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The Caiçara: J-term Documentary by Tommy Hyde ’14.5

Whether you were interested in the beautiful country of Brazil before this summer’s ragin’ World Cup or not (BTW USA! FUCK YA @ 4PM TODAY!), once you watch this awesome documentary-style video by Tommy Hyde ’14.5 you will certainly be scratchin’ for a trip down south. Tommy spent J-term 2014 living the Brazilian beach life in the small, non-touristy, fisherman-fueled town of Bonete, Brazil. This video was his final project. Check out Tommy’s description of the experience below. Definitely worth watching (make sure those subtitles are on unless you’ve mastered português as well)!

“So this was pretty much the best month of my life. Rita Croce ’14 was a hero and set me up with a little hut her family owns on this beach. I got to eat coconuts, surf everyday, and hang out with these really amazing fishermen.

For the first week or so, I got a lot of weird looks. For one – there are very few tourists that stay in Bonete for longer than a few days, and it’s extremely rare to see any Americans. So a gringo staying for a month was confusing for the people there. However I gradually started to integrate – surfing with the locals, drinking beers with the old folks at the little bar at night, and even going to a few church services.

Marcelo, the centerpiece of the doc, was also a very shy guy. He is a man of few words, and was at first hesitant to open his life to me…even more hesitant about sharing with the camera. By the end of January however, right when my Portuguese was decent, he opened up and allowed me to film two days at his fishing outpost and conduct a single interview. It was a learn-on-the-fly experience in every way, and I’m privileged to have spent quality time with such an inspiring person in such a beautiful place.”

And here’s the link to the video again if ya missed it:

Support Midd Filmmakers: “Cowgirls”

Today is the last day to support a Middlebury student/alumni project on Kickstarter! Midd grad Ben Kramer ’13.5 is working on an epic filmmaking project this summer along with Maddie Lawler, Anna Carol, Tito Son, and Sarah Briggs (all ’14.5) and they could use your support.  Here’s a brief excerpt from the project description, but check out the page for much more info and to donate.

American folklore is anchored by legends of the frontier and the men who tamed it. The cowboy is iconic—we see him in John Wayne, the Marlboro man, the hero who rides into the sunset. But there is a glaring absence in the cultural documentation of the American West… what about the cowgirl?

Our vision is to create a documentary about Claudia Ogilvie and Patti Hayes, two cowgirls who over fifty years of riding horses and working together in the stock industry of the West have formed a life long friendship. These two women grew up doing anything that a cowboy could do and oftentimes doing it better.

A note from Kramer – “The topics, characters and landscape all have a ton of potential and although we’ve already reached our goal, each and every donation helps the final product. Everything is appreciated. Hop on board before it’s too late!”

I can’t wait to see the final product. For those loyal readers who might know me (tutankhamen), you know that I have graduated. I will submit my official resignation from middbeat soon, I promise. But for now I can’t help but promote awesome student projects like this.  

TODAY: Art Installation – Hear Nick Smaller’s Emotions

Poster - Nicholas Smaller

Nick Smaller ’14 will be presenting a unique art installment tonight in Coltrane.  Here’s how he described it:

It’s a performative sound installation where i’ll be using an EEG to read my emotions, which will then be converted into tone intervals that are representative of those emotions. Come and hear how I feel about you.  I won’t be speaking, but I’ll be loud.

Science meets art I suppose. You’ll have two opportunities for an aural peek inside Nick’s mind, check it out from 6-9 pm or during midnight breakfast from 11 pm – 1 am.

Date: Wednesday, May 14
Time: 6 – 9 PM and 11 PM – 1 AM
Place: Coltrane Lounge


man forever sweat

John Colpitts ’95  a.k.a. Kid Millions will be performing as Man Forever tonight in Coltrane with our own English sonicwaves superman graduating senior Nick Smaller ’14. I’ve had the privilege of seeing these guys perform back in 2012 and have the poster from the event. It said MAN FOREVER, HERE, 9 pm. I promise you that Man Forever is an experience that can not be put into words. The infamous Grady Trela ’13  interviewed Kid Millions 2 years ago, check out the interview here. A line from the interview: 

I’m really curious just to see what things will be like. When I was there, it was hard to find people who were into crazy music like me.  I’m curious to see what is compelling to students in college now.

When: Sunday, TONIGHT, 9pm (will run till about 9:40)
Where: Coltrane Lounge

Show up middlebury. The piece they will be playing is called THE CLEAR REALIZATION. Read a review from The Quietus here

Holi Celebration SUNDAY

International Cultural Immersion in Vermont, whutup

International Cultural Immersion in Vermont, wowe!

a) Are you interested in Indian “culture”, music and festivals?

c) Do you want to do something really fun on a Saturday afternoon?

d) Do you like colors and water being thrown at you?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, come celebrate Holi, the Indian festival of colors and welcome the season of Spring on Battell Beach on SUnday. And remember, as the Facebook page wisely warns, it’s best you wear something you don’t mind getting dirty. Great company and great music guaranteed.

Date: Sunday, 11th of May*
Time: 2:00 to 4:00 pm
Place: Battell Beach

*note the change in date

OPENING TOMORROW: The Hangman, A Suicide Comedy by Jake Schwartzwald


It’s rare that we get to see a totally student-created production, but this play fits the bill.  Written and Directed by Jake Schwartzwald ’14, The Hangman will make its world premiere tonight in the Hepburn Zoo. I know this guy personally and have had the pleasure of hearing about the creative process (for years) and even attending a reading while the playwriting was still in progress (the first half was awesome). Here’s a nice synopsis from the playwright himself:

Connor is a dead man, stuck amongst the living. When his suicide produces unexpected consequences, he finds himself thrust into a world of farcical self-discovery, sexual revelation, and blathering Buddhism. Romances ignite, ideologies crumble, and dietary restrictions prevail in this wild, fast-paced dark comedy.

The Cast: Jackson Prince ’17, Boone McCoy-Crisp ’16, Leah Sarbib ’15.5, and Caitlin Duffy ’15.5.

Four Shows:
Friday 5/9 – 8 PM & 10:30 PM
Saturday 5/10 – 2 PM

Sunday 5/11 – 8 PM

Place: Heburn Zoo
Cost: $4 (get your tickets at go/boxoffice)
Run time 1 hour. 

Middlebrow Presents: BALL

Middlebrow Spring 2014 #3


Middlebrow Improve Comedy will be performing tonight at 10 PM in the Abernethy Room (Axinn) in what will be their final show of the semester.  The show promises to be a great time, but also an emotional evening, as Senior and longest tenured group member Matthew Ball ’14 will be making his final appearance with Middlebrow.  Freshman Jackson Prince ’17 has been feeling pretty shook up as Matt’s final show approaches, “I feel like I just met Mark yesterday.  Like, I barely know the guy!  Why, Mike? Why are you leaving us??”

Take heart Jackson, and all ye faithful Ball-boys and girls.  We still have one more evening to enjoy Matt’s skills as a comedian, improvisor, and competitive eater.

Where: Abernethy Room
When: 10 PM
Cost:  –

TONIGHT: Room 404 Issue 3 Release

404 Issue 3 Release Party Poster


Interdisciplinary publication Room 404 releases its third issue tonight.

Nick Smaller ’14 and Hubert Adjei-Kontoh ’14 to spin jazz/funk vinyl.

Food by the Co-Op.

Contributors to this issue include: Kate Leib ’16, Stephanie Roush ’14, Maddie Dai ’14, Dylan Otterbein ’16, Sally Caruso ’15.5, Sam Tolzmann ’14.5, Izzy Ocampo ’14

WHEN: TONIGHT (Thursday), 8:30
WHERE: Self-Reliance Solar Decathlon House
WHY: Copious free food, chillin’ on the porch of Solar D in the balmy nighttime, all your friends (bring them), Estonian synth-funk from the 80s? Also there’s this publication.