20 Things Liberal Arts Students Need to Know At a Professional Internship

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So it’s late July, and if you’re a college student packed in a sweaty shoebox-sized city apartment like I am, you’re probably a large portion of your way through the “golden ticket” to post-grad success: the summer internship.

At small liberal arts colleges (hello, NESCAC) like mine, once April rolls around “So what’s your summer plan?” questions start spreading like the flu in January, and if you haven’t landed a summer internship, well, “Yikes!” Now, of course, there are many of us that graduate and lead successful, fulfilling careers without ever achieving intern status (Yes, really!). But we aren’t TOTALLY crazy: According to the National Association of Colleges & Employers 2014 Internship & Co-op Student Survey, about 60 percent of interns received full-time job offers last year.

Unpaid, paid, stipend, free Chipotle under the table — however they’ve lured you in, you’re here: the aspiring liberal arts academic pretending to know something about law, finance, marketing, journalism, you name it. Plus, if you spend the other nine months a year amid farmland like me, you’re probably equally overwhelmed by the subway system (wait, they don’t stop for bikers here?!) as you are by the professional work environment.

But as liberal arts students it seems we are taught just about everything BESIDES professional skills. Sure, we’ve read an (un)healthy amount of Shakespeare, can lead a kick-ass community service project, and can likely spit a random fact or two about anything from quantum physics to Russian history (ask us about our distros, I dare you). But is being “well-rounded” really the key to success when your boss is spitting terrifyingly unrecognizable acronyms and you’re the only one in the room not salivating like Pavlov’s dog (hey, at least we get the reference!)?

We might have some seriously frustrating moments, but we’re doing a hell of a lot better than you might think based on the smirks people give you when you tell them you’re English major. Check out this list for a laugh about everything us lib arts kids know (or NEED to) so we can swim, not sink, among our fellow pre-professional interns this summer.

1. The majority of co-workers don’t recognize your school.

They probably don’t know it by name, or know where it is. Nothing makes you cringe like hearing “Oh I’ve never heard of it, is that a community school?”

2. You should appear totally chill when no other interns know your college.

It’s not the Harvard business major’s fault that the whole world heralds her brand name. Plus, your less-blabbed-about institution just amps your unique flare.

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7 Ways to Relieve Your Ridiculously Awful Weekend Hangover at Middlebury

Your Sunday just got a whole lot easier...

So while many of you have deserted campus for the summer, some of Middlebury’s finest have stayed to soak up those Vermont rays, check out all the best hidden swim spots, and, oh yeah – party (maybe a little too much, but hey, no classes right?!). We’re here to share some tips on navigating your mind-numbing hangover, Midd-style.

1. 11 AM(ish) Proctor. Be there.

What better way to alleviate your morning-after headache-slamin’ sorrows than seeking solace in the masses? Thankfully, there’s a solid chance at least 75% of the dining hall is suffering right along side you. Grab some grub, a good viewing table (beware of proximity to last nights HU, or sit awkwardly close. Whatever works for you), and remember (or try to) all your Saturday night escapades alongside Middlebury’s finest.

2. Shower and change those clothes.

Nothing worse than wearing Grille remains or evidence of last night’s punch. Whether it’s a too-tight dress or a questionably stained T-shirt, a solid wash and switch to Sunday’s best (or just a your favorite sweatsuit) can go a long way to preserve any semblance of personal integrity.

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Alpenglow July Tour – BURLINGTON, SATURDAY 7/19



1538671_791671237552080_2244547970361924239_nMiddlebury’s favorite folky band’s July tour is in full swing, featuring stops throughout the Northeast over the next month.  The Alpenglow tour will most likely feature new material from the band’s forthcoming EP “Chapel” due out this fall, and the band will be featuring Vermont filmmaker John Douglas’ Glacier to accompany their already ethereal sound.  Whether you’re doing an internship in D.C., NYC, or Boston, on a New England vacation, chilling in the Catskills, or spending the summer at Midd, Alpenglow won’t be far off, so don’t miss out.  For more deets on the tour, see here, and click after the jump to check out the band’s new video for “Brothers in Crime” from the upcoming EP.


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Hot New Map of Swimming Holes near Midd!


Need to cool off? In Middlebury for the summer, or dreaming of the Green Mountains while melting in a far-away city? Check out this map of the best swimming, jumping and sunbathing spots close to Midd. Map designed by Levi Westerveld ‘15.5, Dan Barnes ’15, and Teddy Smyth ’15, with extensive field testing.  Comment with other spots or rating corrections.

The Caiçara: J-term Documentary by Tommy Hyde ’14.5

Whether you were interested in the beautiful country of Brazil before this summer’s ragin’ World Cup or not (BTW USA! FUCK YA @ 4PM TODAY!), once you watch this awesome documentary-style video by Tommy Hyde ’14.5 you will certainly be scratchin’ for a trip down south. Tommy spent J-term 2014 living the Brazilian beach life in the small, non-touristy, fisherman-fueled town of Bonete, Brazil. This video was his final project. Check out Tommy’s description of the experience below. Definitely worth watching (make sure those subtitles are on unless you’ve mastered português as well)!

“So this was pretty much the best month of my life. Rita Croce ’14 was a hero and set me up with a little hut her family owns on this beach. I got to eat coconuts, surf everyday, and hang out with these really amazing fishermen.

For the first week or so, I got a lot of weird looks. For one – there are very few tourists that stay in Bonete for longer than a few days, and it’s extremely rare to see any Americans. So a gringo staying for a month was confusing for the people there. However I gradually started to integrate – surfing with the locals, drinking beers with the old folks at the little bar at night, and even going to a few church services.

Marcelo, the centerpiece of the doc, was also a very shy guy. He is a man of few words, and was at first hesitant to open his life to me…even more hesitant about sharing with the camera. By the end of January however, right when my Portuguese was decent, he opened up and allowed me to film two days at his fishing outpost and conduct a single interview. It was a learn-on-the-fly experience in every way, and I’m privileged to have spent quality time with such an inspiring person in such a beautiful place.”

And here’s the link to the video again if ya missed it: https://vimeo.com/96993665

The Bunker Returns!

Beau Young Prince at the Bunker back in the day

Beau Young Prince at the Bunker back in the day

Hey Middlebury, you know how there’s not a lot of student-run spaces on campus, and at times it feels like the college puts its goals of being a corporation before its goals of being, you know, a college?

Well we have a HUGE win to share with you. This past semester, Middlebury Musicians United—the student org that helps facilitate shows, manage practice spaces, and make musical gear available to student bands—worked with the administration to establish a plan for the infamous and grossly under-utilized space known as The Bunker. The result: the entire western mod of the Freedman International Center (!!!) is now a student-controlled space, made up of the 2500+ square-foot Bunker concert venue, lounge and practice space for bands/whoever wants to chill, brand new storage lockers, a dope-as-fuck patio, as well as the MMU Recording Studio in FIC basement.

Bunker was once the home of college-sponsored, notoriously aggro dance events, as well as a student-run bar, but it began its humble life as a “social dining unit” when FIC was built in 1969. Now, the ex-dining hall, ex-bar returns to open its doors as the hippest new music space on campus. We, the peeps of MMU, look forward to adding the Bunker to a small-but-growing list of cool student-run spaces that help to create authentic social environments.

Here’s where you come in: a great new venue is dependent on great people at cool shows. So, if you want to see a thriving music culture on this campus, feel free to get involved. Bring a band to campus with go/bringaband, or hell, start your own. Best of all, when you see a show on your favorite student-run blog (hint: it’s not middblog), then make that not-so-far trek to the Bunker, where the tunes are sure to be bumping. We’ll see you there—we’ll be kicking things off with a great show on Saturday, September 20th, featuring the talents of Boat Taxi, Icarus & the Waxwings, and UVM’s Smooth Antics.

Special thanks so Dave Kloepfer, JJ Boggs, Mary Carr Stanley, and all others at Student Activities and Facilities who helped make this student music vision a reality. Also a big shout to the previous generation of MMU dudes—Mike Gadomski ’13.5 and Parker Woodworth ’13.5—who inspired this sort of blue sky thinking.

Support Midd Filmmakers: “Cowgirls”

Today is the last day to support a Middlebury student/alumni project on Kickstarter! Midd grad Ben Kramer ’13.5 is working on an epic filmmaking project this summer along with Maddie Lawler, Anna Carol, Tito Son, and Sarah Briggs (all ’14.5) and they could use your support.  Here’s a brief excerpt from the project description, but check out the page for much more info and to donate.

American folklore is anchored by legends of the frontier and the men who tamed it. The cowboy is iconic—we see him in John Wayne, the Marlboro man, the hero who rides into the sunset. But there is a glaring absence in the cultural documentation of the American West… what about the cowgirl?

Our vision is to create a documentary about Claudia Ogilvie and Patti Hayes, two cowgirls who over fifty years of riding horses and working together in the stock industry of the West have formed a life long friendship. These two women grew up doing anything that a cowboy could do and oftentimes doing it better.

A note from Kramer – “The topics, characters and landscape all have a ton of potential and although we’ve already reached our goal, each and every donation helps the final product. Everything is appreciated. Hop on board before it’s too late!”

I can’t wait to see the final product. For those loyal readers who might know me (tutankhamen), you know that I have graduated. I will submit my official resignation from middbeat soon, I promise. But for now I can’t help but promote awesome student projects like this.  

Logan Randolph’s Commencement Speech

A week or so after graduation, we may or may not remember what was said in the commencement speeches. Angelique Kidjo sung us a song (above), Diana Nyad told us about her fingernails, and fellow student Jenny Johnston told us to wander. The student speaker was decided by committee of students, faculty, and administrators from a group of almost twenty seniors that entered the competition and gave their speeches in the hopes of having the opportunity to speak before their class. Jenny Johnston was chosen and gave a magnificent speech.

But what about all the speeches that weren’t chosen? Surely they have some wisdom to impart despite their apparent inferiority to Jenny’s speech. Luckily, Logan Randolph recently published his speech on his personal blog (worth a gander) and was gracious enough to let me share it with you:

I Should Have Bought More Crap

President Liebowitz. . . Faculty . . . Families . . . and of course classmates.  I’m honored to be here. I do feel a bit funny speaking to you today. I haven’t fought as many jellyfish as Diana Nyad. And unlike our resident geographer president Liebowitz, I can’t point out Tajikistan on a map, nor pronounce it correctly. In short, I’m no older than you, so I hardly feel qualified to offer towering insights or advice.

Instead, I thought I’d share two stories. Both are about regrets.

First story. My father reads the New Yorker every week. And Years ago, he cut out a cartoon and framed it. It’s been sitting on his desk for as long as I can remember. It’s a picture of an old man lying in the hospital looking out a window. He’s in a small room that is sparsely decorated, like a jail cell or a Battel double. His family is gathered around him. His daughter is crying. And his son is holding his hand. A small table, holds cards and flowers. He is on his deathbed.

Excuse me – I should say, “it appears the man is on his death bed.” Maybe this man just likes flowers and holding other men’s hands. If there is one thing I’ve learned at Midd, it’s not to be so hetero-normative. But, for the sake of the cartoon, let’s say the man is on his deathbed.

He’s speaking. Presumably his last words. His family is leaning in to listen. And in little more than a whisper, he says:

“I should have bought more crap.” Continue reading

The Year in Sports

Here at Middbeat, we endeavor to give you an extensive knowledge of everything that goes on here at Middlebury, which is, as the great William Shakespeare wrote, “the greatest college in the history of history.” This includes athletics, an area that has received somewhat less of Middbeat’s attention.  But no longer! An avid sports fan myself, I have joined the team to help bring you everything you need to know about Midd athletics. To catch you up on the thriving Middlebury sports scene, here’s a review of the top three highlights of each season:



Julia Favorito, NESCAC Player of the Year

1: Women’s Soccer- I wasn’t here to see the fall sports season first hand, as I was busy getting food poisoning and trying to assuage my white privilege in Cameroon, West Africa. But, despite my absence, the fall sports season was very successful for Middlebury. The women’s soccer team grabbed the NESCAC title, and carried it with them all the way to the NCAA semifinals, where they lost in a nail biter to Trinity. The Panthers dominated the All-NESCAC team selections, holding 5 out of the 11 first team spots, with Julia Favorito ruling over them as Player of the Year.


McCallum Foote

McCallum Foote, Offensive Player of the Year

2: Football- From my extensive research and the incoherent shouts of parties at Atwater, I can tell you that the football team had a very successful year. They went 7-1, and took home the NESCAC championship for the first time since 2007. Quarterback McCallum Foote won Offensive Player of the Year honors, and was one of four players on the team who were named Academic All-Americans.

Catherine Fowler, Player of the Year

Catherine Fowler, Player of the Year

3: Field Hockey- The field hockey team continued a run of success that has spanned most of the last five years, claiming their second consecutive NESCAC title in a heart stopping overtime win over Bowdoin. They would take this momentum to the NESCAC quarterfinals, where they fell to Skidmore. But, rest assured, this won’t be the last time I write about the Middlebury field hockey program. They’re here to stay.

Adam Glaser, Rookie of the Year

Adam Glaser, Rookie of the Year and Crush List star

Honorable Mention: Adam Glaser- The men’s soccer team’s season was very good as well, ending in a loss to Williams in the NESCAC quarterfinals. However, the standout highlight of the season was freshman Adam Glaser, who took home Rookie of the Year honors AND first team All-Conference, a very impressive achievement. Four more years of Glaser is definitely something to be excited about. You can also see Glaser’s name on several Crush Lists in Procter, as if being great at soccer wasn’t enough.

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