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RealFood Week!

Tomorrow is the first day of Real Food Week, organized by EatReal, a weeklong symposium of events focused on sustainable food. Discussing the realities of our current food system and proposing future solutions, the week will investigate the complexities of food sourcing at Middlebury. Our dining purchases reflect our values – environmental and social – as a college. What is our role in creating a more resilient, ecologically sound, and just food system?

Stop by some of the events listed below to offer your perspective and engage in some thoughtful conversations.

-Noah Stone ’16.5 and Ben Clark ’16, EatReal’s leadership this semester.

RFW sched

Middlebury’s Fading Honor Code in the New York Times

Yes! We’ve made it to New York Times!


“The campus tour for prospective Middlebury students stops in a corridor outside a much-frequented eatery at the student center. Here, the guide directs their attention to a glass case exhibiting signatures of every freshman who has signed the honor code, a pledge made during orientation. To high school students fresh out of the SAT and A.P. grind, these signatures suggest that the competition for high scores is over; learning would now be fuller and more meaningful. Lowering their gaze, however, they might notice three trash bins lined up under the display. This juxtaposition looks to be a fitting metaphor for Middlebury’s attitude toward its honor code.”


at least we recycle…

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Dean Shirley Collado: People You Haven’t Really Met Yet

Dean Shirley Collado has a new post up on her blog about creating more organic connections between students, faculty, and staff members.  Read and comment below.

When I go to 51 Main, I feel as though I am close to a little piece of home (Brooklyn, New York) because I run into all types of people there. Not just students. Not just townspeople. But everyone imaginable. They are enjoying a shared interest, mingling, being together in the same place. Worlds collide there in a way that feels comfortable. But on campus, this sort of mingling does not occur as much as I would like, and I feel we are worse off for it.

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Nominate your peers/students for Leadership Awards


The wonderful Jennifer Herrera wants you to know about Student Leadership Awards. Anyone in the community can nominate a student/student organization. There are a couple of different awards check them out: 

There are many awards and prizes that honor Middlebury College students for their leadership and engagement in campus and community life.

Students, faculty, and staff are all invited to nominate students or student groups for the annual Student Leadership Awards.

Visit go/awards to learn more and to submit nominations electronically. The deadline to nominate is March 20.

Heres a list of the different awards:  Continue reading

REGISTRAR: Add Period and Pass/D/Fail Ends today

The registrar's office today

The registrar’s office today

Quick, today is the last day!  Head to the registrar’s office to ADD a class or invoke the Pass/D/Fail option.  This option is fairly new and can be super useful for those of you who want to take a class in an unfamiliar field that may be particularly challenging, among other reasons.

If you’re confused about any of that, the Registrar’s website is super helpful.

Submit your add cards to the office by 5 pm today.  An insider tip: Any add cards that make it into the submissions box by 8:15 tomorrow morning will be accepted.  You can drop classes on Banner Web until 5 pm today or with a physical card until March 14.   



Trust – Do We Deserve More?


I got booted from the 100 days party this past weekend and I deserved it.  Below is the story of my drunken antics and the realization I came to after some sober reflection. Check out this related opinion article from today’s Middlebury Campus for something more civil.

Here’s what went down: I was drinking a cup of water and also wanted to dance. Radical, I know.  I ignored the signs saying “no beverages allowed” and proceeded to enter the social space.  When approached by a member of Green Mountain Security who told me to please bring my water outside the room, I threw my cup in the air and exclaimed, “Look, no more water!”  That’s when I got escorted out of the building, one guy on each arm. Fair enough, I had been an asshole. On the way out, I quite ineloquently tried to make a point.  Gesturing to the party going on around me, I said “Look around…this party is for me!” He said “No, this party is for seniors,” to which I responded, “Right, I’m a senior!” as if that made total sense.  

Well, it does make sense, at least to me.  At a party held in our honor and to celebrate our seniority and upcoming graduation, I find it ridiculous that I couldn’t even step outside for some damn fresh air. I get the no beverage on the dance floor rule – when it gets slippery, people get hurt.  But the rest of the rules simply set the bar low for our behavior.

I was treated like a child and, in my drunken state, I felt I had no option but to act out and be childish in my response.  I apologize for disrespecting the security folks and anyone that may have gotten wet or slipped on the water I spilled/threw in the air, but now it’s time to evaluate the bigger picture.  Continue reading

Cheat much?

My suggestion.

My suggestion.

The SGA is working on solving a big problem: cheating.  They need input from students.  If you have been ignoring the all student emails about this, take a minute to do the survey now (or go/hcsurvey).  There’s prizes.  Results are supposed to come out in the Spring.

Our friends at The Middlebury Campus did a big piece on the reality of cheating in October.  It’s worth a read, especially if you’re not already aware of the rampant honor code violations.

Did you know that the honor code requires students to report other students?

Any member of the College community (student, faculty, or administrator) who is aware of a case of academic dishonesty is morally obligated to report it to the professor or the Judicial Affairs Officer.

Read the full document here.  Comment below if you’ve got an idea about how to curtail this behavior, or if you think it’s no big deal.

What’s the Deal with the Weather???

It was 55 degrees this morning. There was a torrential downpour of Biblical proportions. Now it’s sunny and 36 degrees. The high for tomorrow? 11 degrees. Oh, and there’s a “polar vortex” determined to take the fingers and toes of everyone in the Minnesota.

WTF you guys. J-Term Cray-Term.

Thank you to Tim Parsons, Middlebury’s Landscape Horticulturist, who sent us some cool photos of water where it shouldn’t be, and thank you to Facilities for saving the day, every day. Also- if you send us a picture of yourself swimming in the new Gampitheater pool, we’ll post it and pay for your hypothermia treatment.



2013: middbeat Year in Review

This year, on planet Earth:

Miley twerked and rode construction equipment. The government shut down (and so did the Obamacare website, for awhile). Edward Snowden leaked big secrets and then searched for a safe haven. The war in Syria turned biological. Wendy Davis filibustered. So did Ted Cruz. George Zimmerman was acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin (and other charges). The US Supreme Court struck down DOMA. Tragedy struck at the Boston Marathon. The Pope resigned, and his replacement was TIME’s person of the year, maybe a Marxist, and way less creepy-looking than his predecessor). BEYONCE broke the Super Bowl and the internet. Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines. Over 300 million unlucky people got that song stuck in their heads.

this is Ylvis and I wouldn't mind if that fox said "nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom and ate them.

this is Ylvis and I’m sorry but I wouldn’t mind if that fox said “nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom” and ate them

What a year, huh?! A lot of other things happened this year, too, and they’re on Top ___s of 2013 lists scattered across the internet. There are so many Top ___s of 2013 Lists that someone should probably make a List of Top ___s of 2013 Lists list. But not us, because we made a list of our own!

2013 was a big year for middbeat, too. Drumroll, please…


TA-DAAAAA! i made this on the internet and it took me longer than it should have. 

By the Numbers

In 2013, we:

  • Celebrated our 1st birthday! 
  • Published over 600 posts
  • Got over 234,000 pageviews…
  • ….from over 54,000 unique visitors (“unique” as in, my mom visits the site every 5 minutes but she only gets counted once)

And here’s a profile of you, our visitors–

  •  You visited us from 172 countries/territories. A special shout-out to our 1 visitor from Myanmar. Rock on. 
  • You used 39 different browsers and 478 different types of mobile devices. Props to the 2 people who used their Nintendo 3DS.
  • You left 935 comments (not including the spam ones about “secret millionaires club” or “poker-online-indonesia,” sadly)
  • Nearly 2,000 of you linked to us from middleburyconfessional. Busted.
  • of you was [the real, verified] President Ron Liebowitz! Thank you for reading and for your kind, encouraging words on one of our earliest articles, MOTHA FUCKIN SNOW BALL FIGHT.

Our Top Stories of 2013 (by number of unique views)

  1. Flags commemorating 9/11 taken down as political statement.  9/11/13. 
  2. Middlebury Student Dies in Car Crash. 7/1/13.
  3. Blacks are Lazy and Gays are Bad Parents? (updated w/ audio) 11/21/13.
  4. Local High School Kids Made A Video About Middlebury Students and It’s Pretty Amazing. 11/12/13
  5. Enemies of the State: Pussy Riot and the New Russian Protest Rock. 2/25/13.
  6. 10 Best Places to Poop on Campus. 11/18/13.
  7. Liebowitz Ends Purple Jesus. 5/23/13. (or does he…)
  8. Check out this amazing video of our beautiful campus. 10/16/13.
  9. Middlebury Senior Charged With Felony Sexual Assault. 5/19/13.
  10. Middlebury Community Council Releases RLC Report. 3/12/13.

Getting Sentimental

It’s been cool to look back through the archives and see how middbeat has grown and changed over the past year. We’re grateful that so many of you have jumped on board to help us improve. Thank you for your story tips, your event submissions, and your article shares. Thank you for posting thoughtful comments, for starting conversations, and for keeping them going. We think that middbeat is a valuable forum for the Middlebury community past, present, and future, and all of you help make make that happen. So hey, thank you.

We also owe a big thanks to the folks who joined the middbeat team this year. Whether you wrote about the Gettysburg Address or poop, thank you for contributing your voices. The more dedicated beaters, the better. if you’re interested in regularly writing for us, we’d love to have you! shoot us an email at middbeat [at] gmail [dot] com.

Enjoy the rest of Winter Break, everyone. Can’t wait to break all our New Years Resolutions with you in 2014. XCITED GET WILD OVER J-TERRRMMMMM!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3, <3, <3

President Ron Liebowitz Announces He Will Step Down Next Year


Courtesy of Kalechipz

I’m in the middle of finals so I haven’t realized exactly what this means or will look like for the future but heres Ron’s letter for those who don’t read their emails:

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Today, the Middlebury Board of Trustees met for its December meeting in New York City. It was a significant meeting and I am taking the unusual step of sending this report immediately following our adjournment.

At the meeting I informed the board that I will be stepping down as president effective June 30, 2015, when my current five-year agreement expires and upon completing 11 years in office. It has been an honor of the highest order to serve as the 16th president of this remarkable institution and a gratifying and extraordinary experience, every day, for Jessica and for me.

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