop on board before it’s too late!”

I can’t wait to see the final product. For those loyal readers who might know me (tutankhamen), you know that I have graduated. I will submit my official resignation from middbeat soon, I promise. But for now I can’t help but promote awesome student projects like this.  

TODAY: Art Installation – Hear Nick Smaller’s Emotions

Poster - Nicholas Smaller

Nick Smaller ’14 will be presenting a unique art installment tonight in Coltrane.  Here’s how he described it:

It’s a performative sound installation where i’ll be using an EEG to read my emotions, which will then be converted into tone intervals that are representative of those emotions. Come and hear how I feel about you.  I won’t be speaking, but I’ll be loud.

Science meets art I suppose. You’ll have two opportunities for an aural peek inside Nick’s mind, check it out from 6-9 pm or during midnight breakfast from 11 pm – 1 am.

Date: Wednesday, May 14
Time: 6 – 9 PM and 11 PM – 1 AM
Place: Coltrane Lounge


man forever sweat

John Colpitts ’95  a.k.a. Kid Millions will be performing as Man Forever tonight in Coltrane with our own English sonicwaves superman graduating senior Nick Smaller ’14. I’ve had the privilege of seeing these guys perform back in 2012 and have the poster from the event. It said MAN FOREVER, HERE, 9 pm. I promise you that Man Forever is an experience that can not be put into words. The infamous Grady Trela ’13  interviewed Kid Millions 2 years ago, check out the interview here. A line from the interview: 

I’m really curious just to see what things will be like. When I was there, it was hard to find people who were into crazy music like me.  I’m curious to see what is compelling to students in college now.

When: Sunday, TONIGHT, 9pm (will run till about 9:40)
Where: Coltrane Lounge

Show up middlebury. The piece they will be playing is called THE CLEAR REALIZATION. Read a review from The Quietus here