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If You’re A Misogynist, Then I’m A Masochist (performance art, TONIGHT)


Maisie Ogata ’14, perhaps Middlebury’s most prolific performance artist, will perform two new pieces at M Gallery tonight. 

Maisie writes in her artist statement:

“I make work that makes me uncomfortable. My work is self involved and a bit obsessive. It’s messy. It’s ugly. It’s probably boring to a lot of people. It’s pathetic. It won’t let go. And it’s a bit crazy.”

Maisie’s work is almost guaranteed to make you uncomfortable. Her pieces tend to be raw and unforgiving. Discomfort, on the part of the artist and the viewer, make her performances refreshing and engaging. She avoids pretension, I think, by acknowledging that her work is self-involved not covering up her own discomfort while she performs. Her pieces feel direct and honest, and that makes them worth seeing.

Guaranteed you will not find a performance like this often on Middlebury campus. In four years at Middlebury, I have never seen something in the realm of Maisie’s work.

Date: TONIGHT (Thursday, March 13)
Time: 8 PM
Place: M Gallery (in the same building as Storm Café/The Old Stone Mill)
To be expected: Cheese, nudity

Get A Radio Show on WRMC 91.1 FM (tonight)


Tonight is the night (the only night) to get a radio show on WRMC 91.1 FM Middlebury College Radio. The semesterly WRMC DJ sign-up meeting is upon us. To get a radio show, you must attend the meeting, whether you’ve had a show in the past or not. (WRMC notes that if you absolutely can’t make it, you can email to make a special arrangement).

Below, check out a listenable version of the playlist on the poster.

Date: Thursday, Feb 13th
Time: 9 PM
Place: McCullough Social Space

Middbeat Premiere: A New Short Film by Dylan Redford

We’re excited to premiere the latest short film by Dylan Redford ’14. We don’t want to say too much. Maybe we should mention that it includes what could be called a pornographic scene. Let us know what you think in the comments.

After the jump, check out Redford’s previous film, How’s Everything, from the Fall 2012 Sight and Sound 2 class. While these two films are stylistically very different, they seem to share strong themes.

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Ally Silberkleit ’13.5 Thesis Art Show


Ally Silberkleit ’13.5, who has created some of the most compelling and well-crafted pieces to come out of Midd’s studio art program in recent years, is showing her thesis work in Johnson on Thursday afternoon.

To see some of Ally’s past work, check out a Baltimore (her new hometown) art blog’s coverage of her Fall 2013 M Gallery show here.

Virginia Yarboro ’14Sally Caruso ’15.5 and Dylan Otterbein ’16 will also have new work on display in Johnson, including video, sculpture, and painting.

Date: Thursday, 1/30
Time: 4:30-6 PM
Place: Johnson Pit Space
Free Food: Carrot cake, rice crispy treats, spring rolls, much cheese


Studio Art Senior Show (right now!)

The Studio Art Department’s senior exhibit opening is happening right now in Johnson, and will continue until 7:30. Check out thesis work by:

Hannah King ’13
Annie Ulrich ’13
Evio Isaac ’13

As always with these sorts of things, there’s sure to be some free food.

If you don’t make it to the opening, the show will be up for the next few days.


Studio Art Show Monday (tonight) 7PM

JohnJohn Show

Tonight (Monday), Sanford Mirling’s Advanced Studio Art class will present their independent work in the Johnson Pit Space, starting at 7PM. Expect performance, video, 3D and 2D pieces.

We’ve followed this class’s work over the course of the semester (they had a separate show up for the spring symposium), and we’re expecting tonight to feature some of the more radical and exciting stuff to come out of Midd’s Studio Art department in a while. If you make it to Johnson once this semester, this is probably the night you want to be there.

Also, some of the posters around have noted that the opening will feature “chicks” with power tools. seems worth noting.

There will be free pizza, doughnuts, coca cola and other drinks.

Works by:

Dylan Redford (video begins at: 7:00)
Hannah King
Maddie Dai
Maisie Ogata
Spencer Brown
Sophia Gubernick
Annie Ulrich
Evio Isaac
Ally Silberkleit

Alpenglow + A Smorgasbord Of Other Cool Shit: Tommorow in Johnson Pit

alpenglow poster

Tomorrow night (Friday), Alpenglow (campus folk-rock celebs) will headline a show in the Johnson Pit Space that will include multimedia collaboration with DJs, visual artists, and filmmakers.

Here’s the rundown:

- A site-specific, full room art installation, designed specifically for the show, by Robbie Seltzer.
- Projections by Dylan Redford and Moss Turpan.
- DJ sets inbetween acts and for the post-show afterparty, including J. Hunter and a special guest TBA.
Will Cuneo and his band will open.
Alpenglow will play NEW SONGS.

Alpenglow is giving away free merch for tonight’s show only.
- There will be two fog machines.
- There will be FOOD.

And everything is free. 

WHEN: Tomorrow (Friday), 9PM
WHERE: Johnson Pit Space
WHY: You’ll never see Alpenglow like this again, and we’ve never seen a multimedia collab quite like this before at Midd.

New Issue of Room 404 is out!

Issue 2 Promotion

Room 404, a new, interdisciplinary student publication that launched this J-term, just released its second issue. 

In this issue, you’ll find stuff like Choose Your Own Friday Night Adventure At Middlebury, a flowchart to figure out whether you’ve got hope of finding a job post-grad, and a series of illustrations about life lessons learned from studying trees.

Contributors include:

Eliza Wallace, Mack Pauly, Rika Murphy, Maya Goldberg-Safir, Patrick D’Arcy, Ian Stewart, M.J. Ames, Maddie Dai, Parker Ziegler, Dylan Otterbein, Meridith Messier, Alan Sanders, Mark Foard, Peter Murray, and Anna Ready-Campbell.

If you want a copy, email and you’ll have one delivered to your mailbox. 

Check it out!


Editors of n+1 Literary Magazine Give Talk

Previous-editions-of-N+1-magazine-by-Helen-MorganOn Thursday afternoon, three editors of the literary magazine n+1 are hosting a reading and discussion. If you’ve never heard of n+1, notes from people who like it:

“The best goddamn literary magazine in America.”
—Mary Karr

“Just when you’re thinking you’re intellectually alone in the world, something like n+1falls into your hands.”
—Jonathan Franzen

“n+1 is rigorous, curious and provocative. Intelligent thought is not dead in New York. It has simply moved to Brooklyn.”
—Malcolm Gladwell

From those don’t like it:

“is your journal really necessary?
– The New Criterion

The editors are set to talk about the trials and tribulations making a living as a writer, the role the literary magazine in today’s day and age, and current intellectual dialogue in the U.S., among other  things.

WHEN: Thursday (March 21) at 4:30
WHERE: The Orchard Room (Hillcrest 103)