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Arguably one of the better texts I’ve received in a long time. Screw Ross Commons’ free Reiki sessions… let’s all destress by jumping in some forty-foot hamster balls and trying to destroy each other. This is productive art if I’ve ever seen it. Thanks to Professor Sanford Mirling for assigning an epic final project, and to his Sculpture 2 Class for taking Sculpture 2. I’ll tell my profs they should consider following suit next semester.

WHERE: Battell Beach
WHEN: Tuesday, May 14 @ 2pm
COST: Arsty/Hipster/Athlete mindset all at once.

If you’re curious what such a battle might look like, I think I’ve found a JV version: Continue reading


The Middlebury Narrative Journalism Fellows bring you a SNEAK PEAK PROMO VIDEO for (arguably) the coolest event of the semester NEXT TUESDAY, MAY 14…

The Middlebury Narrative Journalism Fellows have been working hard all year to produce 16 new “How Did You Get Here?” pieces. Since 2008 student Narrative Journalism Fellows have been crafting digital portraits of the Middlebury student body through audio and photography. The question is simple: How did you get here? The responses are honest, insightful, mind blowing, heart wrenching, relatable, admirable, awe inspiring, really fucking cool, you name it. The point is, they’re worth watching.

The 2013 Middlebury College Narrative Journalism “How Did You Get Here” showcase will be on May 14th. Lots of pizza, desserts, and good company. Stop by for any/all of the videos, they will be streaming continuously!

WHERE: Axinn Room 229
WHEN: Tuesday, May 14 from 5-7pm
COST: freee

Special thanks to NJF Fellow Josh Swartz ’14 for composing this awesome promo vid, and all the 2013 NJF Fellows:  Continue reading