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Middlebury’s Fading Honor Code in the New York Times

Yes! We’ve made it to New York Times!


“The campus tour for prospective Middlebury students stops in a corridor outside a much-frequented eatery at the student center. Here, the guide directs their attention to a glass case exhibiting signatures of every freshman who has signed the honor code, a pledge made during orientation. To high school students fresh out of the SAT and A.P. grind, these signatures suggest that the competition for high scores is over; learning would now be fuller and more meaningful. Lowering their gaze, however, they might notice three trash bins lined up under the display. This juxtaposition looks to be a fitting metaphor for Middlebury’s attitude toward its honor code.”


at least we recycle…

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People were designing a tea house this whole time….


I thought I was the only one thinking about building a tea house on Middlebury College Campus. All of a sudden I noticed this poster! Students and faculty have been working on making a tea house happen this whole time! The poster asks a great question: WHAT IF WE HAVE A TEA HOUSE?!?!

To find out what would happen if we had a tea house please come to this event today. Its happening in forty minutes. I was just there, there are a bunch of posters and a waterfall inside.

When: 4:30 Thursday Today
Where: Axinn Starr area with the waterfall

The truth is that what we really need on campus is a sauna, steam room, and hot tub. Its ridiculous that we don’t have these things in a school thats existed for 200 years! Have we learned nothing from the Romans? Anyway they give out a good message: With your Help, WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN! Go support tea house.

Nominate your peers/students for Leadership Awards


The wonderful Jennifer Herrera wants you to know about Student Leadership Awards. Anyone in the community can nominate a student/student organization. There are a couple of different awards check them out: 

There are many awards and prizes that honor Middlebury College students for their leadership and engagement in campus and community life.

Students, faculty, and staff are all invited to nominate students or student groups for the annual Student Leadership Awards.

Visit go/awards to learn more and to submit nominations electronically. The deadline to nominate is March 20.

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Turned into Sunshine: Sacro-Sexual Ecstasyand Black Women’s Vocal Performance

Didn’t know about this event till 5 minutes ago but I’m going to try to make it. What a name for a lecture… Its happening in 30 minutes, so..

Bettina Judd is an Assistant Professor at Mt. Holyoke College. Her website has a different projects listed with some information about them. Some snippets: 

-“Feelin’ Feminism: Black Women’s Art as Feminist Thought” is a project in academic prose that explores the feminist dimensions of feeling, emotion, and experience in Black women’s art. It contends that the systems of racism, sexism, and homophobia are felt in the body, mind, and spirit and that resistance to these systems must be felt as well.

-I developed patient. from a series of watercolors that I was working on in the healing process of a surgery where my left ovary had to be removed. These water-colors were influenced by the work of artists in the service of science and medicine who painted portraits of Native American and African peoples, and bisected women’s torsos for the purpose of study.

When: 1230 – 130 pm.
Where: Axinn 229.

Like Maps? Come to this talk today!


The talk is called Picturing the World: American Pictorial Maps, 1920-1960 and is presented byStephen Hornsby Professor of Geography and Canadian Studies at the University of Maine.

Hornsby recently presented this paper at the AAG with this as the abstract:

This paper has three aims: first, to survey and account for the remarkable upsurge in popular cartography in the United States in the early twentieth century, which culminated in a uniquely American way of depicting the globe during the Second World War; second, to challenge the prevailing association between power and maps that has dominated the history of cartography for the past two decades; and finally, to argue that our current ideas about what a map is needs to be radically reconsidered in light of American populist cartography.

When: Today 4:30pm
Where: Bihall 104

So now you know that it’s happening. Professor Anne Knowles says: What you may not know is that pictorial maps are full of surprises, wit, cultural significance, and historical meaning. The maps themselves are amazing.

(if you liked that map check it out in high quality)

Homecooked Meal – Fireside at Brooker


The Mountain Club invites ALL to come out to Brooker House tonight at 7 pm for a homecooked meal, music, and conversation around the fireplace with the Middlebury Mountain Club! Come in from the cold and warm up with real food! Bring friends and your own proctor bowl and we will see you at 7!!  All are Welcome!

Where: Brooker
When: Tonight at 7pm
Cost: Nothing but bring your own bowl
Why: friends, music, fireplace

Tonight! Art Exhibition Opening Reception – Levi Westerveld


One of our most talented artists, Levi Westerveld ’13.5, has shared with us another set of magnificent drawings. The Campus interviewed him in this weeks paper, and Middlebury Magazine did a while ago (with a video). Check out some of his other work here. Levi is a nice guy and he’d be glad to talk with about his artwork.  Heres what we got emailed: 

Celebrating the opening of “New Spaces, Same Identities,” an exhibit of charcoal and soft pastels portraits by Levi Westerveld ’15.5 depicting the faces of Chinese Migrant Workers. Portraits are accompanied by short biographies giving a historical and geographical context. The artist will give a short presentation and will be on hand to discuss his project. Light refreshment served. Sponsored by Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs, Chinese Department, The Chinese Society, and Vitality of the Artistic Community Association.

Where: RAJ Conference room
When: Tonight, 3/7, opening at 8pm.
Cost: nothingggg

Its snowing the most perfect snowflakes right now

some of Snowflake Bently's photographs. unreal.

some of Snowflake Bently’s photographs. unreal.

Its snowing the perfect snowflakes outside. By perfect snowflake I mean geometric masterpieces that are miraculously falling from the sky!!! Seriously, go outside and check out how everything is sparkling. Its so soft. Also if you look at any light source it makes a rainbow through the snow.As snow lover, Jeff Colt, says “Nothing can escape their beauty!”  <3 Vermont!


Also Check out Snowflake Bently’s pics. One of the first people (a Vermonter) to photograph this phenomena. Heres a guide how to take some great snowflake pictures by yourself. Email us if you get some good ones!

Also, heres a 2 minute winter video I made 2 years ago while living in Brooker:

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