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Live Blog of Tailgate PSA

We’re up. Live blog after the jump.

Here’s the final resolution from my perspective (last paragraph of the live blog):

“Moral is, there will likely be a change in how the policy procedure is implemented, namely that President Custer and Co-Chair Bogen will be informed of all potential changes and inform the student body about those we care most about before they are implemented. However, the tailgating alcohol policy will absolutely not be reversed, and is, according to Quinn, namely based on the inconsistency between NESCAC and Midd policy saying they don’t allow alcohol at sporting events and promise to provide a hospitable environment, and our previous allowing of alcohol and allowing the “dangerous and inhospitable” tailgating environment to persist. He doesn’t think it makes sense to allow alcohol at football events and not any other sporting events, and hopes that the positive crowd environment at events like field hockey or basketball can transfer over to football, without alcohol. Also, they hesitate to confirm that their lack of communication was disrespectful, as it was not grounded or motivated by disrespect.”

Additionally, worth sharing this recently found video of the 2012 Middlebury Homecoming Tailgate. Watch for yourselves and decide whether this is totally out of control. Granted, it’s only from one student’s perspective, but looks like harmless, well-deserved fun, to me.

Over Exposed: Homecoming 2012 from Benjamin Kramer on Vimeo.

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Middbeat LIVE BLOG of Tailgate Policy PSA at 7 PM

As you know, tonight at the RAJ House there will be a meeting about the newly implemented tailgate policy with Athletic Director Erin Quinn, Dean of Students Katy Smith Abott, and the SGA, led by President Taylor Custer ’15. All students are invited, and everyone should come.

Middbeat wil be live blogging this event tonight, starting at 7 pm, on Make it over to RAJ if you can, and if you can’t, we’ve got you updated. For more information on the meeting, click here.

Tailgate Policy PSA

AlumniStadium-FootballIf you’re a student here, chances are you’re pissed about the new tailgating policy. At the RAJ (Robert A. Jones Conference Center) at 7 PM tomorrow night there will be a meeting about the policy with Athletic Director Erin Quinn, Dean of Students Katy Smith Abott, and the SGA, led by President Taylor Custer ’15. All students are invited, and everyone should come. This is a chance not only to make your feelings about the tailgating policy felt, but support the SGA in giving students a voice. It’s great to make noise on the internet (thank you, we the Midd Kids!), but even better to take action. It’s a lot harder for the administration to ignore us when we actually show up to meetings like this to make ourselves heard. So 7 PM tomorrow night, RAJ Conference Center. See you there.


If you want to see what specific bill will be discussed, here it is: Continue reading

Fight For Our Right (to party). Then Fight For Our Other Rights too.

Discussion about the new ban on alcohol at Middlebury football tailgates has caused community wide discussion about drinking culture, school spirit, collective Middlebury identity, fundtraising,and the role of the administration in regulating college social life.  This piece, written by a frequent middbeat contributor, puts the wide range of opinions into perspective in an effort to focus the discussion its core elements of social liberty, administration-student relations, and creating a healthy social environment at the school.  Please continue to comment and share your thoughts as this discussion matures.

When this writer last checked the SGA’s We the Middkids website, the petition to make Reverse Changes to the New Tailgating Policy had 2,231 votes. While there are a variety of things that this statistic may be symptomatic of, it definitely does a good job of showing the amount of people that have come together to rally against this, and how. With the slew of emails, Middbeat posts, Facebook updates and angry Proctor conversations that have been centered around the recent decision made by the administration, it is evident that this has become a hot topic for the student body here at Middlebury, and there are many people both for and against the changes with many extremely valid opinions.

Yet, the scale of this unrest provokes the need to ask a simple question: Why is this so important to our community?

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Sign the Petition to Bring Back Tailgating

You’ve heard about the new Middlebury College regulations on tailgating. No alcohol. No music. Ostensibly, no fun.

It’s absurd, it’s wrong, it’s insulting. Namely, it’s just counterproductive.

It’s time to make a change. Sign this student-created Petition to Bring Back Tailgating now, if you’re in favor of this argument, and send it to as many alumni as possible. If the Midd administration won’t listen to the students actually living the Middlebury on-campus experience right now, maybe they’ll realize their absurdity if the alumni speak up. If not, one consequence of this policy is clear: a serious drop in alumni donations. 

Importantly, whatever your opinion might be, be sure to voice your thoughts on this matter by commenting on the middbeat tailgate feature here. We hope to provide a safe space for all viewpoints to be shared and for effective, respectful communication to be fostered.

Just When You Thought Social Life Surveillance Couldn’t Get Any Higher: Alcohol Now Banned at Middlebury Tailgates

Few activities signify fall more than a good tailgate.  Bundled up, grilling, kicking it with friends and family, talking about the game (or not), and cracking a beer (or two) is one of the most familiar and enjoyable activities of the season. While we at Midd can continue to enjoy the first four of that set, the fifth has been eliminated by a new Public Safety Policy banning alcoholic beverages at tailgates, the latest in the increasingly strict regulation of campus party life.

And, to make matters worse, it’s not just alcohol that’s been banned. Brace yourselves: even music is no longer allowed. Laughing? You’re not alone. While many valid arguments can be made for and against alcohol consumption, banning music, arguably the least harmful social lubricant, is humorous. Innocent Tswamuno’s ‘15 response boldly resounds most students’ opinions on this matter: “With no music, what’s the point of tailgating at all? You’re sucking the love out of it all. Just let us have fun.”

While we will work to be objective in our discussion of this new policy, We can’t help but think “What. The. Fuck?”  Why take alcohol and music out of the equation for students over 21 at an age old tradition that takes place in broad daylight with readily accessible food right before attending a game at which alcohol is prohibited?

It’s unlikely we’ll receive an answer regarding these newly implemented alcohol and music bans straight from the horse’s mouth, but we can at least pick apart why this policy is a little, well, over the top. We’ll gauge student reactions in hopes of stirring discussion yet again about the increasingly omnipresent administrative surveillance of student social life at Middlebury College.

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Casually Renaming McCullough (Social Space)

Just got an email from Ron:

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I write to invite you to an event that will take place this Friday at 10:00 a.m. in the newly named Wilson Hall (formerly the McCullough Social Space). 

That’s where I stopped reading. The newly named Wilson Hall? What are we gonna start renaming all the buildings all of a sudden and casually mention it in an email? Maybe no one cares about this, but it’s definitely funny. All these building names, axinn, brooker, wilson, davis, munroe, stewart, cook, etc… are actually real people. Don’t know who McCullough is but I guess he’s not that important anymore.

Anyway this nonchalant announcement of a new name comes in the midst of many re-imagining (or re-claiming) McCullough summits. What was once designated as the pool, and then as a “social space” (<–highly suggest you watch that link), has become a multi-purpose building where our students buy snacks, check their mail, fill their laundry card, and do not feel trusted. There is hope though. The administration is looking for student input on the space and what it can become and I guess Ron took the first step by renaming it.

Heres the rest of the email we got:

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RealFood Week!

Tomorrow is the first day of Real Food Week, organized by EatReal, a weeklong symposium of events focused on sustainable food. Discussing the realities of our current food system and proposing future solutions, the week will investigate the complexities of food sourcing at Middlebury. Our dining purchases reflect our values – environmental and social – as a college. What is our role in creating a more resilient, ecologically sound, and just food system?

Stop by some of the events listed below to offer your perspective and engage in some thoughtful conversations.

-Noah Stone ’16.5 and Ben Clark ’16, EatReal’s leadership this semester.

RFW sched

Middlebury’s Fading Honor Code in the New York Times

Yes! We’ve made it to New York Times!


“The campus tour for prospective Middlebury students stops in a corridor outside a much-frequented eatery at the student center. Here, the guide directs their attention to a glass case exhibiting signatures of every freshman who has signed the honor code, a pledge made during orientation. To high school students fresh out of the SAT and A.P. grind, these signatures suggest that the competition for high scores is over; learning would now be fuller and more meaningful. Lowering their gaze, however, they might notice three trash bins lined up under the display. This juxtaposition looks to be a fitting metaphor for Middlebury’s attitude toward its honor code.”


at least we recycle…

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